Jailed Stories

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I Finally Found Her | Katelyn's Sister  by Leloliaaa
I Finally Found Her | Katelyn's Si...by Lelolia
I finally found her..My sister. I missed her so much for the last 10 years! But what happens if something goes terribly wrong? Find out in the book!
The most beautiful flowers grows in the shadow by -clules
The most beautiful flowers grows i...by Stupid N Shit
"How the hell did she end up in there?"
The Count Of Monte Cristo. Chapter 68 Onwards. by Deep1824
The Count Of Monte Cristo. Chapter...by Deep1824
Gutenberg. Chapter 68 Onwards.
The Holne Girl by Snopje
The Holne Girlby Snopje
Blamed for something she didn't do. Jailed. Convicted. What happens next?
The Jailed Scientist by bilbyroo
The Jailed Scientistby bilbyroo
Names are only fictional. Entry story for National Geographic Writing Contest. ~The Jailed Scientist. ENJOY :)
Tasting Freedom by marshmalllow
Tasting Freedomby Marshie
We all fear the unknown. Here is a human who only knows the unknown. Every truth is a possible lie unknown of who to trust, speak to, or touch. This is the life of a hum...
Obsession by TDamushan
Obsessionby td
Sarah's life is plunged knee-deep into turmoil as the supposed love of a fellow classmate gradually turns into a fatal obsession that claims her best friends life and th...
F      e            e                  l                       ? by ferned20
F e e...by Smiles
Just some random poetry. Each chapter will hold a new piece of poetic literature, I would appreciate a lack of negativity, updates will be random. Enjoy :)
This Celestial Life by licorice9909
This Celestial Lifeby Ashley
A teaser from the short story in the making featuring 17 year old Celeste. Celeste has gone through her whole life babysitting her drug addicted parents. Right as she th...
Little Things in Life by Snopje
Little Things in Lifeby Snopje
A collection of poetry and short stories. Quick to read. Contains scenes of depression and suicide.
My life is in a castle by dewi145
My life is in a castleby dewi145
You might think that I'm a pretty princess or a Goodes queen. But sadly I am none other than a 16 year old girl who spends her life being a slave for the royals who trea...
Escape by xiiicharlie
Escapeby charlie
She was framed for a crime she could not have committed. Ariana was only 10 when she was locked up for a serious crime, a crime that she knew her Mother committed. That...
alive. by jonocantread
alive.by jonocantread
Her hair, glossy and shiny. It stares at me. She turned around to reveal...
Fever Rising by xnjstarsx
Fever Risingby xnjstarsx
a young boy named Jimmy Vandermeer discovers that everything is not as it seems. Not even yourself. A long journey awaits him where he must learn about friends, herita...
Condemed (Continued Version) by calimay54
Condemed (Continued Version)by calimay54
He's coming. I hear him through the corn. Searching. I don't even dare to breathe let alone move. His grunting drifts farther away until I can't hear it anymore. I'm saf...
Hey There Delilah(Dallas Winston Fanfic/The Outsiders Fanfic) by themtndewjunkie
Hey There Delilah(Dallas Winston F...by Jal
<ON HOLD>When tuff guy gets a letter from an old friend Delilah Meyers in NYC he can't help but reply back. From that reply and without the gang knowing, they are...