Hayasenagatoro Stories

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Baby Anime Girls x Father Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Baby Anime Girls x Father Male Rea...by Senpai Noodle
Y/n finally made it into the major leagues to play football. A great achievement but one day... One day, in front of his door to his apartments laid four infants in each...
Shikki x Angry Male Reader by Rugged_Noodle
Shikki x Angry Male Readerby Senpai Noodle
What's this? Another rugby fan fiction that had to do with the Nagatoro series?
Athlete Male Reader x "Rival" Hayase Nagatoro by Rugged_Noodle
Athlete Male Reader x "Rival" Haya...by Senpai Noodle
Let's spark some rivalry between the two. Or should I say... "Rivalry"? Y/n does not like his teammate, Hayase, at all. But the girl thinks otherwise as she a...
Senpai Wants A Quiet Life by Abandoned1For1Dead
Senpai Wants A Quiet Lifeby Abandoned1For1Dead
Naoto Hachioji has always been a mundane kid who wanted to live a mundane, quiet, peaceful life. He's an amazing son to his parents, a great cook, a great artist, and he...
Loner Senpai in Another World (Discontinued) by Human-Beanbag
Loner Senpai in Another World (Dis...by FlaccidAcid
After a sudden flash of light seems to engulf everyone at Kazehaya High-School, Naoto, Nagatoro and the rest of the Cast find themselves in a fantasy world attempting to...