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Lover of Hell by Ayuki_Ikuya
Lover of Hellby Ayuki
[Contains: lesbian action, smut, futanari/dick girls] "So.. this is hell. Well, onwards to gain a harem." A story where you, woken up from a dream of your own...
A Drop from the sky by hmmmmmm-idk
A Drop from the skyby Simon Peter Nicolas
Life where girls from games,anime and movies fall from the sky first time making a story i do not own any girls and not my art
OC book by blackskull141
OC bookby blackskull141
Different universes, different ocs, different powers.
A New Start by HazrieZuhairie
A New Startby Hazrie Zuhairie
This is a mha x helltaker crossover I will use their talking like in a text sorry in advance if my English is poor
God of the monsters by VoidGodzilla01
God of the monstersby Apex
Everything changed when the emergence of monsters happened. A war between human and monsters happened when the first queen of the monsters gojira attacked japan in 1954...
Azazel-The Falling Angel by draglorr
Azazel-The Falling Angelby draglorr
Azazel has been studying and living with the demons for so long that the adverse effects have started to pile up. She is being corrupted, becoming a Fallen Angel, but sh...
A somewhat unlike love story - Helltaker - Extended version by fandemikerex20
A somewhat unlike love story - Hel...by Captain Unlike
In summary, A somewhat unlike love story as its name implies, it is a romance story between Justice and Judgment, two characters from a video game called Helltaker but i...
The walker demon - Allen Walker in helltaker by Rafaelzan1
The walker demon - Allen Walker in...by Rz2807
Allen Walker has been many things in his life, a circus sidekick, a clown sidekick, a son, an exorcist, a Noah, a friend and even a lover, and at the end of his life a s...
Helltaker: Son of Judgment by Jazz2064
Helltaker: Son of Judgmentby Jazz2064
Elijah Mar, a fox hybrid demon man had to fight, tare, and claw his way to the top while growing up in hell. Believing he had no one left after if father died While his...
Being a Generic demon- Helltaker story (Rewritten) by ZWECRVBH
Being a Generic demon- Helltaker s...by XYZ
this is my headcannon story of Generic, the template demon of helltaker.
Helltaker RP by XboxTriborg
Helltaker RPby T̴̩̿̓̍̏̔̍̀̕͝ṟ̸̨̧̥̦̤̳͔͓͍͌͐͒̄̔...
you had a dream, a dream of a harem full of demon girls. it was not a easy dream to achieve, it could cost you your life. but when there's demon girls involved? you deci...
the fastest thing alive (bullied and cheated male sonic OC x union academy) by EchoOkamiKitsune
the fastest thing alive (bullied a...by Okami kitsune
this is my first story so don't hate on it to much.
The King Who Represents Pride (Re:Zero) by filip1500
The King Who Represents Pride (Re:...by Echidnabestgirl
On first glance, he seems like your average student that's trying to get an education so that he can find work in the future but.....It's not good enough for him, he wan...
White Eyed Bond (Judgement x blindmalereader x Justice) by TediousBison
White Eyed Bond (Judgement x blind...by Chase
After getting his harem of demon girls Helltaker heads back home. It was then he remembers his brother, who he had forgotten about, was all by himself for a week. Panic...
Reincarnated as a God of a universe where all non humans are females. by VoidGodzilla01
Reincarnated as a God of a univers...by Apex
What happens when a average human gets run over and killed by the mighty truck kun and meets a God who makes him in charge of a universe in which no other god wants to b...
The Exiled Queen by RandomNon3859
The Exiled Queenby Random Non 3859
I recently played Helltaker and got immediately addicted to the characters, especially Beelzebub. I'll give you one guess on who the main character here is. I won't go d...
Helltaker Deku by ECHOBLOODGOD
Helltaker Dekuby TodorokiIsGod
Deku get's dragged through a portal and he meets Pandemonica, he get's mistaken for trying to create a demon harem so he just goes with it. (Fan art and others are not m...
Helltaker x Reader  by BL0BGH0ST
Helltaker x Reader by Eivor Heirmada
You are Helltaker's best friend (I have helltaker a random name)