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♡You're Mine, and MINE ONLY♡ (YANDERE Male X Reader)- (UNDER EDITING) by CharlotteStar21
♡You're Mine, and MINE ONLY♡ (YAND...by _AisakaSakura_
"Oh my deary (y/n), you're all to me, and TO ME ONLY..." (BOOK IN EDITING) (y/n) = your name. (f/n) = friend's name. (h/c) = hair colour. (e/n)= eye colour. ...
Playing with Fire by Dasaniwaterisgross
Playing with Fireby
I pry my lips away from his, but he proceeds to nip at my neck. "Leo," I whimper. I turn my head back so he can get better access."What is it baby?"...
Glass Half Empty | probably gonna get renamed by AnarchyAr
Glass Half Empty | probably gonna...by Nemo
THE GODDAMN CROPPING ON THIS APP Normal. Everything was normal until America came along. (I'll write an actual description here later) - Ah yes, your normal, overdone h...
Calm and Calamity by BlairDarnell
Calm and Calamityby BlairDarnell
(Book Two of the Harm and Harmony Series) Status: Completed It has been half a year since Corinna Warren had first arrived in the Eternal Abyss and now has to survive an...
Big Date by Ladymadonna99writes
Big Dateby Lady Madonna
After hitting it off virtually, Jordan and Dan decide to finally go on a date in person. What happens when Dan shows up much bigger than expected? Lots of fluff. Love s...
~THƎ GⱯWIN⅁ GOᗡ~(Technoblade x Reader)   by Unlucky_fate
~THƎ GⱯWIN⅁ GOᗡ~(Technoblade x Rea...by Unlucky_fate
------------------------------------- Rest Well Technoblade (Discontinued) The Gaming God (Technoblade x reader) [Ending 1: Technoblade] !!Reader goes b...
BloodLust by La_chameleon
BloodLustby Countess
Alcina Dimitrescu x The Countess 🔞NSFW🔞 A letter exchange arranged by Mother Miranda leads to a meeting at the Dimitrescu Castle between the very refined and establish...
Stowaway (G/T) (Ongoing) by bottlesandbuttons
Stowaway (G/T) (Ongoing)by M
Arden's life has been nothing but one bad choice after another. One too many mistakes lands him stranded helpless on a sketchy space station, hundreds of lightyears from...
𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓭 - {A Lotor x Reader Fanfic} by Trashy_Pigeon
𝓢𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓭 - {A Lotor x Read...by ✨Star Burst✨
Hello hello! Long time no see :) A̳L̳L̳ C̳H̳A̳R̳A̳C̳T̳E̳R̳S̳ B̳E̳L̳O̳N̳G̳ T̳O̳ D̳R̳E̳A̳M̳W̳O̳R̳K̳S̳ V̳O̳L̳T̳R̳O̳N̳ E̳X̳C̳E̳P̳T̳ Y̳/N̳ A̳L̳S̳O̳ C̳O̳V̳E̳R̳ A̳R̳T̳ N̳O̳T̳...
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞 by eljesala
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞by E.J.
There'd be a mix of different content, majority composing smut, and maybe a bit of fluff here and there. Content warnings will be displayed on the top. Read at your own...
[Boy x Boy One-shots] Falling, Falling, Fallen by Califreda
[Boy x Boy One-shots] Falling, Fal...by Califreda
Some cute and fluffy boy x boy one shots, following my characters Alex and Ollie, to brighten your day! Please note that these are not in chronological order 🥰 (The ima...
The unexpected by phatnyash
The unexpectedby phatnyash
When Seven Miller comes back to hells kitchen after being away for so long , when she visits Nelson&Murdock for the first time sparks seem to fly between Seven and Matt...
Unhinged (Hizzie Fic) by AyeLukeIAmYourFather
Unhinged (Hizzie Fic)by Louisa
Set after 4x07 of legacies so ignoring anything after that point in the show || Lizzie saltzman has tracked down hope mikaelson , but this is not the end to their compli...
Why are you so tall? (Valdangelo fanfiction) by blackened-rose
Why are you so tall? (Valdangelo f...by Blackened rose
When Leo is taller than Nico when they finally meet up after a couple of years from leaving camp, will they both come to terms with what their heart's want or will they...
Between Us  by w4ore41d
Between Us by w4ore41d
Two different people with two different backgrounds, joining to create one story. Harry Styles is the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, and he's looking...
Spring Growth by twistingjupiter
Spring Growthby twistingjupiter
When Rebecca meets the newest tenant in the high rise apartment she works at, her world starts to look a little brighter.
A Shifters Compromise by EliaseSeathe
A Shifters Compromiseby EliaseSeathe
A bunch of fluff about interactions between normal humans and their shifting counterparts. P.s. first time publishing, and publicly letting others read. If you don't lik...
the height advantage by Secret_Faeri
the height advantageby 1-800fangirl
It shouldn't have been a big deal to Sam that Bucky was taller than him. In fact, it wasn't a big deal to Sam, no matter what Sarah insisted. (Written for Kiss Prompt #2...
Mismatch Miracle - Dramione by diamonddaydream
Mismatch Miracle - Dramioneby diamonddaydream
A grownup Hermione Granger always seems to make the first move, but only because Draco Malfoy is always already there. Oneshot following their relationship from 8th year...
Domestic by Daylight by ThePastaMiner
Domestic by Daylightby Commissions Open!
A very wholesome Dwight x Trapper fanfic. Just them being domestic and in love.