Heavymedic Stories

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Sleeping without dreams by Home_of_Ocktoberfest
Sleeping without dreamsby Pootis
Medic is having trouble sleeping, busy with work, when his friend and lover Heavy decides for himself that his Doktor needs sleep. (Also, credits to whoever made the cov...
Morning Coffee (Team Fortress 2) by xfayfay72x
Morning Coffee (Team Fortress 2)by xfayfay72x
A morning coffee always wakes Sniper up, but maybe Scout could more.
how the spy does is gay by bigbadboyo
how the spy does is gayby scrungy bungus
this story contains GAY :3 ✋ if u dont like dont read XD this is how the story of spy and Medic and how the find of the spy of has his gay but is sniper jealous???!! a...
The BLU Medic by bunny_nanami
The BLU Medicby buni 🧇
The BLU medic finds himself in many unexpected scenerios with other mercenaries.
Balanced Away by blitz78666
Balanced Awayby blitz
Despite them being enemies, Heavy still felt wrong whenever the two's eyes met on the battlefield. If he didn't have to, he wouldn't lay a finger on his friend; he had a...
The Moon's tears (Tf2) by Flightless_Ravyn
The Moon's tears (Tf2)by Oleander
the team goes on a camping trip far into the woods. The more time the team spent in the woods, the more stranger occurrences happened. the team found the cause of this s...
Guardian Devil by uncommonblizzard
Guardian Devilby trouble finds me
Mikhail's traveling companion, a strange, bespectacled, man with a white cloak that concealed his whole form and trailed in the dust behind him but somehow never got the...
Dear Scout, by Flightless_Ravyn
Dear Scout,by Oleander
⛔️Book Cover was drawn by me⛔️ The team finds themselves in a never-ending war but as usual, they shrug it off as they've been going at this kind of thing for years on e...
H&M by SnowShine5
H&Mby SnowShine5
From an AU I created where both Heavy and Medic are in the fashion industry, the questioned finally came: "How did they meet" and now to answer it join us on t...