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sent | wanna one by -softbae
sent | wanna oneby cн-erι colα
❝send nudes pls :^)❞ ❝n00ds?❞ ❝ yep :^))❞ *sends noodles* in which a girl sends a message... to the wrong person #4 fanfiction | july-10-2018 started: march 14th 2018 fi...
Mean to Me | Im Youngmin by ayoungmind
Mean to Me | Im Youngminby reese
He was nice to everyone else... but he was mean to me.
her descendant || wanna one by busan-unit
her descendant || wanna oneby 1485
The lost specimen, the lost gem, the only hope for their future. The important subject they've been searching for, someone they've been hunting for several years is her...
[✓] complete ༄ ab6ix by midzynite
[✓] complete ༄ ab6ixby ˗ˏˋ BELLE。 ˎˊ˗
˚✧₊⁎ 𝐀𝐁𝟔𝐈𝐗 ⁎⁺˳✧༚ 「 completed 」 ❝life feels so complete when we're together, i love that feeling. ❞ 《 highest ranks 》 #2 in jeonwoong: 011320 #2 in kimdonghyun: 1019...
You're My Light by Yuuki_75x
You're My Lightby Yuuki_75x
In which a boy gets his heart broken, but finds himself fall in love again. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ - Don't own the pictures. - This is a AB6IX's Youngmin story. - This story is...
Cafe 》Im Youngmin by LazyLlamaDrama
Cafe 》Im Youngminby LazyLlamaDrama
When a girl meets her Ex-schoolmate whom she hates "When did it all go wrong?"
yandere♡jinhwi by minghaomilktea
yandere♡jinhwiby oh yes good ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
in which daehwi doesn't like how much jinyoung and jihoon are around each other. * 얀데래 * 이 대휘 x 배 진영 * currently being translated into italian and spanish! thanks to @ta...
❝oh little girl❞ by nicabu
❝oh little girl❞by 凶悪な
"Bestfriend lang ba talaga ang tingin mo kay Bae Jinyoung?" [wannaone;bae jinyoung ff] date started: 02/08/17 date completed: 31/08/17 highest rank: #137 in ss
miss wrong | im youngmin  by eggwonton
miss wrong | im youngmin by 『对不起』
imagine having your crush love your bestfriend. I don't have to imagine it because it's true
[AB6IX / YOUNGDONG] Instagram Love Story by ParkShin2905
[AB6IX / YOUNGDONG] Instagram Park Shin
"Ủa tưởng bảo nếu thích ai kia thì làm chó cơ mà =))))" "Gâu gâu"
adopted brother | kim donghyun  by bambambrahhh
adopted brother | kim donghyun by 클라라
"he's my..." "boyfriend" • #1 in kimdonghyun • #1 in leegunhee • #1 in hwangminhyun • #1 in kangdongho • #1 in nuest • #9 in produce101 • #14 in bra...
don't comeback | youngmin. by gatginet
don't comeback | ♡
- he is the last thing she ever wanted to mention.
Train Station[Park Woojin]-Completed✔ by tatata_nojaem
Train Station[Park Woojin] 无名
In which, a girl develops feelings for the boy she sees in the train station frequently. Start: 12th October 2017 End: 20th November 2017
Unexpectedly | Bae JY. by chronicoles
Unexpectedly | Bae NICOLE
In which an unknown number sends quotes, inspiring messages from movies and books everyday. WANNA ONE series #2: Unexpectedly | BAE Jinyoung Started: 2018.04.24 Ended: 2...
kitten | kim donghyun. by silkydonghan
kitten | kim jules 🌻
in which finding lost kittens leads to finding a cute boy. + lowercase intended. silkydonghan, 2017.
Because I like you ; Im Youngmin by seungjoons
Because I like you ; Im Youngminby sparkleader
A crush on the senior that everyone loves. [✅]
[PacaPonyo][Im Young Min x Jung Se Woon] [Oneshot] Red Hair by blueberryholic
[PacaPonyo][Im Young Min x Jung Blueberry
Chỉ là nhớ một Im Young Min tóc đỏ.
ab6ix-red strings{COMPLETED} by byeolrangdan
ab6ix-red strings{COMPLETED}by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
a girl and 5 other guys who were able to see red strings which tied soulmates together started: 8 September 2019 ended: 11 October 2019 +lowercase intended
why now? -Im Youngmin x Reader  by mylove_youngmin
why now? -Im Youngmin x Reader by mylove_youngmin
"can you come back to me? please."
[C] 4 O'Clock • im youngmin by PeachyKyle
[C] 4 O'Clock • im youngminby SM17E
for you whom I watch as dawn passes and as dusk falls, for you whose delivered a letter by 4 morning and evening, may this love becomes real.