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Sterek Texting; Not Your Average Texts by creepysterek
Sterek Texting; Not Your Average T...by Jenjenjen
This isn't your average Sterek story, neither texts. This is one adventure through, arguments, funny moments and some interesting conversations. This does not follow the...
Tears Don't Fall - Sterek by rainbow_hersh
Tears Don't Fall - Sterekby Court x
'So tell me how do you know? How do you know if you're still dreaming?'
Save Me by RunningTheMaze95
Save Meby RunningTheMaze95
When Stiles dad turns back to his old way of drinking and starts to abuse him, Stiles doesn't know what to do. He doesn't tell anyone in hopes that it will go away. It...
The Repairman Next Door (BoyxBoy) by sharingan4
The Repairman Next Door (BoyxBoy)by Meme Queen
Stiles moves into a new apartment and to begin with, things are great. He even tries to befriend his grumpy neighbour who makes a lot of noise at night. But when things...
Only human - Sterek by _Newts_limp_
Only human - Sterekby Holy ravioli
"What, Stiles!?" Derek snapped turning to face the boy in tears. "I'm only human." Stiles sniffed. "I know," Derek responded, turning back...
Sterek One Shots by creepysterek
Sterek One Shotsby Jenjenjen
☹ Sterek One Shots ☻ This will contain, different scenes, different people, happy endings, smut, pack mom, triggering scenes, different played out scenarios and of cours...
Cheesy Is Romantic by 3amz33
Cheesy Is Romanticby Ambi Lucille
Hoechlin comes home from a long day at work, & his boyfriend is a romantic sap. (but so is he)
Power Couple by ThatOneBoyNicholas
Power Coupleby ;p
Winning Power Couple of the Year is probably the most prestigious award any couple can receive. Some of the greatest celebrity couples have received it. Brad and Angelin...
Sciam (Scott & Liam) by ilovewerewolvesx
Sciam (Scott & Liam)by ilovewerewolvesx
When Scott goes back to the lacrosse team, he meets a new guy, really good at lacrosse. His name is Liam Dunbar. When something bad happens, Scott has no choice except...
Before I go| | Sterek  by restlesshobrien
Before I go| | Sterek by ur dad
teen sterek au Derek Hale is 16 years old. A junior in high school. He also has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His best and oldest friend, Stiles Stilinski, doesn't tak...
Too Much Fangirl, Too Less Writing Skill by zurewolf
Too Much Fangirl, Too Less Writing...by brooke
When I can't sleep, I just sit up and try to write one shots of ships like Sterek, Destiel and stuff full of fluff. You can request for a ship but (1) I might not watch...
OBSESSION by gublersbtch
OBSESSIONby gublersbtch
This story is completely mine, so if you want to adapt it, send me a private messege and we will talk.  I have no imagination so the main character's name is mi...
Sink or swim (Sterek) by _Newts_limp_
Sink or swim (Sterek)by Holy ravioli
Derek and Stiles have always had an interesting relationship...if you would even call it. Both seem to hate the other but are always around each other. When the Kanima...
Opposites // Sterek by youngIove
Opposites // Sterekby leah✨
"And and when he held me, it felt as if all my broken pieces had came back together,"
Sterek || Goodbye by MercyForStydia
Sterek || Goodbyeby Stydia Af
Derek's leaving Beacon Hills and Stiles is less than happy. || Sparked after the news of Derek's departure. || I'll be very upset if this doesn't happen.
headcanons  by fvckinghale
headcanons by victòria
teen wolf, shadowhunters, reign, t100, dead of summer, american horror story, scream.
Sterek One-Shots by _TW_Sterek_
Sterek One-Shotsby _TW_Sterek_
Have some Sterek to brighten your day :) Enjoy
Say Something (Sterek) by Invisible_Unicorn_
Say Something (Sterek)by Invisible_Unicorn_
Stiles is in coma, he almost died in a car crash. When Derek gets to the hospital the doctor says that there's not a big chance that Stiles will survive. What will happ...
So... What's It Like? {ONESHOT} by mochaeyesdun
So... What's It Like? {ONESHOT}by mochaeyesdun
Stiles and Derek have been dating for a while now and it wasn't supposed to be that big of a deal right? So why was everyone asking him what it was like to date Derek Ha...