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Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing Abridged by Bones_Malone_
Hellsing Ultimate Watches Hellsing...by Bones_Malone_
Originally posted by me on Spacebattles, Hellsing ultimate will be reacting to Hellsing abridged. I do not own Hellsing OVA nor do I own Abridged. If I did I would be ri...
Highschool dxd x abused male reader x Hellsing by Monksanto
Highschool dxd x abused male reade...by Monksanto
Y/n hyoudou the older brother of Issei hyoudou abused by Issei left and was adopted by Alexander Anderson where the Iscariot order trained him. After ten years he has re...
Vampire Saviour by Idrclul69
Vampire Saviourby Dhamphir
A love story between Alucard and Vee (my own personal character) Vee is a lonely girl living with her evil father, when one day he plans to attack Hellsing manor; There...
butler of dxd by B_nation1
butler of dxdby BHW
meet Y/N C Dornez a wire using butler of the gremory family who used to hunt down dragons who were deemed to dangerous until the great war was over afterwords he became...
Alucard x reader- Ancient Creatures (on Hiatus) by Lady-Amathyst
Alucard x reader- Ancient Creature...by Lady-Amathyst
(Y/N) lived a solitary life, attempting to live peacefully amongst humans. But when she meets Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing organisation how will that change. Wha...
Alucards lover  by TheHunterQueenHisoka
Alucards lover by TheHunterQueenHisoka
You are seras victoryas sister. When you were both younger you promised to become police officers together but one fateful night you meet a man in red what will happen w...
His Eternal Mate (Alucard x reader) by StolenNightmare
His Eternal Mate (Alucard x reader)by StolenNightmare
Imagine Alucard waking up to find you kissing away his bloody tears due to a dream he was having. He stops you by pulling you onto his lap and giving you a kiss. He then...
The Lost Princess by wallachiia
The Lost Princessby I
Alucard has held many titles in his lifetime, from 'impaler' to the feared 'Dracula'. Throughout his dark history, there was a woman, one that he loved like no other. Th...
Alucard x Fem! Reader Hellsing by CFKabuto
Alucard x Fem! Reader Hellsingby CFKabuto
I do not own any of the characters from Hellsing all credit goes to the rightful owner.
werewolf's second chance (rewrite) by Lazy_twat_
werewolf's second chance (rewrite)by sorrow
the captain, what happened after he died?
Thorns by oddham
Thornsby oddham
Vladimir III Dracula has had a difficult childhood. He got tortured, beaten, murdered, and more. Yes, there are worse things than death. Before his death, however, he me...
Not Another Girl (Hellsing x Reader) by mslcats
Not Another Girl (Hellsing x Reade...by Tracy Carol Taylor
First, Alucard brought home Seras. Now Alucard is bringing home strays again. Will Integra be able to handle this new development? Or will it drive her to murder? It's t...
Hellsing x OC, S/O and Reader Headcanons by Merumely
Hellsing x OC, S/O and Reader Head...by Merumel
Just some hcs for some of the Hellsing characters 😁 mostly will be focusing on Alucard, But there will be the occasional hcs for other Hellsing characters too 😄
Alucard x reader (Hiatus)  by draculinax
Alucard x reader (Hiatus) by draculinax
A little (some sort of love) story about Alucard x reader. All rights of the Hellsing-characters are at Hellsing. I do not own them.
Bloody Family by MotivatedDevil
Bloody Familyby MotivatedDevil
Hellsing not just the name of the infamous vampire hunter but the name of an organization one swore to protect humanity which is why they have four secret weapons who th...
The Catholic Princess by BanefulBard13
The Catholic Princessby 🦇Grim🦇
If you work in child care, you develop a love for a specific child, especially if you work in an orphanage, and Father Alexander Anderson was no different. He had a favo...
Chain of Command (Integra Hellsing x Reader) by stormhitlondon
Chain of Command (Integra Hellsing...by Erie
18+ While working in the armed forces of the Hellsing Organization you disobey Sir Integra's orders. Your next formal meeting with her is spent correcting your inappropr...
~RWBY Shall Dance, Hell Shall Sing~ by Anime0CC0Manga
~RWBY Shall Dance, Hell Shall Sing~by Anime0CC0Manga
What If Team RWBY ends up in a world of Vampires, God, and Hell~
Guard Dog (Captain Hans x Reader Fanfic) by deeplyxscarred
Guard Dog (Captain Hans x Reader F...by deeplyxscarred
Working for the Hellsing Organization definitely has its perks. But when you meet one of the biggest threats you've ever faced on the battlefield, things start to get a...