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"I don't like you! Right?" by Local_Therapist
"I don't like you! Right?"by Local_Therapist
[Y/n] is being taken care of by Rachel's parents. They had no idea their friend was a member of the Glitter Force. When the Glitter Force is in mid battle, she spots a c...
The War Against Destiny by Ayaana_18
The War Against Destinyby sam
He fought, he fought until he got tired he couldn't handle it anymore the hate, the sympathy, scorned by his own kind, it was burdening him and finally he gave up to his...
Kill la Kill: The Power Within (DISCONTINUED) by Yoshi759
Kill la Kill: The Power Within ( Doofenshbird
(Y/n) is the new transfer student at Honnouji Academy. But he's not like any ordinary student. (Y/n) is what you call a "special case". He is very strong and s...
[Ira and Rachel] -Star Crossed.💙 by RachelxIraFanfics
[Ira and Rachel] -Star Crossed.💙by 🌏𝒥𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝒸𝒶💫
On one faithful night, Ira has a run-in with his favorite glitter girl; Rachel. She takes him in for shelter during a thunderstorm. He hates lightning, but hates admitti...
Ask/Dare The Doki Doki Glitter Force by KyKy4129
Ask/Dare The Doki Doki Glitter ♡𝒦𝓎𝒦𝓎♡
《Request are open》 All the characters from the English dub of Precure Doki Doki will be stuck in a game of Ask or Dare and you will comment and give me your dares and tr...
SWAT Luca  by Asiemustdie
SWAT Luca by Ynstrad Llewellyn
Hondo enlists an old friend to help find some suspects. What he doesn't count on is Luca getting close to her. What happens when her past catches up? #1 - Hondo #2 - cbs...
Amy belongs to nobody. She fights using her own inner values. A life of solitude brings her towards a separate lonely soul. Her forever soulmate!
Before Us by silhouette3108
Before Usby Silhouette Kiwi
Meet Vikram Aharya, the enigmatic heir to a royal throne, burdened by the weight of his lineage and the scars of loss. His world is a blend of tradition and modernity, w...
Ask or Dare glitter force doki doki! by Glitter-Diamond
Ask or Dare glitter force doki Glitter Diamond
I do not own any pictures featured or glitter force doki doki! ASK ANYONE QUESTIONS! [BE SURE TO ASK IRA AND RACHEL THE MOST AND DARE THEM THE MOST TOO] WAIT WHO SAID TH...
My Destiny (Ira x Rachel) by theawesome12354
My Destiny (Ira x Rachel)by theawesome12354
This story starts at the battle of king mercenare, Rachel and Ira become unlikely friends, maybe others will trust him as well? Rachel has a secret that only she knows...
Love or Power by Kitty8804
Love or Powerby Kitty8804
Sequel to Alice's Sacrifice: You must read Alice's Sacrifice before this or else you will be extremely confused. Also Warning: Spoilers! ...
Ira x Rikka one-shots by Katelyn4016
Ira x Rikka one-shotsby Katelyn4016
Simple Ira x Rikka one-shots. I might do request. I ask that if you make a request that you are respectful if I choose not to do it. Some of these will be based off othe...
Because Why Not! (Rachel/Rikka x Ira) by Harelow17
Because Why Not! (Rachel/Rikka x N
How and what happened to these two?! After the defeat of King Mercenare, these two found a peaceful point in their life. Can't live life without love! After years they l...
Glitter force character's x Any gender Reader by E5123458i2
Glitter force character's x Any Mel
Glitter force character's x Any gender Reader. right there in the name- and if you have requests on how the chapter should go,(i will tag you) and witch characters you w...
The Longest Ride 2 by shirbertsjam
The Longest Ride 2by abby
Everything changes fast after Luke Collins asked Sophia Danko to marry him. They are now living on the ranch while they own the new "Ira and Ruth Museum." The...
Make You Feel My Love by fusion3
Make You Feel My Loveby fusion3
SUMMARY: Aarzoo Kashyap is a 25 yr old Indian girl working in a top pharmaceutical company, Lifelines Pharmaceuticals. Andrew Isaacs is a major shareholder in Lifelines...
Alice's Sacrifice  by Kitty8804
Alice's Sacrifice by Kitty8804
During a fight with a Jikochuu Alice gets hit from an attack that seemed to do no harm. But what if the attack was more harmful than everyone thought? Will Alice recover...
Cure Swords Sister - Ira X Reader by Purring_Magic
Cure Swords Sister - Ira X Readerby Purring_Magic
Glitter spade or cure swords sister goes missing after the attack on splendorous but when sword/spade finds her there's a surprise waiting!!! I use precure and glitter f...