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(Discontinued)The Villain Of Your Story...[Vtubers x Male Technoblade reader] by BlammedWaffleMaker
(Discontinued)The Villain Of Your...by Blammedwafflemaker
Y/n L/n (or Alexander Technoblade) is A YouTuber/Streamer That goes by the name "Technoblade" and goes on an adventure with funky anime waifus and husbandos wh...
The Gunslinger Of Hololive by OmegaOMG1
The Gunslinger Of Hololiveby Omega
My whole life, i've been dodging bullets flying around just to ended up being the babysister of some stupid clowns called "Ídols."
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OC by ThePotat420
"An Assassin?" | Hololive x Male!OCby ThePotat21
So this is what happens when the man, the legend himself, Yagoo, kindly asks an infamous assassin...a killer for hire to work as a body guard and house keeper for five c...
An Idol? More like a bunch of Idiots: A Hololive x COTE Fanfic by Nekoramara-senpai
An Idol? More like a bunch of Idio...by Neko-paisen
Takes place in no Volume at all. :D ( Let me clarify one thing. This is a Hololive x KIYOTAKA fanfic. Well, I guess it says in the title it's cote, but it technically is...
A Girl's Favorite Deadbeat (Mori Calliope x Male Reader) by The789Guy
A Girl's Favorite Deadbeat (Mori C...by Mitsuru's #1 Fanboy
A street smart guy meets a popular VTuber that moves across the street from him. The two begin to hang out and start to develop feelings for each other.
Of Myths Among Men by TheGamerMarine76
Of Myths Among Menby TheGamerMarine76
Battered, beaten, and broken. This was it, there was nothing left. For years, he's strived to build a sense of normalcy, only for it to all come crashing down. He just w...
Ninomae Ina'nis x male reader by HumanboiYT
Ninomae Ina'nis x male readerby HumanboiYT
HOLOMYTH... Covers are not mine unless I said so.
HololiveEN X Male Reader (Continuation) by Electrolitis
HololiveEN X Male Reader (Continua...by Electro Litis
This is a continuation story. The original was made @S1mp_Senpa1. All Credits for the first 11 Chapters goes to them. I've modified the story but it is still the same st...
(Continued in a new book) Hololive (Alter) by KirraL2
(Continued in a new book) Hololive...by Suzu
An Alternate Timeline. A world where people need magi cores to use magic, there can be multiple magi cores in one person, the most common is 2 cores, the max amount of m...
Time Thief (hololive en x male reader) by Mr_264_The_Boi
Time Thief (hololive en x male rea...by Mr_264 The_Boi
all properties used are owned by their respective owners this cover is temporary till either A. I get good at drawing or B. I buy a commission
◼️⬛ || 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖙 || ⬛◼️ by Gl1tch3dOracle
◼️⬛ || 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖓𝖙 || ⬛◼️by Obsequious Lesbian
"𝓗𝓮𝔂 guys, two quick questions. Uh, number 1, what the fuck am I looking at? Number 2, can...Can we stop? Can we...can we not do this? For five seconds? ...𝐅𝐎�...
The Adopted Rose by Andyl90
The Adopted Roseby Andyl90
RWBY The Adopted Rose 3 Years Ago at the age of 12, Y/N Rose has left his adopted family in order to find the answer he seeks. Now at the age of 15 he is known as a smar...
The Knight of Nature  by yardhound
The Knight of Nature by yard hound
Drago was a knight serving his kingdom until an all-out war broke out within the kingdoms. On one day he was all that was left in the army he was in fighting with all of...
Corrupted Civilization by ARandomNon-B
Corrupted Civilizationby ARandomNon-B
What would happen if Mumei got abandoned from the Council and reached to the point where she could just die ? WARNING: Major character deaths; violence
The time is 1920's also known as The Jazz Age or as some might say The Roaring Twenties. But for one man it was his golden ages, Y/N L/N went by many names and but the o...
The multi-purpose personnel of the Company (OC x Hololive) by TheVoiceBehindAll
The multi-purpose personnel of the...by The Voice Behind All
Meet Duc TheEntity. The multi-purpose personnel of Cover. He has been in the company the longest. But only Yagoo knew he. What will happen to him when others know th...
Amelia Watson, A Girl lost in time. [Ongoing!] by CloverFourLeafs
Amelia Watson, A Girl lost in time...by Clover
Time is slowly dying. Amelia H. Watson, a talented detective is thrown into a land of peril and monsters. Her time is almost up and she has to solve her first, or perhap...
AlterMyth - A Hololive Fanfiction by Elias_Pedro
AlterMyth - A Hololive Fanfictionby Elias_Pedro
Young Amelia Watson, bored by the idyll monotony of her life in the British countryside, always longed for an adventure. Her chance to change her fate was supposed to co...
The HoloChronicles by YeahImAWeirdo
The HoloChroniclesby YeahImAWeirdo
Holo City, the place where all the members of Hololive reside. Here they live peaceful lives and enjoy the many places in and around the city, but when five ancient Gods...
Love Far Beyond the Ashes  by Yuriballs
Love Far Beyond the Ashes by Yuriballs
Calli and Kiara have been separated once again after finally rekindling their flame of love. The two want to reunite with one another by all means necessary and will do...