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Mesmerised By Her✔❤ by ankletsguliani
Mesmerised By Her✔❤by anklets
Meet Caleb Parker, the cold ruthless, devilishly handsome billionaire with greek body that girls would die for. Earned his hard money by working extremely hard, his dark...
7 Years & Waiting by RuchiAgarwal1
7 Years & Waitingby Ruchi Agarwal
Is Patience, an attribute of Love? Like every young girl in this world, Amara had only one aspiration, to live happily forever with the love of her life. And she had it...
Forced Love-K.S  by Marksfiretruck
Forced Love-K.S by Amajohn
"You can't force love." "I can't let her go either!" Isla-Mei Lee, a young adult who has big dreams and huge dedication to get there one day meets...
Can't Forget by Khushworld1234
Can't Forgetby Khush
Leave a person if you can't forgive and forget their doing but if you can't live without them than forgive and learn to forget.. is this really important forgetting?? w...
ShiVika ||The Billionaire's Hired Boyfriend|| by __shiri__
ShiVika ||The Billionaire's Shirisha S. Pati
Shivaay leads a simple life working as a supervisor in a multinational company. He was trying to move on from his sudden break-up with Tia when one day he wakes up next...
Skin Deep Romance by breathedy
Skin Deep Romanceby ᴇᴅʏ
Looking away I said, "I don't like my body and the way I look in a swimsuit or dress I feel insecure immediately and all I want to do is feel beautiful for once.&q...
RUE by RuchiAgarwal1
RUEby Ruchi Agarwal
Guilt....Regret....Shame.... These things were a permanent fixture of Tammy's life now. She had been so deeply scarred in the past...that recovery seemed almost impossib...
Khoen and Vulcan (GAY SIBLING INCEST) by -AelinAshyver-
Khoen and Vulcan (GAY SIBLING Aelin Ashyver
This is a remake and a continue on from my other account Rhain12. THIS IS GAY, AND IT HAS A SEXUAL SCENE..... THE VERY FIRST PART!!!! WARNING! THIS IS NOT PLAGIARIZING...
deewanapan  by Arshisweet15
deewanapan by Arshisweet15
everyone have addiction..mine just happened to be you.. another tale of two people who mean to be together. a man whose life only surrendered around loneliness and darkn...
You are hired. by sophay871
You are Sofia. O
"You are hired." I heard a gentle, gruff voice say. "You are the CEO?!" my jaw dropped in astonishment, and I could swear I heard the sides of my mou...
The Devil's Li'l Angel... by vampire_angelz
The Devil's Li'l just_loving_the_moment
A tale of romance between two extremities, distances lies far apart. But they were destined to be together, the woollen cloth they wove together. They were meant to bal...
Endless by Asian0112
Endlessby Seher
Pha once lost the person he loved very dearly, and still can't seem to forget about them but what happens when a little-adult angel and his 'Daddy' barge into his life a...
Request for Depth by JuliaKristi2
Request for Depthby Julia Kristi
The longing to be seen for truth beyond the limitations society sets on us.
Our little secret by SelenaLove95
Our little secretby SelenaLove95
BASED ON TRUE EVENTS Oh my god... I've never felt this way before! I could feel the butterflies in my stomach turn into heat as it rose up to my cheeks, making them visi...
love can't be hidden by dollthewriter
love can't be hiddenby doll
love is simple yet complex thing that can't be hidden 🍁 . This story about two beautiful souls who know eachothers childhood, teenage and make together there future wit...
7 Days in Bagan With Ryan Ding by AyeSu8
7 Days in Bagan With Ryan Dingby AyeSu8
If you have a chance to meet with your celebrity crush in your native town, What will you do ? To get his attention To accompany him during his trip To follow him So w...
Stuck in the unknown  by lyrics1231
Stuck in the unknown by lyrics1231
Tales of letting go of boys that break ur heart
His One and Only by Vminkookswifeu1995
His One and Onlyby Vminkookswifeu1995
She vanished in the darkness of the lonely night after igniting the spark of light which would soon turn into a flame that would consume him beyond his wildest fantasy