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Izuku, the God Of Thunder  by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Izuku, the God Of Thunder by Jiren The Grey
Izuku was born to be quirkless, however he turned out to be a God. How powerful will he compare to the top villains and heroes of today's standard? In case if someone as...
Green Lightning God: Midori Raiko by NonEuclideanHuman
Green Lightning God: Midori Raikoby Non-Euclidean Human
Izuku has a quirk. Green Lightning. I do not own the characters, or My (Boku No) Hero Academia. Word count: 168,351 IF THIS IS NOT ON WATTPAD, THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL S...
Son of All For One by optimus_prime71
Son of All For Oneby My name is
This is a fanfic of extremely op izuku I do not own bnha
Izuku's secret married life by ErvingGamer
Izuku's secret married lifeby Erving Garcia
Class 1a is having their classes like normal when the bell rings izuku is the first one out,his classmates are worried for the way he is acting so mina suggest to follow...
MHA: Rise [IzukuxHarem] [Still Ongoing] by Karen_Tendo09
MHA: Rise [IzukuxHarem] [Still Ong...by Karen_Tendo09
MHA FanFic, Enjoy the ride! The story will introduce the different deku ships slowly through out the story so please wait patiently for your ships to sail 😉
Mha tag team (Izuku x Nejire) by myHeroAcademiafan132
Mha tag team (Izuku x Nejire)by youri
sup guys this will be my 2nd Izuku x Nejire fanfic. It's called mha tag team. Even tho it's a Izuku x Nejire fanfic she will not be his partner as the title would let yo...
Izuku Midoriya: The Betrayed Uchiha by kingjblakk
Izuku Midoriya: The Betrayed Uchihaby james blakk
After everything he has done for those he considered his friends deku believed that all of his hard work and his heroic deeds that got him this far never would he have t...
That Night..... (Izuku x Nejire) [New Cover!] by TheDreamingDeku
That Night..... (Izuku x Nejire) [...by TheDreamingDeku
One night amongst many others, Nejire was sitting on a bench. Work studies had recently finished and Nejire was thinking about being a hero. She felt pressured, but had...
Hidden Assistance by AllACoder
Hidden Assistanceby Bl4nk
As Izuku follows through with his dream of becoming the number one hero and saving those in need, others start to question what exactly his quirk is. In the end, it turn...
My New Best Friends (Izuku x Nejire) by TheDreamingDeku
My New Best Friends (Izuku x Nejir...by TheDreamingDeku
After the Overhaul mission Izuku Midoriya becomes the best of friends with the big 3. They do everything together, that is until a certain set of events that lead to Nej...
Deku And Secrets by DarL96
Deku And Secretsby Darl96
U.A some pro Heroes And more react to secrets of Izuku midoriya. Its going to make no sense but who cares its just story for fun. -from start im sorry about grammar mist...
Dragon hero by myHeroAcademiafan132
Dragon heroby youri
This is an OPIzuku, his quirk will be fire dragon slayer power from Fairy tail.
izuku the fuck boy  by King57tmm
izuku the fuck boy by King57tmm
basically this will be izuku fucking with all the females in mha and some from others versers and i am happy to take ideas and its my first time making these and hopeful...
I'm pregnant! by chavaliernoir98
I'm pregnant!by ChevalierNoir
After Nighteye's death, the superhero agency decides to follow his last wishes; "Smile, a society without spirits or humor will not have a bright future", so a...
Izuku Yagi the sin of pride by armoredlord1115
Izuku Yagi the sin of prideby ArmoredLord 1115
Izuku Yagi son of Tonshinori Yagi also known as All Might the number 1 hero and inko Yagi who was known to be psychic the number 4 hero. izuku was known to be an optimis...
My Hero Academia: You can be a Hero (On HIATUS) by KilliosKorosu
My Hero Academia: You can be a Her...by Koros
In this world, 80% of the population had superpowers and they widely known as Quirks, people without quirks were considered as useless and a waste of space in the socie...
Reviving? the past by Gygan_9835
Reviving? the pastby Darakgears
Prometheus has fallen and the multiverse has been saved, as the jump force now has disbanded and returned to their worlds. But a mistake has happened when Midoriya was s...
Deku Black by TMT52471
Deku Blackby Reimu
Izuku was betrayed by almost everyone he knew, his quirk was taken, he was then sent Tartarus. After a surprise attack, he was then put into a coma, their he meets some...
Izuku's Future Children  by Trippy_36
Izuku's Future Children by Grimm
I have no idea of a description uhhh you already know what's this about and uhhh don't take it seriously.... my writing skills are asscheeks
Getting turned down by his number hero is bad enough but finding his mom died effect our main protagonist Izuku Midoriya without his mom he feels empty but then he gets...