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Unexpected Involvement by ShatteredGlassTfFan
Unexpected Involvementby SG_Starscream
It was a heat cycle. Nothing he couldn't handle, so long as he didn't involve himself with anything he'd regret.
ABIGAIL ................she was young and wise beyond her years,but there was always something holding her back,hindering her free spirit. She belonged but yet she didn...
Its J.u.s.t Us (a Klance Mpreg Omegaverse AU) by beboRose0
Its J.u.s.t Us (a Klance Mpreg Ome...by Savvy~
When the pack finds out Keith is an Omega, they all start to stray away. The pack was full of Betas and Alphas. They all thought Keith was a Beta until his heat stirred...
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Princesa by xoprincesa
Princesaby buddha
He's a beast. A hunter. A predator. A wolf.
My Shy Alpha (MxM) by 2_Shots_Of_Depresso
My Shy Alpha (MxM)by 2_Shots_Of_Depresso
Being a werewolf wasn't all bad, I had a pack, loving yet annoying family, friends, tight knit community. The one thing I really hated was the season. The simplest way t...
Skinned by awryelle
Skinnedby Gabrielle
He is without a pack, He is without a mate, And he is without a wolf, He is the sanctuary of brutality, a slaughter that waits for its turn. He is Killian, the beast bui...
redemption •tomarry• by spiceyricelime
redemption •tomarry•by brooklyn
it was a Wendy night at 4 private drive were a 'perfect family lives' petunia dursleys Vernon dursleys and Dudley dursley and the one and only harry Potter or so we thou...
anonymous oneshots (omegaverse) by gracie15710
anonymous oneshots (omegaverse)by gracie
omegaverse 😝😝 (but literally only just because someone asked)
Beast To Prince by PupPupPop
Beast To Princeby PupPupPop
Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to hi...
'HEAT'~BakuDeku by bakubabes_w1f3
'HEAT'~BakuDekuby Bakugo's wife 👹
I stopped writing this book because I didn't feel motivated anymore so enjoy my stupid, dumb, bad grammar smutty book XD. (Here's the description i guess:) "P-Pleas...
Feral Blood by Sufferance
Feral Bloodby Sufferance
She was born of werewolf and wolf; her mother had committed the ultimate taboo... and now she was to pay the consequences. She is untameable- she does not submit to any...
Overheated by JenniferLynnHoward
Overheatedby Jennifer Lynn Howard
Marina can't believe this crap. She is going into her heat cycle already and she still doesn't know who her mate is. Going into school this morning while she is horny an...
Heat Wave by AliFayeFaye
Heat Waveby AliFayeFaye
Ochako goes down south with her dad for a construction job. With what she thinks is going to be a summer full of boring work and no play changes once she meets a group o...
Untameable by Sinful_Angel
Untameableby Hedwig Raphael
She's in heat and he's her only chance for relief. ---------- First published in Wattpad (2016) Copyright © 2018, Hedwig Raphael
HIS RETURN WAS MEANT TO BE A SECRET……….. Now back in town he is faced with not just the mystery that plagues him but a future that scares him Dart Tegg came back home so...
Heart and Soul: Solangelo  by femboy_h00ters2020
Heart and Soul: Solangelo by Hogwarts Library
Will Solace has been in love with Nico Di Angelo ever since he set eyes on the alpha. So when an opportunity to pretend to be Nicos omega in order to get Nico some peace...
Primitive Instincts by Minty1254
Primitive Instinctsby Minty1254
~ My skin prickled from the odd sensation of the warmth radiating off of him like an oven, I could smell him from this close and trust me when I tell you he smelt good...
Smut Book by xSnowyChloex
Smut Bookby xSnowyChloex
this is nothing but SMUT. Good smut, bad smut, smut that'll make your noses bleed. (well for me at least) This story is a joke story but I know very well this is gonna b...
Summer Days by DanielleJones747
Summer Daysby Danielle Jones
Summer makes some of the best memories
Odin's Prize by Whiskeyqueenn
Odin's Prizeby Whiskeyqueenn
•Completed• Featured Wattpad Story How do you fight the moon? It's not Charlie you've been waiting for, it's always been, Odin. Follow this epic journey of Odin and Char...