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Free Fall by untoldharmony
Free Fallby Micca
The last thing Hermione expected when she decided to attend the Quidditch World Cup Final was for a Seeker to fall into her lap. Literally.
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Hindsight by SatoshiKenta
Hindsightby SatoshiKenta
Snape died alone at the Battle Of Hogwarts. Harry may have defeated the Dark Lord at Hogwarts, but the piece of Voldemort soul in his scar remained. Six years later Harr...
Semper Fidelis by untoldharmony
Semper Fidelisby Micca
She left years ago after he saved the wizarding world from the hands of Voldemort. She never thought she would be back again... until her son got his letter to Hogwarts.
Enchanter by TheMadEscapist
Enchanterby Barcodes
One Prophecy. Two Siblings. •●• It has been foretold that..... "the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. . . Born to those who have thrice defie...
Running by HarmonyPanger
Runningby Harmony Panger
Hermione Granger just wasn't herself anymore. But maybe, with the help of her old friend and a little bit of time-travel, she could stop that from happening again - Old...
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by untoldharmony
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrowby Micca
James and Lily grew to love Hermione Granger for different reasons. Lily loved her for her intelligence and quick wit. James loved her for her spirit and fierce nature...
Harry Potter x Hermione Granger Prompts/Ideas  by dawnlab1
Harry Potter x Hermione Granger Pr...by dawnlab1
Harry X Hermione ship Prompts/Ideas. Please keep as close to the original idea as possible. Please message or tag me so I can read what you make. Don't Need Credit Best...
Forest of Dean  by Bibliowitch
Forest of Dean by Suzie
The setting starts off right after Ron leaves the horcrux hunt because of false pretenses but will those pretenses be false after all? A HarryxHermione fic that takes pl...
25 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do [Harmione] °•°Complete°•° by janemaraya55
25 Things A Perfect Guy Would Do [...by ~books~and~snitch~
(THIS STORY DOESN'T BELONG TO ME) Lavender and Parvati let Hermione read a muggle article called "25 things a perfect guy would do" and she realized something...
Always and Forever (A Harmione fiction) by DaisyDreamer22
Always and Forever (A Harmione fic...by Rosie
Harry has always loved Hermione. In their last year of Hogwarts, this is Harry's last chance to tell her how he feels. With the end of school rapidly approaching, will H...
At Her Bedside by Greeneyedseeker3119
At Her Bedsideby Basim Hytham
I really need to stop letting these plot bunnies evolve into stories. But anyways, here's another story of our favorite couple.
Christmas Spirit by sci3ntifics_alt
Christmas Spiritby sci3ntific's alt
A fluffy fic. Harry's forlorn in the midst of a horrid fifth year isn't going unnoticed and he's invited to spend Christmas at the Granger's for a change, where everyone...
Harry Potter and Future's Past(Continuing Again) by SatoshiKenta
Harry Potter and Future's Past(Con...by SatoshiKenta
Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Strictly Harry and Hermione. Mi...
Coming Back To You by en2michelle
Coming Back To Youby Michelle
Her early death kills him, little by little, everyday. So, at 167 years old, Harry James Potter is more than ready to join his family and his beloved Hermione on the oth...
As It Was Written by untoldharmony
As It Was Writtenby Micca
The Daily Prophet usually gets things so wrong. But sometimes, it gets things just right. Harry reads yet another article about him and Hermione dating and wondered why...
Semper Fidelis by jassaa1
Semper Fidelisby
She left years ago after he saved the wizarding world from the hands of Voldemort. She never thought she would be back again... until her son got his letter to Hogwarts...
Never Have I Ever by untoldharmony
Never Have I Everby Micca
After an important win against Slytherin in Quidditch, the Gryffindor house parties late into the night and the constant flow of firewhiskey causes some secrets to spill.
The Kiss Cam by untoldharmony
The Kiss Camby Micca
Gred and Forge are proud to present our newest invention, and a muggle sporting tradition... the kiss cam! Written for the HMS Harmony Discord Server Valentine's Day 202...
Harry Potter and the Harmony One-shots by HonorisAeternum
Harry Potter and the Harmony One-s...by Honoris
A series of one-shot ideas that surface while I'm doing random and usually mundane tasks or taking a shower.
Harry x Hermione love Harmione/Harmony by vanesa1serrano
Harry x Hermione love Harmione/Har...by Vanesa Serrano
The story is a story of harry and Hermione during their fourth year. Harry's perents lived. Sirius is freed. Ron, Ginny and Molly bashing . ( I made this 2 years ago and...