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ကံကြမ္မာနှင့်ယှဥ်၍ by EiNoe6
ကံကြမ္မာနှင့်ယှဥ်၍by Green leaf
နိမိတ်ဆိုးနှင့် မွေးဖွားလာသော မိန်းကလေးတစ်ယောက်၊ ကောင်းကင်ဘုံမှ နှင်ထုတ်ခံရသော နတ်မိစ္စာတစ်ပါး နှင့် ပျက်စီးတော့မည့် တိုင်းပြည်၏ အိမ်ရှေ့စံ...တို့၏ ကြား ပေါ်ပေါက်လာသော ခ...
Periods, Pyaar And Patriarchy by shortgirlbigbook
Periods, Pyaar And Patriarchyby shortgirlbigbook
SEQUEL TO DID YOU GET YOUR PERIOD? Shouldn't you be brimming with confidence after graduation? Armed with a degree in History, her high school love story still strong, c...
Forever & Ever ❤️ by speaky-torture
Forever & Ever ❤️by sala
Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a word 💙❤️
Peace in a time of War by VesperBane
Peace in a time of Warby VesperBane
What if Achilles, the not-so-immortal warrior, had been smart about his weaknesses, and protected himself from what he had been expecting all along? What if the invincib...
A Breach In Berlin by saveprivfran
A Breach In Berlinby saveprivfran
breach [breech] noun: the act or a result of breaking; break or rupture A breach could also be a violation of law or trust and Grace Vermont suspected she was exactly t...
My Story  by FlorkaLukasiewicz
My Story by Florentyna Łukasiewicz
This is going to be the history of my OC Warsaw who helps Poland take care of the country. Since I'm half Polish i might show the country in a little better than it real...
The Road of Darkness by zoeambler
The Road of Darknessby Zoe Ambler
Meet Addison, charming Southern Belle of the Ball turned blood-thirsty creature of the night with a love for voodoo. Follow her evolution into her own darkness as she tr...
Best friends? by KendraMills3
Best friends?by Kendra Mills
This is a story for my friend about our friendship
The curious society of the  children of the night by Sassdragon122
The curious society of the childr...by Sassdragon122
We have a society of vampires - ranging from the old, to the very old, to the these-guys-stopped-counting- amid whom has arrived our 17 year old Ben Richards, a newly...
Catherine Of Aragon by AnadilLestrange39
Catherine Of Aragonby AnadilLestrange39
A modern retelling of Henry the 8th's first wife and the queen of England.
Through Emerald Eyes : Fire Rising by 1776QQ
Through Emerald Eyes : Fire Risingby Mike XSS
An observation of life , history and politics. From innocent beginnings, to the consumption of souls.
Silver Crysta by maplejuan
Silver Crystaby maplejuan
Storm becomes Fates new toy. Read and find out how a girls life become what the Fates are soon interested in.
Her Name Was Summer by maki1823
Her Name Was Summerby Wisdom1267
Summer used to life a happy life every thing was simple, but after her mother mother left her with her father she moved to new city, new school, new friends or no friend...
Beauty of silence  by lynn_m16
Beauty of silence by Lynn.m
This book talks about the ability to express ones feelings through poetry
Weird Stuff For BIG Weirdos by SiRazzleDazzle
Weird Stuff For BIG Weirdosby SiRazzleDazzle
Actually a bunch of random stuff I find on the internet, family, random stories, just weird stuff.
The Real Chuck E Cheese by TeaWalters
The Real Chuck E Cheeseby CatDogFan
This was the beginning of Roxy telling Creepy Pastas. Roxy was 7 years old when she was visiting her older cousin from the U.S for the holidays. One day Roxy's cousin Ro...
Ghost of you. by _Witchybitchh_
Ghost of you.by MΣGΛП
this is a short story about a soldier landing in Gallipoli. I had to write a short narrative about experiences at the landing of Gallipoli in history so I thought I'd sh...
War of Unknown  by lizzie8508
War of Unknown by lizzie8508
Not sure where this is going
Shang Dynasty  by KhadejahDavis
Shang Dynasty by Flower Dean
Facts about Shang Dynasty that you should know about