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Livewire ⇢ Hayden Romero by douleurss
Livewire ⇢ Hayden Romeroby kiara
❝I’ve been depending on the overgrown Too many lovers that I’ll never know Counting my losses as I let them go Heavy the water as I sink below... Oh won’t you be my live...
Hard Knock Life ~ Hayden Romero by WhatintheHale17
Hard Knock Life ~ Hayden Romeroby WhatintheHale17
Clover Wolfe was a troubled kid. She lived in foster homes most of her life after her family was shot to death by werewolf hunters. When she gets adopted by a family, sh...
ERASED ━ TEEN WOLF | ✓ by villainobrien
ERASED ━ TEEN WOLF | ✓by ˗ˏˋ raven ˎˊ˗
❝you weren't just missing, you were erased.❞ ━━━ erased. short story | completed. ( cover by @CarKann ) ( extended summary inside )
In the Shadows | Hayden Romero by mikkiandnackk
In the Shadows | Hayden Romeroby maybe writing?
When Theo Raeken's rage nearly bubbled into insanity, desperate measures were taken to ensure he'd finally have the pack he'd always wanted. Corey Bryant. Josh Diaz. Tra...
Forbidden Lullabies | Liam Dunbar ✓ by mikkiandnackk
Forbidden Lullabies | Liam Dunbar ✓by maybe writing?
"Sirens. They're like mermaids, right?" "I'm going to pretend you didn't just compare me to one of those slimy fish bitches." Peyton Gallows has been...
Soldier ▶ L. Martin by jaehdimples
Soldier ▶ L. Martinby ♡ K! ♡
In which, Scott McCall's younger cousin is a warrior of many generations sent from above. lydia martin x male oc - begins in season 3a - [HIATUS]
New Chapter (A Thiam Story) by YourFanFictionGuide
New Chapter (A Thiam Story)by YourFanFictionGuide
This is a Thiam AU, that can be read as a stand-alone. Liam's whole life has been a complete mess. His Mom and Dad have broken up, and his Dad is with someone new. His w...
Him or me? by Legitness1234
Him or me?by Legitness1234
A Thiam love triangle: What happens when Theo falls in love with Liam but Hayden is still in the picture.
The Glade ♚ TMR x TW - Complete by krests
The Glade ♚ TMR x TW - Completeby 🪐🧘🏼‍♀️
Cover change! After Allison's death and Stiles' disappearance, Scott McCall almost gives up on life. It takes a certain kitsune, old friends returning and a few were-ani...
How to Write a Teen Wolf Fanfic by mikkiandnackk
How to Write a Teen Wolf Fanficby maybe writing?
"I'm still having trouble." "No, you're still learning." In which I give you some tips about a show I'm obsessed with!
True North by TheQuietHufflepuff
True Northby TheQuietHufflepuff
Stiles' cousin moves to Beacon Hills because it's a better environment for her. Almost immediately, she gets swept up in adventures and horrors she never imagined. She...
INTENSE || Teen Wolf Gif Series by life-in-PURPLE
INTENSE || Teen Wolf Gif Seriesby life-in-PURPLE
"never frown, someone could be falling in love with your smile"
The Perks Of Being A Chimera  by altsunsworld
The Perks Of Being A Chimera by mia
How Theo gets through his struggles with life with help from the people who care for him.
Pretty Colours • Hayden Romero by dandypeonies
Pretty Colours • Hayden Romeroby 🌈☁️
Eva Harada got to experience the paranormal and the supernatural first-hand in her hometown: Beacon Hills, California. Nothing truly held their family back from moving a...
Beacon Hills ♚ TMR x TW by krests
Beacon Hills ♚ TMR x TWby 🪐🧘🏼‍♀️
After being saved from WCKED's grasp, Thomas tries to return to a normal life back in Beacon Hills. The pack struggles as they try to get their abilities back after WCKE...
❝god save the prom queen.❞ ━━━ prom queen. book one | coming soon. ( season 3a + 3b ) ( oc x stiles stilinski ) ( cover by: @CarKann ) ( extended summary inside )
Silver Lining ✷ Teen Wolf by sunpunks
Silver Lining ✷ Teen Wolfby ‎
❛ You had your heart on your sleeve the last time, Took it so seriously the last time ! ❜ samantha rojas, newly certified skeptic, thinks she's going crazy after a run-i...
Teen Wolf Imagines. DISCONTINUED. by TheoRaeken5696
Teen Wolf Imagines. DISCONTINUED.by TheoRaeken5696
This Includes The Following Characters, btw the reader will always be girl, so I'll be posting girlxgirl (lesbian) and guyxgirl. ★Theo Raeken/Cody Christian. ★Liam D...
He's My Roommate?⚫Dylan Sprayberry  by Random1shipper
He's My Roommate?⚫Dylan Sprayberry by Multi-Fandoms
"Hey." I look over at Dylan "What?" "You're cute." I roll my eyes at him. "No. I'm being serious." He says "I don't really...