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Ace by xxdailydolanxx
Aceby xdailydolanx
[COMPLETE][EDITING] Ace Hernandez, the Mafia King, known as the Devil. Sofia Diaz, known as an angel. The two are arranged to be married, forced by their fathers, join...
this & that  by staymadimthick
this & that by HAWAY💖
Y/n is a singer who meets rapper dd osama their life takes a risky turn with Drama , violence , murder , miscarriage , crashes , abuse, a lot , just see what happens mor...
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500+ Psychology Facts | ✍ by August_Parker
500+ Psychology Facts | ✍by .
Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a me...
she became glamous after her engagement annulment part 3 by favizzygold
she became glamous after her favizzygold
She Becomes Pretty And Cool After The Engagement Annulment The fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He s...
Differences Aside, ✔ by ErynRaineStories
Differences Aside, ✔by Eryn Raine
Cover by @auroralust This book is available on Goodreads under this title Elora Reed has spent the majority of her life being beaten, abused and screamed at by the Wolve...
hawks girl  by steveswifee
hawks girl by el :)
the new girl in town, will she fall for miguel or hawk ? she meets miguel on her first day and they have an amazing friendship but she also meets eli a shy kind kid who...
Humsafar ❤❤ by sidnaaz_are_love
Humsafar ❤❤by SidNaaz
It's a story of two people ❤❤ Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill 😍😍 Arange marriage with big boss ka tadka🔥🔥 Peep inside to know more about it 😉😉
7 brother and baby sister (BTS ff) Ot7 One-shots ~ by BTSHOPEWORLD1305
7 brother and baby sister (BTS ff) Army
This story is about 7 brother who found infant Y/n near there house. They decided to adopt her. Take a look in there rollercoaster life... No romantic relationship with...
Penetration from another world by whoamireally45
Penetration from another worldby whoamireally45
Xiomara is a 26 year old resident at Holy Grave Hospital, who wanted nothing serious in a relationship and all she wanted was sex. One day, she was just working on Monda...
What I See In You (BWWM) by AyitiCheri_26
What I See In You (BWWM)by Writer
Desiree is a nice sweet person. She faces challenges with dealing with family problems but manages to not let it faze her. After meeting Darius, she can't seem to know...
Thug life 💯 by JadaMarii
Thug life 💯by JadaMarii
"Yeah it's just the thug life baby the bottom made me crazy" ‼️
Their Innocent Mate ( COMPLETED) by lisasachdev
Their Innocent Mate ( COMPLETED)by lisa
(editing) 7alpha and their Innocent Mate -------------------------------- Y/N's Dad: "My daughter is somewhere around here, I'll introduce you later" They nodd...
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Avatar: The Last Airbender x Male Reader by BiggyBoi123
Avatar: The Last Airbender x Kokubara (Coco Crab)
The story of a young boy who got tangled up in Avatar business.
The Playboy's Girl. || P.JM ✔. by Lee_hana_
The Playboy's Girl. || P.JM ✔.by hugs_for_drugs.
❝They say all good boys go to heaven....❞ ---Jimin raises his brow at Jk before smirking and slipping his shades back on, ❝but bad boys bring heaven to you, cheeka,❞ he...
Meet The Freak by onlylowkey
Meet The Freakby onlylowkey
#1 in #freaks (8/4/19, 6/18/20) This couple will be one the freakiest you will ever meet. Until an ex comes back into play... then the story starts. Will the hot tense p...
*More of a romance and less of a Mafia Novel.* ❝Everything I touch just turns to Ash❞ ❝If so than I'll gladly burn for you❞ ___________________________ It's been five ye...
Mafia's only love | Jungkook FF (JK )  J. JK  by Btslifeeu
Mafia's only love | Jungkook FF ( Writer Unnie
The story is completed ✔️ you can say mafia 's First Love or only love * you are Sai - in Sister of Kai the mafia & enemies is BTS biggest mafia gang group but if the...
THE BLACK J by Jungkookiswoah
A mans mysterious life that leads into Dispair. The black J, the most feared Assassin in seoul. Keeping his identity a secret, he lives under the name Jeon Jungkook. A m...
∞ 𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐬 ∞ by thenextrlstinehoe
∞ 𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐬 ∞by thenextrlstinehoe
la'nyja doesn't have much drama in her life. with that being said, what drama could be brought along after a 1 night stand? read the book to find out! started: july 22...
Not Meant To Be by lishzzz
Not Meant To Beby Lisha Luz
{COMPLETED} After that dreadful night which caused Isabella to lose some of her memories, everyone hoped she would start her life anew. But little did they know that he...