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Illara Chronicles: Swordplay by Theladrin
Illara Chronicles: Swordplayby Theladrin Veylnward
A blade cannot be brandished without a price. Every time you draw a sword you die a bit, inside. When suffering is thrust upon a land that has long known peace, and ther...
Bond of  a Demon by Crazytay168
Bond of a Demonby Abigail
Link is still haunted by the past, still fearing his old foe Ghirahim. Even though the demon is dead... or is he? When a Goddess comes to Link with a request, he will be...
The Fate of Alleria - Book One (ON HOLD) by lexiiwritess
The Fate of Alleria - Book One (ON...by lexi :)
In a fantastical world, four kingdoms are divided by war. Until, after one hundred years, the seven rulers decided to bring the senseless bloodshed to an end. Except thi...
A hero's journey by turtlesofjustice
A hero's journeyby justice turtle
What happens when Xavier finds out she has powers? Will she have to confront her feelings for Michel when it seems as if the powers were made exactly to protect him?
Voyage of Prophecy by PreservedMeadows
Voyage of Prophecyby Meadow Hunt
In a world seemingly so vast that the branches of one tree can cover miles of land lies a forest. It's inhabitants have never seen the sky for the canopy of leaves shade...
Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicles of a Teenage Witchslayer by mjrocissono
Beyond the Wicked Willow: Chronicl...by M.J. Rocissono
FRANKIE FRETINI has had a horrible year. And, just when he thinks things are looking up, well...all heck breaks loose. It happens in home-ec class just moments after the...
Skullz by Ryoko_Writes
Skullzby Ryoko Akari
COVER ART BY ME This story is one I've had in the works for over 3 years now, and finally took a stab at writing a year ago... I wrote it for an English project and have...
The Immortal Wars by 3vertay
The Immortal Warsby em
Love. Redemption. Sacrifice. These are the rules 18-year-old Cerys must learn to live by. After being whisked away from her London home to The Otherworld, Cerys must fac...
Greek Myth by shippergirl1224
Greek Mythby shippergirl1224
I had a Greek Myth project and am really proud of my original myth. Please tell me what you think!
Car crash by Bobbys311
Car crashby Bobby shell
I have to write a short story that follows the hero's journey steps but i'm horrible at writing so i want feed back on my story. About girl who gets in car crash and has...
The Assassin  by -Cybercat-
The Assassin by -Cybercat-
20 year old Alexandra Valect, CSI field agent. Join her and her protégé, Wayne Grayson, to undercover the murder of the CEO of Bangtan Microtech Engineering. (There are...
The Lyricist by CoreValiant
The Lyricistby Core
A relatively short story to represent The Hero's Journey set in ancient Rome. Lyric is a common parentless stable boy until he is called on by one of the nine muses, who...
The Royal Curse by Subaquatic
The Royal Curseby Subaquatic
A powerful King and a simple farm boy. Two Faiths intertwined as the power meant for one is shared between two. To save themselves they must save each other. And who or...
The Book of Thoth by JoinThoth
The Book of Thothby Thoth
[Please note this version is raw, rough and unedited] A reborn god awakens to find his civilization fallen, and people conquered.
Light Cleric by IraCreasman
Light Clericby Ira Creasman
MAIDEN TRILOGY: BOOK 1 Piety Churchstep is an outcast. Her pure white hair makes her a target for abuse from the Mother Superior, the sisters, the acolytes, even the oth...
The Beanstalk by qkalique
The Beanstalkby q kalique
Told through an omniscient narrator, who through the use of poetic prose, didactically interprets the trials and accomplishments of the main character as he overcomes hi...
New Message Press PLAY by Larsonypicket
New Message Press PLAYby Larsonypicket
Travis Daven thinks he knows everyone in Bluff. After all, it is the second smallest town in Utah (the smallest town is Mexican Water, which is just a Sinclair). For Tra...
"Kidnapped" by Ashdirod123
"Kidnapped"by Ashley Rodriguez
Damian is a 25 year old man that is unemployed, got dumped by girlfriend, has drug problems, and is so jealous of his twin brother Dan. On his way to his brothers house...
The Hunter's Daughter by FallenBeyond
The Hunter's Daughterby Angel Dvorak
Dezzery "Stormwood" Von Houten was named from being found in the woods after a storm by her adopted father, the "Wolf of the Wood". Due to her stran...
Prophecy Road by NateCrotts
Prophecy Roadby Nate Crotts
#1 in Heroic Fantasy #Top 100 in Post Apocalyptic The foundations of reality have been cracked by the sky-fire. Magic is unstable and gods and demons now seek to capita...