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stuff happens // 5SOS by Ash_giggles94
stuff happens // 5SOSby ashton’s ass😗✌️
Highest Rank: #1 on hospital "We were all freaked out" "It came out of nowhere" 5SOS Fanfic
The Girl In Room 417 by HappilySad
The Girl In Room 417by Francesca
The girl in room four-seventeen seems to be a permanent part of the paediatric wing of St. Anne's Hospital. She is bright, smiley, full of life. She doesn't look sick at...
Scared Of Healing by ellerose65
Scared Of Healingby ellerose65
She's been through so much. No one deserves the lot she's been given. When her whole world seems like it's about to end, she meets the people who will save her life. Can...
Stop by 5secsmendes
Stopby A
"I just want it to stop" "Let me take care of that"
Experiment 009 by GlitchX97
Experiment 009by Glitch X
My name is Charlie Hunter, just an average street kid in a starving poor country with no family or friends, until that day I heard a gun click followed by a pain in my n...
Pucking Fantastic by darlaH
Pucking Fantasticby Darla
Ellis had spent her whole life training for one dream, go to Nationals for figure skating. That was until one illness knocks her off her feet and made Ellis figure out w...
Cold Husband and Depressed Wife J.JK Ft. K.SJ by AngelKnight2022
Cold Husband and Depressed Wife Angel Knight
Kim Jinri is a depressed girl. Her Dad went missing after an accident when she was a child. At 18 years of age, her step mother forced to marry Jeon Jungkook, the cold C...
kindred by MadiLee0123
kindredby Madi Lee
All Adeline Kingston has known is pain. Years of agony, anguish and anger. Brothers. Addie has 7, not that she knew. When she is reunited with her older brothers her lif...
lifesaver by 5secsmendes
lifesaverby A
"Do you like doing it?" "Do I have a choice?"
focus (discontinued) by 5secsmendes
focus (discontinued)by A
"You need to focus on your body- what you're letting happen isn't good" "I know, mom." Discontinued until further notice:)
Never Let Go by flicker_shawn
Never Let Goby Lauren
Sophia Hemmings is 15 years old. She is living with her brother, Luke, and his girlfriend, Sierra. Sophia adores Sierra and sees her as an older sister. The reason Sophi...
A Slow Process (Grey's Anatomy Fanfic) by pavanapurva99
A Slow Process (Grey's Anatomy pavanapurva99
Julie a 9 year old girl is diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma when her parents find out about her illness they abandon her but Julie didn't know that she would get an...
The patient  by The_brightshadow
The patient by Hi :)
My eyes seem to find her face again. Plump, pale lips. Her skin is pale, having a large contrast with her hazelnut brown hair. Her lashes are long, creating a soft shado...
Dying With Love  by aliyajadeh
Dying With Love by aliya
Rose and Elijah are 17 year old twins. Rose suffers with depression and her parents don't believe her and push her to be perfect. Leading to her starving herself and get...
Hold Me Close and Don't Let Go by BeautifulRain2020
Hold Me Close and Don't Let Goby BeautifulRain2020
A bullet rips through Peter's chest and his life is left hanging in the balance. With a worried Tony Stark, Aunt May and the whole host of Avengers: Peter doesn't face t...
The Reluctant Mafia Boss by SanC-Rylie
The Reluctant Mafia Bossby San Clarke
Former called Romano's Insignia A mind-blowing Mafia Novel Lorraine is one of the best surgeons at St. Andrews Presbysterian hospital. When she had to attend to a young...
chemical  by trashpandaleader
chemical by trashpandaleader
"I don't believe in love. It's just a chemical reaction in our brain, nothing more."
Grey's Anatomy by JustTry23
Grey's Anatomyby trying
Adira was working undercover but when a drug deal goes bad and she ends up at Seattle Grace - Mercy West and finds Derek, the man who took care of her while she grew up...
Rookie | Ethan Ramsey by Kiara-m-m
Rookie | Ethan Ramseyby Kiara-m-m
Blue Hunter's first year as an intern at Edenbrook did not start as quite as she hoped. Experiencing hardships, deaths, friends, and love, Blue's perseverance leads her...
FIRE & BLOOD • EVAN 'BUCK' BUCKLEY / 9-1-1 by unecafeconletras
"Nothing is ever easy when Evan Buckley is in your life." ** I do not own 9-1-1 or their characters. Stella Moore, Gigi, Mazzey, Amanda, Tyler, Savannah, Russe...