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Cannibalistically Sweet. by AcTuallyFoUndU
Cannibalistically Mr. Lovelust
Im so confused- why am i doing this rn. i said i would focus on other books wth. anyway onto the actual description: Wilbur find's himself stuck with a cannibal he found...
His Forever by fanficlover310
His Foreverby His Butterflies
Diego Romano (18) and Isabella Rico (17) have been dating since the last year of middle school but they only started being serious at the age of 14. There relationship...
Not Such a Great First Love by Warmpillowxase
Not Such a Great First Loveby Warmpillowxase
Venti hasn't had the best experience in enjoying life, and is constantly in a state of trouble. Trust me, he doesn't like the drama. At all. To add to his miserable life...
 Imperno by binibinisaeko
paano mo masasabi may nagawa kang kabutihan? kung nasa imperno kana handa kana ba sa parusa nagawa mo
WHY DO PEOPLE SHIP THESE??? by sharon0701
WHY DO PEOPLE SHIP THESE???by 이기쁨 | s h a r o n
This book is about ridiculous ships and my opinions on them. I take suggestions so be sure to comment some horrible ships! Thank you ❤️
me too (an angel x allyson love story) by purple_piss
me too (an angel x allyson love ally
hey nerds this is a story abt me and my boyfriend u better like it or my armpit hairs will make their way into ur mouth while u snore btw angel if u read this uh hi lol
I'm Really Sad by JKismyhusbandbae
I'm Really Sadby courage bby👄
☂︎Welcome to the book where I fall☂︎ ⭐︎Random ass shit⭐︎ ☁︎I'm ok...but I'm really not☁︎
Almond  cookie x reader on crack by ShreksSexyToes
Almond cookie x reader on crackby Person
This was written one random evening with my sisters i dont know anymore besties LOL OK ENJOY
Raspberry Cookie x Fem!Reader - High School AU by fxllingforyoux
Raspberry Cookie x Fem!Reader - sunday rain
uhm i couldn't find many of these so i'm making one myself 😀 n e ways uh enjoy ig? btw if this offends u in any way dont make negative comments just click off for sea f...
bear thing 1, bear thing 2 by marleebakugo
bear thing 1, bear thing 2by eth3re@l r3al!ty
a beautiful children's book for children. Collab w @-Monokuma11037- Should I make a sequel? (Also posted on tumblr @/3ternalreal1ty)
Ariele Crack by oreyalikesoreos
Ariele Crackby oreyalikesoreos
Just a bunch of crack fanfics my friend and I make.
Gingerbrave x lancer uwu by twerkingcockroach
Gingerbrave x lancer uwuby dedasheni
This is a joke calm down you assholes btw both of them are minors and they can be shipped and don't cancel me for this dear dipshits😨💔-thin ice(krankel, kel)
omori rant book by Vee_the_gay
omori rant bookby Ur mom
title explains it all
My fucked Life by LilDepressedFuck
My fucked Lifeby LilDepressedFuck
My life In small texts Its pretty fucked up I hope i see u at my funeral
My own cursed O/n book by Jaiden255
My own cursed O/n bookby Demonators
SOS This may be a x reader one shot thing bc uh Or not uh Plz don't read this I'm srs
Tags? Also A Log-book For Quarantine by Itrytoohard24
Tags? Also A Log-book For nobara simp
Yaaaay tags and crap aren't I sAd Also my quarantine logbook
Sexy ass Washing Machines  by LolIHaveSTDs
Sexy ass Washing Machines by ArtyCoa
Some fine looking Washing Machines Damn, I wanna marry her