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TUESDAY  knuckles the echidna by knuckleslover
TUESDAY knuckles the echidnaby maria 🫶
"my name's tuesday, but call me tues!" "and you're siblings?" "no. we both just have two tails and are coincidental the same color." sonic...
Doctor of Animacity by Hollow_Hero
Doctor of Animacityby Ren_knight
You are the Son of the doctor, not a Doctor The Doctor the original you might say, and Professor River Song River had died in a Library on Durhilliam, and The Doctor unf...
Who sied parrots cant howl by QuGaqu
Who sied parrots cant howlby randomDuckappeared
Y/n x Wilbur hybrid (female reader) I got no idea how hybrids work so don't judge me also this is my first fanfic this is just an AU i have created so i can make stuff...
My Stupid Drawings by animefreak3531
My Stupid Drawingsby Trash
Eh, it's just some of my stupid artwork... Because why not? I need more friends...
Seton Academy's Ultimate Lifeform by _-102Grayson-_
Seton Academy's Ultimate Lifeformby wolғy grayмan ♡
Hitomi Hino in this chain of events has an older brother named Y/N, who joins her at Seton Academy. However, one special thing about her big brother is that he has the D...
Its You - Warrior Cats by illusivery
Its You - Warrior Catsby illusive
A broken illegitimate clan, 3 surviving cats and a kitting later, Thunderclan has a handful to deal with. ___________________________________________________ Honestly...
My Day at Seaworld by JasonandSteph4ever
My Day at Seaworldby JasonandSteph4ever
A beautiful love story with heartbreak, drama, and *teehee* love making ENJOY!!!! IM NOT A FURY
chais chaotic book of art by chailxtte
chais chaotic book of artby ︽✵︽chai︽✵︽
don't expect too much because I'm not actually that good at drawing lmAO
Sticks and Stones will break my Bones by Rilox55
Sticks and Stones will break my Rilox55
"Funny, how naive you are." "I'm sorry." ------------------ "Who are you?" "I'm not sure anymore." ------------------- "They...
Lost in the wind by HiImfurby
Lost in the windby Im not a furry..
Hey!!! just a random story I thought of on the spot. I know I don't update my stories as much as other people, but this time of year is really busy for me, with school a...
The pillow by HiImfurby
The pillowby Im not a furry..
Hey, this is a part of the ship one-shot challenge. If you don't know what it is, basically, on valentines you have to write a one-shot that is your favorite ship on val...
The life and lies of a maybe furry by HiImfurby
The life and lies of a maybe furryby Im not a furry..
I just whent to town with this. I know I haven't been uploading recently, but honestly, my life is really caotic right now. I'm trying to write more though. I'm plannin...
Automatic Love [Lightning Mcqueen] by saltycreampuff
Automatic Love [Lightning Mcqueen]by Aster
a lihtning mcqueen x reqder fanfic because i said so. -swearing -thats is, ther eill be swearing pleas read or i will cry.
A Unique Friend by Misto-cat
A Unique Friendby Leaf
Taylor has quite an horrible life as a 12 year old. Bullies attack her every time they can, and she recently lost her only friend from suicide. Her parents support her a...
Zombie Apocalypse Team: OC BOOOK!!! by GhostySpirit
Zombie Apocalypse Team: OC BOOOK!!!by Flicker
Ye I have TOO Many OCs therefore I will just yeet them here-