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Issei: The Mind of Games by Eraser-Boi-Dat
Issei: The Mind of Gamesby Jiren The Grey
Waking up to reality with the view of a system, the stats that he could see described his powers. Issei died to only be revived once more to see the world in a different...
Tears of the ORC (Male Reader x High School DxD) by TheNoxusGrandWriter
Tears of the ORC (Male Reader x Noxus
Y/n Hyoudou is your average High School Student, he gets good grades and is very athletic. The only thing different about him compared to most of his peers is the fact h...
Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown by ShineiHyoudou
Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crownby Shinei
(Issei X Heavenly Harem) The first inheritor of the Sacred Gear: Heavenly Crown, Issei Hyoudou. When the God from the Bible disappeared during the battle against the Hea...
Reborn as The Riser Phoenix Part 1 by anudithchauhan
Reborn as The Riser Phoenix Part 1by anudithchauhan
Issei's Betrayal by ricksan912
Issei's Betrayalby ricksan912
After being discarded and thrown away by his girlfriends....Issei is reborn and join him as he walks his new path
Rise Of The Red Dragon Emperor  by Dustinsage
Rise Of The Red Dragon Emperor by Dustinsage
Ain't doing a description
Pawn of the Wind by thecurb
Pawn of the Windby Cringe
Issei Hyoudou, a brown-haired, easy-going, freedom-loving guy who loves adventure! What happens if Rias Gremory summons him to assist her in a rating game that would dec...
The ultimate dragon of domination by Misajbm
The ultimate dragon of dominationby Misajbm
Issei is half dragon half fallen angel. Issei will be op, some romance story will mainly be issei x serafall with maybe irina no massive harem. Hope you enjoy !
Weaving together by ThoughtfulForest
Weaving togetherby Thoughtful Forest
Issei Hyoudo, resident pervert and member of the perverted trio of Kuoh Academy changed overnight. He was still a pervert but so much has changed. "Motohama, Matsu...
Issei:Alucard by KZ1818
Issei:Alucardby KZ1818
Issei reincarnation of Alucard
Cat Scratch Fever by OkitaSouji_
Cat Scratch Feverby Skadi_Deep
What if human Issei found a certain black Nekoshou, broken and bleeding? Issei x Kuroka fluff, read and review. I DO NOT Own or Ever Will Own Highschool DxD! Not this go...
Issei Betrayed By the Factions  by LordPotato8
Issei Betrayed By the Factions by Lord Potato
This story of were Issei Hyoudou was betrayed by the factions and cheated on by his harem with his Friends/Brothers/Father Figure. Issei becomes a Menace and wants Reven...
From low devil to High class demon (Tensura x Highschool dxd x reader)  by JakeIlagan7
From low devil to High class Rei
(Y/n) a low class devil under the Rias gremory household who was casted aside for the newest member Issei hyodou. His master Rias gremory expelled (y/n) from the peerage...
High school dxd: The Fallen Dragon of Domination by thunder_god18
High school dxd: The Fallen Thunder_god19
In this story, Issei is the Son of Azazel and Seth the dragon queen of lightning, wielding the Red Dragon Emperor's gauntlet he will strive to become the strongest Red D...
DxD: Retribution by AllHailThe99th
DxD: Retributionby Best Girl Acheron
What if Issei punished Rias for letting him die? Far more prepared for the supernatural than canon before his death, Issei Hyoudou is a strong, kind boy, but even the ki...
Issei Hyoudou: Humanity's Guardian by Muramasa02
Issei Hyoudou: Humanity's Guardianby Muramasa02
Humanity is considered the weakest of the supernatural world but they also have the most potential I mean why else would other factions recruit them. issei Muramasa hyou...
Sekiruuyetei: Book of Conceptual Records! by RageRevan
Sekiruuyetei: Book of Conceptual RageRevan
A boy who once walked the path of heroism, now after being humiliated and ignored for his deeds, choses to walk the path of villainy, every time he did something, he was...
Supremacy of the Lucifuge by HattoriHeiji121
Supremacy of the Lucifugeby Black
Hyodo Ise or better known as Tatsumi Lucifuge-Sitri, the 5th Super Devil and the Strongest Host of Albion.
Highschool DxD: Azur lane's Crimson Commander by N7Captain
Highschool DxD: Azur lane's N7Captain
"Why?" "Wait!" "He's gone, and it's your fault!" Issei Hyoudou was your average perverted high school student. So imagine how he felt when...
The Human of DxD by JaeZInsane
The Human of DxDby Jay Jay
You know what this is... 2024 #1 In Kagari 1/28/24 #1 In Akeno 1/19/24 #1 In Sung Jin Woo 1/11/24 #1 In Monarchs 1/5/24 2023 #1 In Solo Leveling 12/8/23 #1 In Dragons 12...