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Izuku The Water Dragon Hero (Reincarnation Of Tobirama) by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Water Dragon Hero (Reinc...by NezutheRatGod
As Tobirama closed his eyes ready to finally rest in the after life with his family, he was instead brought back to life in the far future and was reincarnated. He open...
MHA: Betrayed Izuku X lady nagant and stuff by Crimsonsector89
MHA: Betrayed Izuku X lady nagant...by Crimsonsector89
So Izuku is accused of being the traitor, sent to Tartarus, yada yada. You get the idea. You didn't come here for the description. You've already seen this story before...
Immortal Grudge  by Revenant63
Immortal Grudge by Revenant63
People are fragile, it takes very little to break them, the almost loss of a loved one, the impossibility of realizing one's dream or extreme physical and mental pain;...
Sheriff by theheartless204
Sheriffby The Don
Izuku Yagi a boy who wished to be a hero but that wish never came to be. Izuku was forced to take a different route so he became a cold hearted sheriff.
Sanji Deku | Izuku Midoriya x Lady Nagant(Kaina Tsutsumi) by APersonAnimations
Sanji Deku | Izuku Midoriya x Lady...by I Wanna Sleep Now
After a lonely night at the camp Midoriya finds a beaten up and bloodied Kaina running away from the police. He decides to help the defective hero and stuff happens... ...
Akatsuki Reborn by kingjblakk
Akatsuki Rebornby james blakk
Know pain feel pain that is all I have known throughout my entire life and now I will show the world the exact same pain I am no longer Izuku Midoriya no longer deku I a...
Primeval by theheartless204
Primevalby The Don
Izuku Yagi tortured and abandoned by his family and friends. He disappears from the face of the earth leaving his class and family happy thinking he's dead but during th...
Super Hero by Dark-king29
Super Heroby Dark-king29
Izuku with some abilities of dragon ball Izuku will be powerful
Constantine by theheartless204
Constantineby The Don
Izuku Yagi thrown out and left to wander the world learning magic on his travels until coming back home and having to live the dream he always wanted.
Izuku El Diablo by goldenizuku
Izuku El Diabloby goldenizuku
Izuku Yagi loses his legs, watch as he becomes hero known as dare devil: El Diablo
Rambo Villain's Blood by theheartless204
Rambo Villain's Bloodby The Don
Izuku Yagi kicked out and left to fend for himself he decides to joins the army and becomes John I. Rambo. He returns home after a his final mission and gets dragged int...
Strongest One There Is by theheartless204
Strongest One There Isby The Don
Beaten and Abused by family and friends Izuku kept his anger sealed not wanting to cause any trouble. But after years of this treatment he snapped unleashing a beast cre...
John I. Wick by theheartless204
John I. Wickby The Don
Izuku yagi facing a life of abuse abandonment and revenge