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ready for love - chaelisa (social media au)  by roseanneswhore
ready for love - chaelisa ( 🤎
lisa is a famous singer in los angeles. rosie is a huge fan and finds comfort in sending her messages on instagram, knowing she'll never see them or reply. also creds to...
fallin' all in you by ohjenniekim_
fallin' all in youby ohjenniekim_
Lisa never expected anything when she became a fansite for Rosé. She surely didn't expect to be the reason why the soloist is having her first dating scandal. or a fansi...
Love War (Chaelisa) by uncoverstory04
Love War (Chaelisa)by uncoverstory04
This two legacy had been competing for being the top Mafia Group all across the world.The war had been starting since one century back then between their grandparents(im...
Homesick by jensooffs
Homesickby ▫️
Heiresses Jennie and Jisoo ran away from a blind arranged marriage. They meet on the street and seek shelter in each other, unaware that they were to marry the other in...
Fixing the broken (Kim Jisoo) (Jisoo x Jennie's twin) by The_black_hornet
Fixing the broken (Kim Jisoo) ( Broken Soul
It's a bit confusing story. A broken Jisoo. Player Jennie. Innocent Jennie's twin.(Jenison) So much confusion.. read it if you want solve the confusion. hehehe...
Take Two | jensoo by jensooconverts
Take Two | jensooby jensooconverts
Jisoo has a second chance with her unrequited high school crush. Can she make it work this time around? jensoo being the cutest dorks FLUFF NO ANGST originally written...
Just for fun and for fans. kekeke
OffCam//Jensoo  by kazumifeatherchae
OffCam//Jensoo by Feather_LeeChae
How Blackpink members in there dorm, in there work and everyday lifestyle JENSOO Fanfic ❤️ All I can do is to look at them, to watch them and just support them... What...
I'am Married?  by Pimples_Co
I'am Married? by Pimples_Co
Just Random Fan fiction for Jensoo❤❤
Self Conscious (Kim Jisoo) by ghost__crown
Self Conscious (Kim Jisoo)by Hua Cheng
"Am I good enough to you?" "Of course you are Eonnie!' Where Jisoo is insecure about being an idol.
Crazy Over You by mevica29
Crazy Over Youby Mevica
Jennie ditinggal oleh kekasihnya ketika dia hamil, membuatnya harus membesarkan putrinya sebagai orangtua tunggal. Ketika putrinya berumur 5 tahun, dia memutuskan memul...
ILYSB ; jensoo by maknaesthetic
ILYSB ; jensooby Meikō
"You mean the most to me" © maknaesthetic 2018
the diary // jensoo by saltedcake
the diary // jensooby moon
jennie bullies jisoo mostly out of boredome. at least that's what jisoo and the people around them think. they think that jennie is cruel and spiteful because bullies ar...
Secret Story of the Swan: A Jensoo Swan Lake AU by QueenJulia24
Secret Story of the Swan: A Queen Julia
Jisoo is a princess who feels trapped in her royal life. She doesn't abide by the rules of royalty and even rebels against them. She is opposed to the idea of love of an...
Blind Date (Jensoo) by 14paru
Blind Date (Jensoo)by Bp love
Who says you can't fall in love at first sight with your blind date? An Adaptation credit goes to the author and translator Author: 九千胜 (Jiǔqiān shèng)
Little Too Late? (JenSoo) by aaaaaa11111o
Little Too Late? (JenSoo)by .
Jisoo is falling out of love with Jennie whilst Jennie is falling deeply in love with Jisoo. A/N: my first ff! Sorry for my typos and grammatical errors. Not a native E...
Come to Me | JENSOO by jnsconverts
Come to Me | JENSOOby jensoo converts
Jennie has never been enough. Every person she's ever loved had abandoned her. When her world collides with the former Navy Seal, Jisoo, everything she always believe t...
it started with nudes by jensooffs
it started with nudesby ▫️
Drunk Jisoo sent her nudes to a random number. Wait till sober Jisoo finds out. (Cross-posted from AFF)
Jisoo is a mafia who had a son through surrogacy,but Jennie,the surrogate mother took the little boy away from Jisoo before he was even born.For six years Jisoo looked f...
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