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Monster high boyfriend scenarios by Joline2000
Monster high boyfriend scenariosby Joline2000
Clawd Wolf Deuce Gorgon Jackson Jekyll / Holt Hyde Heath Burn Invisi Billy Hoodude Voodoo Neighthan Rot
The Lucky One by Fordthecar
The Lucky Oneby Fordthecar
Freya Dolph is a 13 year old girl who is taken hostage by criminals. Her parents are also taken hostage and they end up being killed. Luckily, NYPD detectives save the d...
Brooklyn 99 oneshots by Loki_the_bi
Brooklyn 99 oneshotsby Stormy/Emu
*I do not own these characters* Very trans and gay and nd so read at own risk ig
Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots And Imagines by -Clint_Barton-
Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots And I...by Charlotte
Hello so this is a book filled with Brooklyn Nine-Nine One Shots and Imagines. You may request any ideas you would like us to write. This is filled with one shots writte...
The Youngest Detective by Nicki_2705
The Youngest Detectiveby Nicki_2705
Megan wanted to follow in her Mum's footsteps and she became the youngest detective in the NYPD history. She became a detective at 19 and she was only working for a year...
Mafia Voltron Keith x Reader by MillennialMars
Mafia Voltron Keith x Readerby Mars
When (Y/N) becomes witness to one of the mafia, Voltron's, killings she's taken captive and forced to live with seven of the most deadly people. --- When the door opened...
Monster High Boyfriend Scenarios by DigitalChito
Monster High Boyfriend Scenariosby Chito|Dia
Moved from Quotev. Update frequency: whenever it happens Clawd Deuce Heath Jackson/Holt Gil Valentine Pharaoh Porter Raythe
The forgotten daughter | Jake Peralta  by Tragicdaydream1
The forgotten daughter | Jake Pera...by Hey people
What if Lily and James Potter had a daughter, their first born, Darcy Potter. They abandoned her when she was only 1, while Lily was pregnant with Harry. They abandoned...
Holt by darlingberational
Holtby darlingberational
somewhere in the darkness [c. evans] by heartbreakweather
somewhere in the darkness [c. evan...by raylee
camillelaurent: just found out my kissing scene is with spider-man not captain america... chrisevans: i mean we can do one off screen if you want...
Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️ by -stilesunicorn
Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️by -stilesunicorn
❝My shadow follows me during the day, and then surrounds me at night as it clones itself into complete darkness. Now that's self-love.❞ Ella Holt. COMPLETED. ««»» I do N...
Voltron Preferences (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Voltron Preferences (VERY SLOW UPD...by ➳Follow MYTUMBLR➳
PREFERENCE CHARACTERS INCLUDE: #Shiro# *Lance* ^Keith^ +Pidge+ ~Hunk~ <Allura> •Lotor• >Matt Holt<
"You're a detective, eh"--Brooklyn 99 by MGrace9192
"You're a detective, eh"--Brooklyn...by MGrace9192
You're a Canadian detective transferring to the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. You meet all of the beloved characters. There is no x reader in this story.
adultism | | brooklyn nine-nine by underworld-king
adultism | | brooklyn nine-nineby Hades
" so who is she? " " not a she. " " so who is he? " mackenzie knox is an nypd detective who meets jake peralta and immediately falls in lov...
 Wish Wish Wish by N3L3H_24
Wish Wish Wishby choco taco
A Pidge Gunderson (Katie Holt) COMPLETED story about Pidge being captured when a mission goes terribly wrong. Will the team find her before or after Haggar gets all the...
⇢ Peraltiago Oneshots ⇠ [ Completed ] by Gruvia2006
⇢ Peraltiago Oneshots ⇠ [ Complete...by Mae
One-Shots of my favorite Brooklyn 99 ship. Completed as of May 20th, 2021.
who knew ? //KIDGE VLD by MILLI_greenity
who knew ? //KIDGE VLDby greenity
"What were the probabilities for them to end up that way ? " pidge just came back from work very tired .. she was ready to get some rest but then her friend ke...
Monster High Boyfriend Scenarios by Savior_Starscream
Monster High Boyfriend Scenariosby Peruna
Currently has: Clawd Wolf Deuce Gorgon Heath Burns Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde Neighthan Rot Will add more if requested :)
Kidge One Shots by BlueDemon1999
Kidge One Shotsby BlueDemon 1999
Hi all, obviously I don't own Voltron but I do love Keith and Pidge!!! So I get a bunch of random ideas and here is where they will be going!!!
Dark Valentine (Monster High; Book 1 of the DV Duology) by ouatfan
Dark Valentine (Monster High; Book...by Lyric MoonWind
Kieran Valentine has made many mistakes. All he wants to do is fix what he's broken, and to earn the trust of the other students at Monster High. Soon he crosses paths w...