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✿Her Arrogant Husband✿  by _Madhurima_
✿Her Arrogant Husband✿ by pranushkaxmine
#2 in pranushka #6 in pranushka on 19/02/2022 "What the hell Pranav? I got to know about this, just the time you got to know. You don't have to behave like this wi...
Harrison Wells imagines by linmanuelseyebrows
Harrison Wells imaginesby Kate :)
Completed one shots! Includes Earth 2 Harry, Eobard Thawne Wells, and HR!
Arrowverse Watches Supergirl( Superflash Story) by Sunshine_Dreamer_130
Arrowverse Watches Supergirl( Avani C.
One day a mysterious person comes and takes away Team Supergirl and Team Flash to watch Supergirl's past. How will Kara react? Will relationship develop? Read to find o...
My Love (Savitar x Reader) by Liv-hope
My Love (Savitar x Reader)by Liv-hope
You were born and raised in Central City but your family lives in starling city. your mother abandoned your family when you were 10. You and Barry Allen meet in colleg...
stepbrother | hunter rowland by -babyluvz
stepbrother | hunter rowlandby -babyluvz
what happens when you accidentally fall in love with your stepbrother?
The Flash One Shots (OpenForRequests) by Mistress_YourQueen
The Flash One Shots ( Mistress_YourQueen
Hello everyone! I am a huge fan of the Flash and wanted to see what I could come up with for one shots! Fair warning: my one shots, maybe not all, will contain smut and...
The Flash and co. x Metta!Child!Reader by TechGrl1
The Flash and co. x Metta!Child! Saint Telomere
AGH THE PICTURE OF BARRY IS SO CUUUUUTE~!!!! sorry im a big fan of the show, aaand to show it heres a story of you x Barry/The Flash~! (there wont be a frequent schedule...
Functions of HRMS software by artifybharin1
Functions of HRMS softwareby artify bahrain
HR management is about training and managing company resources for running a business successfully.It brings the best out of the available resources and achieves the goa...
The Advantages of Using an Online Payroll System by artifyqatar
The Advantages of Using an artifyqatar
It has never been simple for small firms to increase productivity. Prior to a few years ago, only huge businesses could afford certain instruments that aided in business...
Integrating HRMS Software and Payroll Management System by artifybharin1
Integrating HRMS Software and artify bahrain
The integration of payroll and HR software in Bahrain happens when the technology of both are superimposed. The data that is stored in HR software is automatically recor...
Flash Smut/Imagines by Sonichowl
Flash Smut/Imaginesby Flash Fanatic
Yep back again with something else. The Flash SMUT and IMAGINES for you wholesome ones out there. (I don't swear but read smut, so Im not FULLY wholesome:(.)
Hadrian Riddle and the Maruarders by BlackSoul_Evans
Hadrian Riddle and the Maruardersby BlackSoul_Evans
The first 15 chapters are not my own I am ADOPTING this story from
Reunited with you. (A John Reese story)  by BabySquishy0218
Reunited with you. (A John Reese BabySquishy0218
Katherine Jones, Otherwise known as Kat to her friends and family is a homicide detective at the 8th precinct in New York City. Her best friend and partner Jocelyn Carte...
Central City's Starlight by Read006
Central City's Starlightby Read006
If 'The Flash' thought he could upstage Central City's first and true superhero, Starlight, then he was going to regret ever picking a fight with the great and powerful...
A Love That Cannot Die Unless it is Killed (LilyLunaxScorpius) by snitchprincess
A Love That Cannot Die Unless it LilylunaMalfoy
20 years ago Ginny Potter was told something deeply disturbing. Something so disturbing she vow not to speak of it again. So when the past comes back to haunt her. The o...
Godspeed vs speedsters  by Flashpoint210
Godspeed vs speedsters by Flashpoint210
Godspeed kills savitar so Barry and wally have to stop him from killing all the speedsters
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First Grade Hot Rolled Steel Based On Your Requirement by smteels
First Grade Hot Rolled Steel SM Steels
Steel can be widely used for many numbers of appliances, vehicles, infrastructure, wind turbines as well as many other appliances. Now with the advancement in the techno...
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Online Marketing Trainee by planetexpat
Online Marketing Traineeby planetexpat
Planet Expat provides career-boosting internship & job opportunities in some of the most innovative & dynamic companies in Latin America, Europe, the US and Asia. We are...
How to make your employees future-ready with the best staffing services? by YOMAmultinational02
How to make your employees Palak K
Want to prepare your employees well in a VUCA business environment? Check out this article and follow these tips to get a future-ready workforce.