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Darling has the conn by Nathaniel561
Darling has the connby Blackops
So let's say after the UNSA-SDF war the retribution and the Olympus mons are the only ships that survived and yes the Olympus is still under sato control but what if the...
 Call of duty infinite warfare x Azur lane  by Nathaniel561
Call of duty infinite warfare x Blackops
After the UNSA-SDF war the retribution and the Olympus mons were now human the retribution turned into a boy and the Olympus mons turned into a girl and were confused an...
CoD oneshots by shelbyluvfoodies
CoD oneshotsby shelbyluvfoodies
A oneshot book on the modern warfare series I also do black ops and off series CoD games REQUEST ARE OPEN
Izuku Midoriya: "Why have a quirk, when weapons are better!?" by Abudabbi01
Izuku Midoriya: "Why have a Abudabbi01
Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless, an ordinary boy in a quirky world. A world where 80% of the population saw his quirkless status as a disability, but that didn't stop...
Hacker Revalations World's Collide: Season 1 by theunkown2002
Hacker Revalations World's The Unkown
From The Creator Of Hacker Revalations: RESISTANCE and The Unknown Beta, Witness the beginning of world's collide. Join with Sam,James,Max,Drake,Thomas,and skull as you...
E3N's azur lane adventure by Codmplayer2514
E3N's azur lane adventureby Codm
E3N also known as Ethan is our beloved humanoid robot from call of duty infinite warfare, he was destroyed at the SDF shipyard in the final mission of COD IW, but he was...
COD One Shots  by ajax_ajack101
COD One Shots by ajax_ajack101
This is the book featuring almost every Game in the Call Of Duty.
My Call of Duty OCs by CCKILLER00
My Call of Duty OCsby MeXCar4ever
Here is a list of my Call of Duty OCs
The DIMD chronicles  by Cmonkey512
The DIMD chronicles by Muffin
After getting transported from four different worlds to Remnant, the newly formed DIMD must live at beacon academy as a cover until they can be sent back. Let us see how...
Stellar Invicta by Prussiaisgut
Stellar Invictaby Prussiaisgut
A reboot of the past story, "UNSA Retribution and SDF Olympus Mons in another world".
My Military Factions (Heroes) by BlazeSaber00
My Military Factions (Heroes)by Ghost Recon
This is a list of factions and militaries I made to give you an idea on what I have planned for future stories. If a story comes up and his as military in it, the story...
Love Live Sunshine!!: Infinite Warfare by Arizuk
Love Live Sunshine!!: Infinite MacTavish Chan
Un pequeño crossover entre Love Live Sunshine y el mundo de Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Los eventos de dicho fic ocurren durante los sucesos de la primera mision del...
 infinite warfare guide (COD) by merk_rig
infinite warfare guide (COD)by Merk rig
If you are thinking about getting infinite warfare or you just want to know about it, read this guide and it'll tell you all you need to know and it'll tell you everythi...
A merc, a soldier, a cowboy, and a fox walk into a bar... by HUNDREDVESSEL3VEVO
A merc, a soldier, a cowboy, and HUNDREDVESSEL3 VEVO
This is a story about a mercenary with a dark past, a soldier who's trying to protect every one, a cowboy that's trying to get back to the future, and a fox trying to ch...
The Union (A Call Of Duty & Steven Universe Crossover) by SPETSNAZ2020
The Union (A Call Of Duty & SPETSNAZ2020
After a mysterious explosion on Titan occurs, the whole Union realises that something big is bound to happen, war.
Zombies in Spaceland (I'm working, but here you go) by CarriesStuff
Zombies in Spaceland (I'm Carrie
[contains somewhat strong language] A group of four, a Party Girl, a Jock, a Nerd, and a Rapper all get trapped in a film due to a ritual. This film takes place in the S...
SACRIFICE ▷ ROBERT ZUSSMANby ˗ˏˋ m e e n a ˎˊ˗
"MY NAME IS HUMAN AND I KNOW WHO I AM." - a story in which a woman who felt out of place in society- found her home in the place she would least expect. - [zu...
The C6 Squad by WillisAw
The C6 Squadby General Kestrel
After Operation Blood Storm, the squad of C6 have been neutralized the explosion as to sacrifice in honor from the Tharsis Shipyard. They're in the world which is unknow...
The Galactic Guardians by GhostR3x1
The Galactic Guardiansby GhostR3x1
This fanfic is through the Star Wars Franchise but the original timeline will change but who knows what will happen when two from reality have an army and rewrite hi...