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Identity V x Reader One shot (Requests Closed) by Kuumaa_San
Identity V x Reader One shot (Requ...by Kuumaa_San
Guess I'm truly stuck in IV hell now XD I'll try my best to write :')) Closing requests and very slow updates for now :,)
Instagram A LaMelo Ball Story (Melo Ball and IV.Jay) by -bratzzdoll
Instagram A LaMelo Ball Story (Mel...by niyahh . 🤎🧶
@melo liked you post @melo followed you @melo sent you a dm CURRENTLY REWRITING (lowercase intended)
The real FBI (crossover Criminal Minds/Supernatural) by jajafilmE2
The real FBI (crossover Criminal M...by jajafilmE2
The FBI team BAU has been searching for over two months for an unsub, who can for many murders of dead women with special vampire and sectarian tendencies. The case is a...
The Missing Numbers by SkywardShawn
The Missing Numbersby Kacey Snowbird
Events begin several years after the numbers war. Yuma, Shark and Kite went missing 5 weeks ago, and tensions are high. Everyone has been looking for the trio everywhere...
My Own Person by AliZomes
My Own Personby AliZomes
Jim Kirk is tired of being constantly compared to her father. It was bad enough she was born a girl with a boy's name, but with Starfleet looking for the slightest hint...
Trails Of Cold Steel X Male Oc Reader by TheChainsOfDespair
Trails Of Cold Steel X Male Oc Rea...by Horror-Kun
This is a Story of my Oc, in the world of one of my most favourite games I don't own anything but my Oc Character.
Ivypool's Courage, A Hawkfrost and Ivypool Fanfic by Willowy55
Ivypool's Courage, A Hawkfrost and...by Willowdapple
This is my 1st fan fic, so enjoy! :3 NOTE: The cover art is not mine, so I give credit to whoever made it The characters are not mine, so I give credit to Erin Hunter
He Cheated  (Zild Benitez Short Fanfiction) by nicsc0le
He Cheated (Zild Benitez Short Fa...by nicole
He loves me. He told me loves me. But not enough that he can let go of Shanne. Because whether he really loves me or not... He cheated.
Hands All Under by captainnood1e
Hands All Underby Sidy James
A collection of poems written through the up and downs of uppers and downers. (TW) Recovery is possible.
xoxo blaster • blasnique by truphy
xoxo blaster • blasniqueby ★
Things doesn't seem to go the way it was planned when an infatuated boy hopes on a dead-end heartbreak. ° epistolary © truphy 2018
Identity V Oneshots by mintdreami
Identity V Oneshotsby ♕
Weird happenings! Romantic oneshots! Funny moments! REQUEST NOWWW!!!
[Requested]All GL couple in Identity V collection by Iris_x_OTP
[Requested]All GL couple in Identi...by IhavetoomuchOTP
Tạm thời đang hơi chán viết GarDoc nên chuyển sang viết các couple GL khác trong IV =)))))))))) Chỉ GL/Yuri/Shoujo Ai thôi nhé
Dedication - Kain Highwind x Reader (FFIV) by Faleeria
Dedication - Kain Highwind x Reade...by Faleeria
After a long time you get to see your best friend Rosa again. On a special night, actually. It is the day of her wedding with Cecil but what truly makes your heart uncon...
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i v  o f  s p a d e s ;  o n e  s h o t s by jupjupiter
i v o f s p a d e s ; o n e s...by jupjupiter
Unique, Zild, Badjao and Blaster *some imagines might have/not have Unique on them since as we know, he left the band*
kandila • unique salonga by truphy
kandila • unique salongaby ★
[ UNDER EDITING ] "brown out nanaman?" An unsuspecting mortal involves herself in a bizarre case of a dead soul living in a candle, who is struggling to find a...
"Movie Night" | Hellshark | SFW by hellshark
"Movie Night" | Hellshark | SFWby CEO of Yugioh Zexal
Ryouga gets invited over to his crush, borderline idol's, home to watch a movie with him. Unknowing to the either of them, these would be the last memories shard between...
Alien Planet: the animated series (pilot) by AnimalX23
Alien Planet: the animated series...by Ben Wilkins
Based on the hit 2005 documentary along with Wayne Barlowe's 1990 book "Expedition", this is a pilot episode I wrote for an idea I had for what if Alien Planet...
Wzdłuż Ścieżki Władzy | | Muhteşem Yüzyıl by _amyfourchanax_
Wzdłuż Ścieżki Władzy | | Muhteşem...by Juliane
Czy dwa zupełnie inny charaktery zdołają się połączyć? On władczy, Ona pragnie być kochana On naiwny , Ona mistrzynią manipulacji On silny, Ona waleczna
Scar by MarumeChiisa
Scarby MarumeChiisa
He was always the one ignited the fire, and she was always the victim. Or, was it? A collection of oneshots focused mostly on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal's IV (Thomas Arclight) and...