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Czytnik G/T OneShots Jacksepticeye Egos X by P4ttka
Czytnik G/T OneShots Jacksepticeye...by _P4ttka_
!WARNING! If you do not like this type of story then this book is not for you!! And the rest I invite on Requests for the moment closed!! I usually writes G/T stories wi...
Revenge Is Best Served Together  [BOOK ONE] by AstronomicalWings
Revenge Is Best Served Together [...by AstronomicalWings
TEMPORARY HIATUS: NOT CANCELLED ACK Dark has finally gotten sick and tired of waiting and is ready to take action. And he's decided to throw some old faces, and new, int...
Markiplier & Jacksepticeye oneshots by marky_iplier
Markiplier & Jacksepticeye oneshotsby Naisha | Cookie
A story that filled with bunch of one-shot of two YouTubers and their egos. If any of you have an idea, just dm me or comment on one of the chapters. Some chapters might...
The Visit by SamanthaFullen
The Visitby SamanthaFullen
Anti is finally happy living with the Ipliers. Then Dark is forced to allow the septics to stay until their house is fixed. Will Anti allow the septics to get close or l...
G/T Jacksepticeye and Markiplier Egos X Reader (CLOSED)  by Daisy_Cassidy
G/T Jacksepticeye and Markiplier E...by ♡ McKenzie ♡
I've seen everyone doing it so I decided to do some! ^^ {REQUESTS ARE CLOSED}
Chase Brody Effect by MICRO_MIXER_XD
Chase Brody Effectby MICRO_MIXER_XD
Chase had two kids so far through his marriage with his ex-wife. Atleast he thought he had two kids. Everything about his life drove her away. His war with a certain man...
Do You Believe Me Now? (Danti Smut)  by Adeykirbs
Do You Believe Me Now? (Danti Smut...by AdeyKirbs
After four years of rivalry Antisepticeye has come to terms that he has a crush on the manipulative heartbreaker Darkiplier. He'll never date him because of the stories...
Oneshots / Random Things by chromatic_prism
Oneshots / Random Thingsby ♡𝙲𝚘𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚛♡
It's oneshots but for whatever fandom I feel like writing for at the time, because believe it or not, I'm in more than just the FMS fandom lmao. It also can just be me w...
Dark bois chat by Cyyesz
Dark bois chatby Cy
I just update this whenever I'm bored :') INCLUDES SHIPPING Another ego thingy cause that's all I write about.
Iplier and Septic egos Mpreg oneshots by Deeznutspewds
Iplier and Septic egos Mpreg onesh...by Kokonut
yes you read the title right. If not into these then kindly keep scrolling. Only for people who wants to read this are allowed And i'm bored so here we are. Can do and i...
Iplier and Septic Egos Headcanons  by Daisy_Cassidy
Iplier and Septic Egos Headcanons by ♡ McKenzie ♡
Here will be some Headcanons and short stories and maybe some one shots with the alter egos (including the septic and iplier egos, 👍💖 (these are all my main AU opinion...
Sam (Jacksepticeye) by JustAJSEFicWriter
Sam (Jacksepticeye)by JackTheDragon
Sam gets caught up between a fight between Jackieboy and Anti and is badly injured. In order to save the little eyes life, Jack takes them to Marvin who gives them a fo...
Altered Memories  by Cbirb-Scarlett
Altered Memories by Scarlett
How would you feel if you suddenly realized that your entire life... Entire existence, was a lie. Being dictated upon by how you were first portrayed, or perceived, maki...
Egos Oneshots (Fluff/Smut) by books_are_my_tardis
Egos Oneshots (Fluff/Smut)by Amie Farabee
I take requests! Has both the JSE and Markiplier egos
The Dark Curse by MICRO_MIXER_XD
The Dark Curseby MICRO_MIXER_XD
Anti was always a stubborn glitch. Never listens to the rules and always does something bad. Sneaking out when everyone didn't knew was his favourite because he gets to...
Altrverse • Jacksepticeye Egos by Captivating_Stories
Altrverse • Jacksepticeye Egosby Daka
MARVIN AND JACKIE!!!! [Alterverse is a comic book series made with characters by Jacksepticeye. I don't own the characters, just this story.] Jackie and Marvin meet, wha...
Jacksepticeye Ego Short Stories by swamp_lily
Jacksepticeye Ego Short Storiesby swamp_lily
Short stories/oneshots with Jacksepticeye's egos. Never would have guessed, huh? Send requests!
JATP One Shots by notsogreatwriter_
JATP One Shotsby Alexa
This is just some of the things I write in my free time and are too short you be a individual story. I hope you like it! P.S English is not my first language, so there m...
Invisible- Jacksepticeye Egos by JseChaseBrody
Invisible- Jacksepticeye Egosby JseChaseBrody
Chase is dead. There is no doubt about it. So how is he like this...? The best way to describe what Chase is, is saying that he's a ghost. But ghosts aren't real...right...
"Wait!" (Hiatus, Rewriting) by RejectedNerdDrowned
"Wait!" (Hiatus, Rewriting)by I am Zach
@xParanoidAndroid made the cover for me!!!