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Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing Abridged by Bones_Malone_
Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing...by Bones_Malone_
Originally posted by me on Spacebattles, Hellsing ultimate will be reacting to Hellsing abridged. I do not own Hellsing OVA nor do I own Abridged. If I did I would be ri...
Kill The White Wolf (A Hellsing x Akame Ga Kill Crossover Story) by RichofenVangrat
Kill The White Wolf (A Hellsing x...by ʀιcнoғᴇɴ vᴀɴԍʀᴀт sᴀтoмᴀɴ
Maybe death isn't as permanent as it seems. Trump card of the Millennium Organization or better known as The Captain found himself in another world after he allowed Sera...
Starting life in this stupid world(DISCONTINUED) by Genos_sans
Starting life in this stupid world...by AnimeWeebo
Basically a male Alucard reader x re zero. I do not own any pictures or videos I may or may not use in this book or either anime
500 Years an Immortal by Akuma_no_Sakka
500 Years an Immortalby A. Von Wulfenstein
The first volume of a story depicting the character Alucard Hellsing by Kouta Hirano, seen from another perspective taking place after the tenth OVA. Life, or rather, un...
You are perfect for the night (Alucardxreader) by Hellova_paw
You are perfect for the night (Alu...by Hellova_shot
Social anxiety was used to be my biggest fear, now I got a new one that will not leave me alone. This is an old story from my old account as taztaz92.
Alexander Anderson x Reader: Sweet Irish Brougmance by Otakutater0724
Alexander Anderson x Reader: Sweet...by Alysha Maines
In 1979, you and your teenage friend, Alex (Anderson) work for a crime ring and one day during a bust on a heroin case you get arrested and Alex feels responsible... you...
Alucard kills the multiverse by Genos_sans
Alucard kills the multiverseby AnimeWeebo
After losing everything, Integra, Seras, the only home he ever had. Alucard decides that he's going to kill himself. Or rather. Go make people want to kill him. Alucard...
Crimson and silver blasphemy  by Madara_Otsusuki
Crimson and silver blasphemy by Austin Eigners
Alucard is a distant relative of the Midoriya family on the father's side and Izuku is born as a true vampire but is immune to silver and the sun. Izuku looks exactly li...
Darkest Of Times by dressed_up_in_color
Darkest Of Timesby Rocking-Pastel-Emo
I only have one thing to say Don't steal. i made this out of boredom but my grandma said that if there was more she would keep reading so please don't steal.
The wolf's bloody path by Lewd_Enjoyer_
The wolf's bloody pathby Lewd_Enjoyer_
The captain was a man of mystery. The question that everyone wanted to know... just who was he?
Male Shota Vampire Reader X High School DxD by DarkArtermis56
Male Shota Vampire Reader X High S...by DarkArtermis56
You are Vampire who is the son of the crimson fcker Alucard. Like father like son he was a mini version of his dad. one-day Integra had sent you to expand Hellsing and...
Hells encore  by Kasen56
Hells encore by Kasen56
Taking place 3 years after hellsing ultimate ended. Y/n finds themselves im the wrong place at the wrong time, when a familiar face shows up she makes the ultimate choic...
Mortality by StupidLiar01
Mortalityby StupidLiar01
How would you react if you were the reason someone took their life? Every time it happens, Alucard doesn't know what he feels. And when the victim leaves one letter onl...
Highschool dxd x abused male reader x Hellsing by Monksanto
Highschool dxd x abused male reade...by Monksanto
Y/n hyoudou the older brother of Issei hyoudou abused by Issei left and was adopted by Alexander Anderson where the Iscariot order trained him. After ten years he has re...
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Abridged Alucard) by MenacingR
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Abri...by Menacing
In Chaldea a new singularity seemingly popped up that being the events of Hellsing ultimate, when Alucard, nazis, and the church were doing their 3 way war. Alucard rele...
Alucard x reader- Ancient Creatures (on Hiatus) by Lady-Amathyst
Alucard x reader- Ancient Creature...by Lady-Amathyst
(Y/N) lived a solitary life, attempting to live peacefully amongst humans. But when she meets Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing organisation how will that change. Wha...
the strongest by Alastor6376
the strongestby The Wanted Samurai
In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation, Amen
Alucards lover  by TheHunterQueenHisoka
Alucards lover by TheHunterQueenHisoka
You are seras victoryas sister. When you were both younger you promised to become police officers together but one fateful night you meet a man in red what will happen w...
Everywhere and Nowhere (Schrodinger! Male Reader × Highschool DxD) by GloryGreatestRussia
Everywhere and Nowhere (Schrodinge...by GloryGreatestRussia
"As they say, I'm everywhere and nowhere." Y/N Katze, code named: schrödinger, a nekomata working for a Nazi group called Millenium is undercover and investiga...
A night I never forget (Alucard x reader) by Hellova_paw
A night I never forget (Alucard x...by Hellova_shot
Having an amazing job and a badass vampire as a friend sounds perfect...a little too perfect...especially when your vampy friend gets...weird...as time goes on... ...nah...