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Psychopath (C. Soobin) by Enntxt0963
Psychopath (C. Soobin)by Lily🪷
Choi Soobin was a shy and introverted high school student. He had four friends who tried to help him be more social, but to no avail. He never had a crush, never had a d...
Split  by kaidensag
Split by kaidensag
A Young Boy Saves His Girlfriend From A Perverted Old Man. But Would Soon Be Sent To Jail For Her Revenge. While There, A Demonic Soul Takes Over The Young Boy And Helps...
Siren Head by AgniteX
Siren Headby Agnite
-VIOLENCE WARNING!- (AND THIS STORY ISN'T COMPLETED YET) It's out for you...and you don't know why... (SirenHead is not my creation. The original owner is Trevor Hender...
The Horror and the Wild  by ThenParrish
The Horror and the Wild by Coca-Cola T-Shirt
Incomplete Chapters: 17/? Focus: Cillian MacDuff & Owen Hayes Story: Magic and murder go hand in hand, if you're a blood witch. Cillian MacDuff is certainly not one. But...
Valentine Store (Original) by chxrrychxn
Valentine Store (Original)by chxrrychxn
Deep in the forest, stood a huge fancy looking mansion. The black painted walls had roses vine grow on them. And at the front gate, has a sign with a word written in cur...
§𝑃𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑐 𝑅𝑜𝑜𝑚§ by RisingPhoenix538
§𝑃𝑎𝑛𝑖𝑐 𝑅𝑜𝑜𝑚§by Rising Phoenix
A girl... Whose nightmares are chasing her every where she goes... Weak... yet strong.... So full of life.. Yet.. Dead. Can she survive another Hell? That is full of mes...
Murder Last Summer by AlejandroZ301
Murder Last Summerby CINEmatic Jr
When on a cruise a murder sends everyone on a panic and leaves a Eire feel, and international detective Leo Dupont will get to the bottom of this *French Version comes...
Heavllen  by EddieLoka
Heavllen by Eddie Loka
In a town full of Mystic and danger their only hope is a god blessed girl known as Heavllen
The Outlanders by kiannico
The Outlandersby Kian Young
There's Earth, and then there's Laethora; A world full of magic, and wonder, far beyond that of any earth-born human's comprehension. But what happens when the fate of...
It Watches.. by aoleria
It Watches..by brandyy
When Grim Smith was 14-15 years old, him, his father, and his little sister, Tonya were stalked and hunted by a tall, black creature who's only features were two glowing...
AM I DEAD❔❕ (yizhan short ff) by Axianrhu123
AM I DEAD❔❕ (yizhan short ff)by Axianrhu123
..තමුසෙට අන්ද කයිප්පු කැවිලද ගොටුකොල හිපාටුවො ? තේරුම් ගනින්කො මිනියො මං මැරිලා!!...
Murder In The Basement by hobaixx
Murder In The Basementby god :>
its about two girls, where the script turns into reality.
The stray by Spades_of_aces
The strayby ♤ Spades ♤
Practice for my English exam
5:30 AM  by Sriyagnajupalli
5:30 AM by Sriya
We have to do it...We have to make it out alive... baby stop crying....i will do whatever it takes to live with you...i love you...... Written by:- Sriyagna jupalli Edit...
The Dead Who Are Living by Roazovy
The Dead Who Are Livingby roazovy
Noah Johnson woke up one day and went to his school. But during his time at the school, Some strange virus breaks out. Students were sent home for quarantine. Yet Noah r...
The Chaotic Friends in the Backrooms by lucyishome
The Chaotic Friends in the Backroo...by Lucy
7 friends, commonly known to be chaotic in many ways, accidentally enter the Backrooms and try to find their way out. Meeting multiple people and....creatures, along the...
Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1) [v3 draft 1] by JakeAStrife
Severed Chains: Fateless (book 1)...by JakeAStrife
THE WORLD WILL SOON BURN... Says a prophetic tome, known as the Book of Fate. Demons will rise, and angels will fall. BUT THERE IS HOPE... Sages are capable of reading T...
Omega Virus I: Beta Hour [Remastered] [draft 2.5] by JakeAStrife
Omega Virus I: Beta Hour [Remaster...by JakeAStrife
A seven-book -Gamers vs. Zombies- series! Zach has always been a master of Survival Horror video games. Naturally, he always thought he'd be ready for the Zombie Apocaly...
Dark Dayz: Ebony Eve (book 3) [draft 1] by JakeAStrife
Dark Dayz: Ebony Eve (book 3) [dra...by JakeAStrife
A month beyond Shadesburgh and the Black Desert, the players of Dark Days have found the courage to move forward in the game. En masse they arrive in the winter town of...