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Scars Like Ours | Red View Romance #2 by CAITLlN
Scars Like Ours | Red View Caitlin
Cliff McAden hasn't been home in four years, and wasn't expecting to meet a woman as gentle and quietly beautiful as Annie Edwards when he finally came back. It's hard f...
Guardian ۵Wyatt Lykensen۵ (✓) by HopeLyraMalfoy
Guardian ۵Wyatt Lykensen۵ (✓)by ★彡 HOPE 彡★
Being Addison's twin sister, always made you feel so insecure. Both you and Addison had white hair, but you guys looked different. She always just seemed, to fit in whil...
My Boss Likes Me by rich_and_not_talking
My Boss Likes Meby Nicky
Tia Johnson a 23 year old girl who never experienced love before. All through her life from high school to college until now, she wants to feel the need to be loved.But...
Unbroken (A Twilight story) by MissWorld2o15
Unbroken (A Twilight story)by Flawed
Rosalie left Emmett after realising that she didn't love him anymore. Carlisle decides to relocate the Cullens to Seattle for a new start, especially for Emmett. There...
Tempting (Man x Man) by Lovely_Indigo
Tempting (Man x Man)by Lovely_Indigo
"I'm the only one that can have you, you belong to me now." He pins my arms to the wall behind me while leaning in. I catch his scent, forest pine. My head fee...
The Holy Child | Black Clover by milliexbby
The Holy Child | Black Cloverby Millie <3
Insecure. Weak. Afraid. Few words Stallia would use to describe herself, despite having one of the strongest magic type in the Clover Kingdom. With constant reassurance...
Insecure Jeon Jungkook (21+) by hdgfzfshsjxh
Insecure Jeon Jungkook (21+)by deone liebenberg
Y/n is a shy 10th grader who has a lot of body issues and little friends. She's also into ddlg and is a little so it's kinda tough for her to get a boyfriend. But when o...
INSECURE  by Yonnababy2
INSECURE by Yonnababy2
just read its bomb af
Love on the Scale by Regal_Maiden
Love on the Scaleby Tatyana
When Christelle, a plus-sized girl with zero confidence, gets the opportunity to move out with her older brother (who's a model) and escape a home she's never felt comfo...
Kind Of An Introvert by makaveli2x
Kind Of An Introvertby makaveli2x
Riona is living life in the worst way. Being so insecure and independent life makes a dramatic turn. Will it be for the better or worst?
Plus Size Prisoner of Society by Breeny
Plus Size Prisoner of Societyby Breeny
This is a collection of poems from a fat girl's diary. Come spend a day in my shoes... or should I say curves?
Searching For Serenity by samiksh_a
Searching For Serenityby Hakuna_matata
Serenity Halls, a kind of girl who doesn't like to meddle with other people's business unless she is emotionally attached to them finds herself unknowingly get attracted...
Holding On |T9ine  by chinkWroteDis
Holding On |T9ine by chinkWroteDis
They fell in love as soon as he came up. Will his love for her change as his Fame rises ? Will his love for her change as his "fans" expectations of his love l...
Sang Pengganti  by KeiraSato4
Sang Pengganti by Kei
Open and Read. ❗❗❗ ~ [UNEDITED VERSION] *Note= This is just Fiction. Don't believe anything inside the story. ~ K E I © 2023
Magic of Love | Kim Taehyung FF by _Moon_21
Magic of Love | Kim Taehyung FFby Beautiful
Kim Taehyung is a famous model. He is handsome as hell. He is man of every girl's dream. But he is waiting for his right one. Kang Y/N is a famous and successful photog...
Snake Eyes [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
Snake Eyes [boyxboy]by Jen
Mark Luce is a clueless, kind-hearted 17 year old. Having to deal with his perverted best friend Shaw, his vicious bully Joey, a grandpa that still thinks he’s in World...
The Girl With The Tattoo by gigicow
The Girl With The Tattooby gigicow
Have you ever felt like finding true love was impossible? Insecurities making you feel like you are too unattractive to find anyone to love you? Just gave up on love aft...
•pretty isn't pretty - Sturniolos Fanfiction - Sister edition• by thatonexblondegirllx
•pretty isn't pretty - Hannah🧸🎀
~Paris hasn't really got a good bond with her brother's anymore. She's trying to fix that, and her brother's too~