Irondeku Stories

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Iron Man Izuku by AnimeEagleScout
Iron Man Izukuby Joeseph Moore
after drinking something from a "fortune teller" Izuku is transported into the Marvel universe as Tony Stark's conscious. after the events of the MCU Izuku ret...
Iron Izuku  {"The Invincible Inventor"} by JayTheOkayAuthor
Iron Izuku {"The Invincible It's Jay
Izuku Midoriya. If you ask people in Japan who is he you will get answers like "Some nerd." But what if I told you he is far from that. Like any other 14...
The Iron Hero by _Robo_
The Iron Heroby _Robo_
Izuku has a quirk that boosts his intelligence which might not be strong but this doesn't stop him from being a hero. With the help of his friends Melissa and Bakugo, he...
Iron Deku (Discontinued) by Bdt5dg
Iron Deku (Discontinued)by Bdt5dg
What if Izuku was iron mans son!?! (oh hiatus)
The Iron Deku  by TomTheVillian
The Iron Deku by TomTheVillian
Izuku a child born with no quirk his dad gone and his mom saying it's her fault that he doesn't have a quirk one day his mom brought him to a comic store filled with boo...
My Hero Academia: The Man Made of Iron Rewritten by Glitch994
My Hero Academia: The Man Made 『Glitch』
//Currently undergoing a rewrite.// Izuku Yagi, a quirkless boy with the intelligence far exceeding kids his age, is taken in by Hisashi Midoriya for an apprenticeship a...
Izuku stark a young boy who dream to be a hero like his parents, his father was the owner and CEO of stark industries and also the number 5 hero iron man and his mother...
Iron Deku by Showagoji_076
Iron Dekuby Showa Goji
Izuku Midoriya is a genius, and quirkless. He was kidnapped by the League of Villains and forced to make them weapons. When Izuku was 14 he had enough and created an iro...
man with a plan by AnimeEagleScout
man with a planby Joeseph Moore
these are non-canon stories of the Iron Deku story. things I wouldn't be able to do in the real story but I really want to do.
Izuku Yagi as Iron Man by Mhafan221
Izuku Yagi as Iron Manby Mhafan221
izuku yagi is abuse all his life, his parent neglects him and his friends hurt him alot. izuku is a born genius and becomes iron man in the mha world. Mha Fanfiction. I...
Deku VS Ultron by liesaremylife05
Deku VS Ultronby Nope
Izuku Midoryia made a powerful AI, but what can he do when it turns evil?
The Invincible Hero: Iron Man by liesaremylife05
The Invincible Hero: Iron Manby Nope
Izuku Stark is the son of Hisashi Stark, the Merchant of Death. Why is Hisashi called that? He makes high tech weapons for the highest bidder. But what happens when Izuk...
The Quirkless Avenger by knight47watch
The Quirkless Avengerby The knight
dont own anything except the concept all art belongs to its respective owners mha , dc , marvel all belong to their respective owners dont own anything from my book ex...
"And Man" by Silas_Of_Graffitia
"And Man"by SilasOfGraffitia
You would be forgiven for doubting the destiny of teenage genius billionare playboy philanthropist Izuku Midoriya, cause you can add quirkless to that résumé. After bein...