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Skate With Me (Victor Nikiforov x Reader) by zaczenemiji
Skate With Me (Victor Nikiforov zaczenemiji
Young lovers who share the same passion for figure skating were brought together by the ice rink. Whoever thought that the rink that brought them together will also be t...
Yuri Plisetsky X Reader by LH_figureskates
Yuri Plisetsky X Readerby Trash
Your a figure skater one of the best in the world, when you meet Yuri Plisetsky.....
his everest | completed by gena_writes
his everest | completedby g<3
"Why rush it when I already know she is mine?" ----------------------------- 17yr old Everest Valentino is just trying to finish her senior year with no proble...
Too Hard - Cobra Kai x Reader by Garci_GG
Too Hard - Cobra Kai x Readerby M_XGG
Y/N moved back to the Valley after being away for years. With changes on her family and old friends will she keep everything together or slip in the ice? And will she ch...
Ice Skates & Volleyball | Haikyuu x male reader  by The_Whatever_
Ice Skates & Volleyball | Ur local dis[ass]ter
You never thought that ice skating would lead to you joining a volleyball team, much less falling for anyone. Cover done by: @A_SERAPHINA
Lost and out of sight by saltyshimx
Lost and out of sightby Tsukishima Kei
Mikaela Lewis is a German figure skater and won the nationals a few times, along with a few other competitions, at her age of nineteen. She's been living in Japan for a...
The Talent He Keeps Hidden (Yuri on Ice x BNHA) by Eat_The_Children
The Talent He Keeps Hidden (Yuri Eat_The_Children
Bakugou has been hiding someone from his classmates and teachers. It's something big. No matter how much Bakugou hates showing off, the idea of the school finding out is...
The Phoenix ∥Minsung by pancakeabs
The Phoenix ∥Minsungby pancake 🥞🌸
Breaking News! World-class figure skating champion Lee Minho under went intensive surgery last night. There have been no further updates on his condition, but we can on...
The Hidden Truth ~ Ice skater Bakugou  by AriaPemto
The Hidden Truth ~ Ice skater AriaPemto
Bakugou is 16 and attends UA. He has been ice skating since he was 3 yrs old. 1A is about to go on a trip to an ice rink but how will bakugou face this challenge. No one...
An Unexpected Love (A Yuri Plisetsky Fanfiction) by cookies_cream72
An Unexpected Love (A Yuri cookies_cream72
Yuri Plisetsky, a rising star in figure skating, had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Being the breadwinner at an early age, he knew what it meant to win and st...
The ice skating hero by Saphireraven13
The ice skating heroby Saphireraven13
Deku have a secret hobby that even Katsuki don't know, he likes to ice skate, one day class 1-a is a special guest at a Japan Skater Festival what if deku is one of the...
To Know You [Yuri Plisetsky x Reader] by LilMissLucifer
To Know You [Yuri Plisetsky x QuirkyHedgehog
My name is Y/n. My mother was a legendary ice skater until she passed away recently, after the Grand Prix Final. She's the reason I've never ice skated, and my father is...
Breaking the Ice (Yurio X Reader) by closertogoodbye2
Breaking the Ice (Yurio X Reader)by super.walking.story
Yakov has brought a new skater into his group, with hopes that she will ignite Yuri's fire for this competition season. But will she be able to break down Yuri's heart...
Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu fanfic) UNDER MAJOR EDITING by tommo_hemmo96
Give me love ( a yuzuru hanyu mar
In which two figure skating Olympians help each other through their hardships and eventually fall in love. A/N: This is my first fanfic, so please be easy on me. Ranked...
On Thin Ice (Editing) by adventurette
On Thin Ice (Editing)by Keri
For years, Violet was known as the Ice Princess - until a terrible accident at Nationals not only brought an end to her figure skating career, but also transformed her i...
Hinatas Passion | Yuri on ice x Haikyuu crossover  by iliketoshift
Hinatas Passion | Yuri on ice x Cassie Silcott
This is discontinued but read it if you want :)) Hinata Shoyo seemed like your average idiotic volleyball loving kid but, there was more to him, way more than anyone wou...
To All We've Lost ~ a Sequel to "Melting a Heart of Ice"  by Fireflies-24
To All We've Lost ~ a Sequel to " Izabelle
63 days 26 minutes and 6 seconds.... This is how long it had been since you'd seen Yuri... you aced for him. You longed for him All you wanted was do be in his arms ag...
Yuzuru Hanyu Oneshots  by _VAl_73_
Yuzuru Hanyu Oneshots by Val
This is a random one-shot story about Yuzuru Hanyu. I hope you like it and I accept a story request. I USE DIFFERENT PICS AND GIFS TO DEMONSTRATE THE FOLLOWING SCENES. ...
The Phoenix Prodigy by phoenix_chloe_rose
The Phoenix Prodigyby blackrose
Follow Phoenix as she navigates her way through the blinding spotlights. Gracefully tackling anything thrown at her. Phoenix was adopted as a baby. She was thrown into...
Angel [Victor Nikiforov] by pale-blueheart
Angel [Victor Nikiforov]by 『だれ』
Shirayuki Mizore, an ice skater from Japan that's widely known. But after a fall she decides to take a break from her ice skating career, and for now stay in Japan. Fina...