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Jaune's Grand Order by Darkdecade97
Jaune's Grand Orderby Ross Pabalate
Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Cardin after he saved him from the Ursa. After that it was hell for him. He was beaten, bullied, and humiliated. The only people tha...
The Book Of Jaune Fett by Jaunedice
The Book Of Jaune Fettby Buster Seven
Every World has an Underworld even in RWBY I do not own RWBY or Boba Fett copyright belongs to both Rooster Teeth and Disney After his transcripts is revealed he was slo...
Kamen Rider Jaune  by Darkdecade97
Kamen Rider Jaune by Ross Pabalate
Jaune's transcripts were revealed by Cardin despite saving him from the Ursa. Everyone in Beacon bullied and beat him to death everyday. Betrayed, Abandoned, and disowne...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by Thomas234452
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into a...by Just here guy
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
Jaune Jedi Knight by Jaunedice
Jaune Jedi Knightby Buster Seven
he was taken as a child from his family due to his force sensitive nature. trained to be a Jedi, he chose the path of the Sentinel. He fled back to his home planet durin...
Jaune Branwen by Jaunedice
Jaune Branwenby Buster Seven
Raven was caring woman at one point she grew to care for her team and even fell in love, but what would happen if that love was born out of pity. Having found the truth...
Jaune Errorby Core Jaune
Jaune Arc this man always wanted to be a hero like his ancestors but fate decided to mock the blond knight Jaune saved Cardin Winchester from the Ursa Major but Cardin d...
Jaune of The Grand Republic by Jaunedice
Jaune of The Grand Republicby Buster Seven
After Cardin exposed Jaune's transcripts the entire academy turns on him from bullying to violence. But Jaune's heart did not falter he kept going until slowly his so ca...
Jaune the Legacy of Minuano by Jaunedice
Jaune the Legacy of Minuanoby Buster Seven
After running away from home with every resource he had from his allowance to his savings to selling some of his extra suff and Jaune did some odd jobs to build himself...
The force shall set me free  by Epsilon6666
The force shall set me free by Epsilon
When jaunes transcripts are discovered. Everyone at beacon hates him. His team and team rwby turned their backs on him. The staff hates him and everyone at beacon bullie...
Jaune, Forever Red by Darkdecade97
Jaune, Forever Redby Ross Pabalate
Jaune received a gift from his Grandfather. The moment he opens it, he will be bestowed with great power to become a Hero. He will be the Leagacy of the Red Rangers
Jaune Slayer by Jaunedice
Jaune Slayerby Buster Seven
Jaune didn't accept Pyrrha's act of sacrifice believing that his team deserves to have the best opting to sacrifice his worthless life for a life worth saving he rushed...
Issei noctis the soul of arc by Sans_writer15
Issei noctis the soul of arcby Sans_writer
He was knight of arc,hope of remnant but now he is fallen knight of broken moon. After Cardin reveal his fake transcript His partner,his team,his team, beacon turn back...
Arc and Rose of The Republic by KhaizulFrost
Arc and Rose of The Republicby Khairul Afif
Y/N Rose have been bullied by everyone in beacon even her sisters bullied her.She has been abuse by her family that treat her like a punching bag. Jaune Arc who was in l...
Rwby: ARC The Black Swordsman (Discontinued) by Oramudadora
Rwby: ARC The Black Swordsman (Dis...by Oramudadora
It's been two years since Jaune Arc or Arc the black swordman has beaten the death game SAO. After beating the game he no longer wants to drag himself into another life...
A Knight to a Spartan  by SpartanII25
A Knight to a Spartan by Spartan II commando
The legendary Spartan who has seen action for 30 continuously years. Fighting against three threats the insurrection,the covenant and the flood. This is the legendary Sp...
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X Yandere!Pyrrha Nikos] by ArcReader_1080
The Yandere Nikos [Jaune Arc X Yan...by ArcReader
Pyrrha Nikos, a warrior and champion girl who were praise by her courage and excellent skill abilities in battle in Sanctum Academy and were popular with the classmates...
Jaune Arc is Master Splinter by Cmdragon95
Jaune Arc is Master Splinterby Cmdragon95
When Master Splinter died after his final battle with the Shredder he did not expect to be reincarnated as one jaune Arc born with his previous memories jaune trains him...
Professional Artist of Vale (singer Jaune Arc FANFIC) by caloyantig29
Professional Artist of Vale (singe...by VEGARUSH
Jaune was known to be the clumsy type of person around, but when Nora finds a collection of Albums of 'John White' who is actually Jaune's stage name when he is off bein...