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Soren by claudicorn
Sorenby Claudicorn
Having lived in the forest for almost as long as she can remember, Soren is used to solitude. Her only company the trees and the winds, she lives happily off of the natu...
She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad Newsby Bridget
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
My Protector by LillianneYoung
My Protectorby Lillianne Young
Hell's Reaper's MC book #1 Angel Smith, a trauma surgeon with a past to scare any grown man into hiding. Throughout her childhood she fights demons within herself, and d...
Enhypen x Reader { Vampire FF }  by -Nikkeyy-
Enhypen x Reader { Vampire FF } by -Nikkeyy-
Y/N, a very young student who's living with her aunt and cannot afford to pay maintenance in the House. She works part-time as a waitress. However, in search of her luck...
Sold to My Ex-Husband (The ENGLISH Edition) by AnjSmykynyze
Sold to My Ex-Husband (The ENGLISH...by AnjSmykynyze
Seven years ago... I was his stalker. Three years ago... I was his wife. Two years ago... I was his ex-wife. Since the day he left me, my life has never been th...
RIANSH FF: Game On by Kirtee25
RIANSH FF: Game Onby k_ni shi
This story will emphasize when Ridhima woke up and saw Vansh missing... The hotel staff claimed that she came to the hotel alone. Confused Ridhima sat in the lobby of th...
RETURN MY LOVE PLEASE by Redasalwaysmipepper
Killua have always secretly loved Gon and he's been trying to confess his feelings for almost 5 years. Will he confess or will he hide it now that he's madly inlove wit...
My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
Kidnapped (Book 1) by kthaler
Kidnapped (Book 1)by kthaler
It started with nothing more than a news story, but for Kelly Hunter, this story will become a reality. No one ever believes they will be abducted. Everyone says it won'...
Silenced by a_spoonful_of_sugar
Silencedby a.m.m
Book 1 Silence. The art of keeping quiet and never making a sound. The fear that causes you to lose your voice. Kaiser Donovan hasn't talked in years. After being taken...
They Called Her Broken (Can A Broken Soul Be Fixed) by Jasmine2785
They Called Her Broken (Can A Brok...by Jasmine Lopez
Edited Chapters (1-6) ________________________________ Joy Roman... Once known as the princess of the pack. She was the Alphas youngest child. She would win anyone's hea...
Secrets In Silence ✓ [Secrets Book 1] by LiveLifeInTheRain
Secrets In Silence ✓ [Secrets Book...by LiveLifeInTheRain
Addison Gregory was always an obedient child. She did everything her parents asked of her, no questions. To them she was a breathing object to be used and controlled for...
RABO AJALI...! by HauwaAUsmanjiddarh
RABO AJALI...!by Hauwa A Usman
A violent love story, Hustle in love is a big crime, trick love or I will die for your love, For you i have lived, with stitched lips, by drinking every tears but in the...
5 Times Arthur And The Knights  Broke Merlin And The 1 Time He Let Them Fix Him by AslansDefender
5 Times Arthur And The Knights Br...by Sam Alex
Knife. Table. Throat. Instantly alert, adrenaline flooding through him, Arthur's body automatically moved in time with his thoughts, his hand fisting around the handle o...
[COMPLETED] Monochrome Of Emotions by chasemegames
[COMPLETED] Monochrome Of Emotionsby chasemegames
[Finished] Philip Jose was born Emotionless his brothers taught him Happiness and he was loved by his family so much. But the time came and his Family for slaughtered an...
It took one look. by ArshBrar
It took one look.by ArshBrar
One look lead to another. It's either now or never... Alex Ryder. 17 year old living in fear since 10 years old. Her love for soccer is the only thing that is keeping h...
Hopeless Situation by audaciousmind
Hopeless Situationby Mimi
Nathan Turner is hopelessly in love with Alexis Sterling, and when asked if she would marry him... Alexis said no. His parents are expecting him to bring home a fiancée...
Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten) by monorchism
Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten)by Kali
"Then do it." June challenged, watching Flame's eyebrows shoot up. "I don't think you're as tough as you want everyone to think. You want to hurt me? Do i...
Till Death Free's Us by HavvaTheAuthor
Till Death Free's Usby Havva
A woman who doesn't fear death meets a man prepared to give it to her. When Sanam Belgrave witnesses a murder take place she's prepared to die but not without her final...
Hopelessly Married! by pradhanas
Hopelessly Married!by crazygirl👻
Have you ever seen a married couple running away? She looked at him nodding no.. Then you'll see now... A short story of a girl who doesn't believe in marriage.. ___...