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I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid_1928
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanficby Squid
When Ink is exploring the au's, he stumbles upon a new au where he meets a new friend named Nightmare. The both of them create a close bond, and Nightmare explains how t...
Why I Hate you~(Lots OF Ships With Ink)Republished)) by XxDevildogxX101
Why I Hate you~(Lots OF Ships XxDevil DogxX
A story about the Hatred between a Creator and a Destroyer. But the creator also loved the destroyer...The creator hoped he will someday be more then friends with the de...
Inky maiden for the bad sans  by SakuraChan870
Inky maiden for the bad sans by fell goth
Why did I say yes to this someone help me.
Little different  by SakuraChan870
Little different by fell goth
This story is a little different.
multiverse oneshots by robin-rights
multiverse oneshotsby hufflepuffilicious
(Sanscest) Ships, fluff, angst, platonic, and drabbles. I dunno what else to say. Just check it out please. (Cover made by me, art goes to rightful artists)
Error x Ink x Nightmare by Weird_Person222
Error x Ink x Nightmareby Kris McYeetusDeletus
This is my first story so my apologies if it is trashier than the multiverse itself. This story is also very inspired by other people so don't flame me. qwq Error is the...
An Unexpected Surprise |Inkmare|  by keshlovesick
An Unexpected Surprise |Inkmare| by keshlovesick
Ink x Nightmare A few nights of lust lead to an unexpected surprise, the two left with a choice, love or lust. However, with a dangerous threat rising, can night save In...
I fell in love with my boss...(Inkmare story) [DISCONTINUED] by Artisticlick
I fell in love with my boss...( Artisticlick
Ink had enough of the bad treatment that he got from his teammates and the rest of the multiverse after the X-event...So he joined the Bad Sanses in hope of forgiveness...
AU Sans One shots! by Cobrawarrior
AU Sans One shots!by Imtired
Sanscest, Sans X Reader, Frans and Chans oneshots!!
~inkmare~ youre the only joy i have   by Mc_SxmpXx
~inkmare~ youre the only joy i BottxmSxmp
hello fellow readers it me galaxy!!!! I'm back for what felt like years so I made a new book of inkmare!!! and yes I know mostly all of you guys love errorink but I just...
Crushing My Soul (Dreamswap)(On Hold) by Shadowgeng
Crushing My Soul (Dreamswap)(On Dead
DS! Nightmare. Oh, the alternate self of Nightmare... Almost give up? Without him, this world will be positive. No negativity that will crush other people soul. That wil...
Bittersweet Tastes | Inkmare by Noto_Sans
Bittersweet Tastes | Inkmareby Sal the Pal
{Please read the whole Description, lol} {Cover created by yours Truly / @Noto_Sans u<u} [The protecter of worlds and the Distrubter of Negativity find themselves...
Missing (inkmare) by FandomGlxtch
Missing (inkmare)by FandomGlxtch
NOTICE!!: This is a continuation from my old account Fander_Z. Ink was living his usual life with the Star Sanses, until one day he ended up at Nightmare's mansion where...
Resting the ink by Diamond3343
Resting the inkby Diamond3343
Ink's creator comes back to fix ink giving him a soul and changing his personality making him shy and skittish, innocent, and a sweetheart he no longer cares to make or...
~Im broken Inside~ NightMare x Ink by Liquid_Depression
~Im broken Inside~ NightMare x Inkby Liquid
✨ Completed ✨ Okay, this was my first book that I had every posted. It's so bad. Please don't read it. I may make a better version in the future but for now, it sits her...
Depressed Ink Sans by Inkblank12
Depressed Ink Sansby Ink Sans
As the protecter of aus, ink must fight the bad sanses but what no one has figured out is that hes soulless. The creators bully him for being soulless and eventually ink...
A helpful Guide on becoming the villain by Virus_bOi
A helpful Guide on becoming the Virus
In summary you wake up as nightmare. And of course it wouldn't be the one and only original nightmare. No- Like your a prince now? A prince foretold to bring this era to...
Love over hate (inkmare/nightink) by trixielovesick
Love over hate (inkmare/nightink)by Kesh
When nightmare is told he isn't a king, he must marry to become one. He doesn't care about who, he just wants the name. Will he find love? Welp that changes when he fin...
Sans Au's HeadCanon's by PinkHydrangea_
Sans Au's HeadCanon'sby Azar
just a bunch of headcanons idfk /I wonder how many mcyt references I can make until people notice
Another Chance by Catt3rCat
Another Chanceby Catt3rCat
Usally updated once a month because I have other books and also school. Dream goes missing suddenly in the middle of the night. When Ink finds out he immediately goes to...