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SECRET - Nick Miller by turnerstears
SECRET - Nick Millerby Anime tiddies
"You secret, me secret, this..." he aggressively wagged his finger between the two of them "stays hush, hush". - a new neighbour spells trouble for N...
Ness as Parents- New Girl Fanfiction  by Anya852
Ness as Parents- New Girl newgirlfan101
This is set a few years after the last episode's flashforward, and includes a few flashbacks or flash forwards. I hope you enjoy!
The Stories Of Emmie Miller by oneChicago2000
The Stories Of Emmie Millerby oneChicago2000
One shots about Emmie Miller the little sister of Nick Miller! As always requests are always open!
YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS - new girl by messersmoony69
YOU'RE SO GORGEOUS - new girlby rae
Victoria Allard has lived with boys her entire life. When a certain bubbly brunette answers their roommate ad on Craigslist, her whole word gets flipped upside down, esp...
LAVENDER HAZE, n. millerby ★ ━ KAY
❝ I FEEL A LAVENDER HAZE CREEPING UP ON ME ❞ ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── nick miller x fem! oc (new girl s1)
The Little Miller by CharleyFullick
The Little Millerby Charley Fullick
Ginger is Nick's little sister and has been living with him and his roommates ever since she was 8. Things will change drastically when they gain a new female roommate.
Mini Miller ~ New Girl by chipbaby1234
Mini Miller ~ New Girlby Gia Scarchilli
Elise Miller has been living with her big brother since the age of nine. She also lives with his three best friends, Schmidt, Coach, and Winston. The four boys are very...
Michigan Miracle (A New Girl Fanfiction) by SignsOfSherlock
Michigan Miracle (A New Girl SignsOfSherlock
Chloe is a girl from Michigan who moved to Los Angeles looking for a fresh start. On her first night in LA, she meets the one and only Nick Miller at his bar. Eventually...
until we get there by Anya852
until we get thereby newgirlfan101
a series of post-breakup nick and jess one shots. here are some scenes i always wondered about/thought must have happened. i'll try to update as often as i can, i hope y...
New Girl by ThePoeticPhoenix
New Girlby Phoenix Grey
This is from new girl. This is when Jess comes to LA and is a shy new girl. When she walked into class and once she stumbles on to Nick and gets into a fight she's not...
Qutes 101 by Asta1191
Qutes 101by Asta1191
Book and TV series quotes Continues in "Quotes 202"
how by smoakretz
howby leouche
when nick and jess broke up, they decided this together, for their own good, because they thought that this relationship wasn't working. maybe together they weren't work...
Julian Pepperwood by bauwriter
Julian Pepperwoodby c greenaway
Jess meets a friend of Winston's and wonders why she can't stop thinking about them. A WLW story between Jess and Julian
NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN || Nick Miller by princessconsuela120
NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN || Nick princessconsuela120
"You have loved her ever since she walked through our college dorm." "She didn't walk, she ran. And she was yelling at you, how could I not?" New Gir...
Endless love (Schmidt) by skittlesdissle
Endless love (Schmidt)by skittles
Ramona Bishop lives with her friends when they decide to get another roommate
❝ we're not getting any younger, you know. ❞ ❝ who cares? i want to grow grey hair and shrivel up like an raisin with you. ❞ in which the runaway bridesmaid and the bor...