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Cheated but Blessed by NatsuRose1994
Cheated but Blessedby NatsuRose1994
Izuku and Katsuki get cheated and went to the dragon realm to meet the dragon and the dragon slayer and the queen of the dragon and go back to UA and fight
The Strongest Salamander  by Natsu433
The Strongest Salamander by Natsu433
A week before the S Class trial, Natsu was given a quest by King Himself. Because of That quest life of the Natsu Completely change. watch what happens Journey of Natsu...
Bite me : a Nalu mating  by Emiri_Nikoru
Bite me : a Nalu mating by Shojo
His eyes grew wider and began to move against the chains as she grew to be mere inches away from him "I know you won't hurt me" she took his face in her hands...
Fairytail's Big Brother (Fairytale) by IzAnnoying142
Fairytail's Big Brother (Fairytale)by IsAnnoying
We all know that Natsu was the first Fairytail dragonslayer. But what that wasn't true... What if he had a elder brother. A brother who he thought disappeared when he...
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x Reader} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Wouldn't Change a Thing {Natsu x R...by Life Enthusiast
A young girl was abandoned on July 7 X777 by her dragon Sanda; Queen of the Nature Element Dragons making young (Y/N) the anointed Princess. The five elements of nature...
The Dragon Slayer Games✔ 《Laxus x Natsu》 by DaughterOfHades22
The Dragon Slayer Games✔ 《Laxus x...by not v active boos</3
♡ "what the hell is this crap Natsu?" Laxus glared at the pink haired boy and slammed the letter down in front of him. "Some kind of Joke?" "No...
Demonic Dragon of Death. by Reaper_Van_Zyl
Demonic Dragon of Death.by Reaper_Van_Zyl
This story is about, what if Natsu's soul was in the afterlife and learnd about death magic, and when he got revived he remembers all the years in the afterlife. He knew...
An Alien In Fairy Tail: Book 1 by Overdrive248X
An Alien In Fairy Tail: Book 1by Mark248X
When Ben Tennyson, the wielder of the Omnitrix, gets sent to a different universe, he ends up in a weird world where there are wizards and magic. Ben finds the wizard gu...
Book 1: The Chaotic Awakening by Tomboy_Goal
Book 1: The Chaotic Awakeningby ☁𝑯𝒂𝒓𝒎𝒎𝒚☁
In a world where magic reigns supreme, Natsu Dragneel is a feared and enigmatic figure, known for bringing destruction wherever he goes. As the son of Acnologia, the mos...
The Dragon's Mate by LoveMeliodasDragneel
The Dragon's Mateby Love Meliodas Dragneel
When Lisanna came back from Edolas everyone in the guild has been ignoring and hurting Lucy except for a couple of people like Gajeel, Wendy, Cana, the Thunder Legion, M...
Beholden | NaLu | by bleuebellebleue
Beholden | NaLu |by 𝑺𝒊𝒎𝒑
Lucy's breath hitched. "You saved mine, so I'll have to save yours. That's just how it works. So, naturally, I can't leave until that happens. I'm beholden to you...
The Second Salamander by VivaChee245
The Second Salamanderby VivaChee245
Before Natsu, Igneel had a second student that he never told anyone about. Her name is Kameel. Kameel Dragneel, and she is Natsu's sister. After an entoxicated slumber...
The Red Dragon by mdelpin
The Red Dragonby mdelpin
Natsu Dragneel is a unique child, the offspring of a red dragon and a human. While he presents as human most of the time, sometimes for short periods, Natsu finds himsel...
Dragon guardian {Fairytail} by talking_mania
Dragon guardian {Fairytail}by Kai
Ashley Hart is a dragon guardian. She is able to summon every dragon there is and fight with them. To summon a dragon, the dragon must approach you first. Ashley first d...
The dragon god and the dragon queen by blood_demon6923
The dragon god and the dragon queenby blood_demon6923
Irene Belserion x male reader short story *disclaimer the story will be altered to fit the plot of this book*
Markings: a NaLu/Fairy Tail Fanfic by Dreaming_Hero
Markings: a NaLu/Fairy Tail Fanficby Parker
When Natsu goes missing after a mission with his teammates, mostly everyone is relatively calm... that is, until they find him. Barely able to take a breath, Natsu tells...
 Mr. Steal Your Girl (Human Igneel X Lucy) by StingLu6
Mr. Steal Your Girl (Human Igneel...by Jeon JungIDONTGIVEAFOOK
Lucy returns from weeks of being sick, expecting to see the guild normally be themselves. She didn't expect a new member, she didn't expect leave her guild, she didn't e...
Death fire (Fairy Tail fanfic) by Animelover112523
Death fire (Fairy Tail fanfic)by Anime and KPOP lover
This takes place after the tenroujima island arc everyone was acting as usual as you can in the fairy tail guild except one. Natsu is acting weird. Tartarus is rising, Z...
Acnologia's Daughter - NaLu by miss_luna_ladera
Acnologia's Daughter - NaLuby cookie monster
Warning: I have not seen most of fairy tail so im basing these chapters off of what I have seen. Lucy arrives at her last resort of a home. She is the daughter of the d...
In Pursuit of Perfection | Nalu | Collab with ofthefeels by justconfidence
In Pursuit of Perfection | Nalu |...by 「 s h e r y l 」
Ballet isn't a sport. Ballet is an art, and in art, you strive for perfection or nothing. Meet Lucy Heartfilia, a world famous ballerina at the age of 17, daughter of a...