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A Brilliant Plan by alexames
A Brilliant Planby Alex Ames
Just a regular job.... Get in, crack the safe, fetch the diamonds. That's what hobby cat burglar and acclaimed jewelry maker Calendar Moonstone has aimed for. Instead sh...
Heroes of Olympus one shots by voltron_marauders
Heroes of Olympus one shotsby Anni
Completed series of Heroes of Olympus One shots
Stuck at Boarding School, Rooming with 3 Guys by emogirliex0x0x0
Stuck at Boarding School, emogirliex0x0x0
Eliza has the perfect life lving in New York City. She parties all the time and doesn't care. But then she is sent away to her Uncle's boarding school in uperstate New Y...
Island Girl of Mako by Unaunderdasea
Island Girl of Makoby Una Ursula
Delphin is just like any other little girl in the world well maybe not so normal Delphin has a secret only humans believe in or not believe Delphin is a Mermaid from Mak...
Artifacts of Power by luvablecats101
Artifacts of Powerby Cherylthetiny
13 year old Waverly is no ordinary teenager. She is an alien originating from the now ruined planet Oceania, which was destroyed by the people of Miecrops. They are call...
Dare to Dazzle by HayamEdlibi
Dare to Dazzleby Hayam Edlibi
this is a fake shop but i just made this story for fun
Hunger Games One-Shot by Jessie_THG
Hunger Games One-Shotby Jessie_THG
this is a story about Katniss' father being killed. It is set on the day of a bring your kids to work day and Katniss is going with her father. She is super excited when...
Aurora by DestinyIqra
Auroraby Iqra Wasim
Aurora..or jessica, who ever she is, she's trouble.
Beads by ImanR32
Beadsby Iman R
A walk along journey of making jewelry with me along with its thought process and how a beautiful concept can become a reality, one step at a time.
Crime of the Silent Stranger by Noirfilm1
Crime of the Silent Strangerby Summer
A/N I took several liberties with this story. This outfit is not historically accurate but in my mind the story is a mixture of the 1920s and present-day culture. The mu...
Riwaj Jewellers by Riwajjeweller
Riwaj Jewellersby Riwajjeweller
Riwaj Jewellers has made a remarkable position in the list of Top Jewellers of gold, diamond jewellery and precious stones in Sialkot by uphelding its key business princ...
His Amber Eyes by Internal_crocodiles
His Amber Eyesby Catherine King
Completed Its about a demon falling in love with a girl and how they go on an adventure. It's a short story I guess idk
A sky full of stars[Danny Space Au] by EmmaSnowWolf
A sky full of stars[Danny Space Au]by Emma
This a space au Danny and Tucker are space thief's and Sam is a princess yes she's a princess but she still has that goth attitude don't worry she won't where anything...
Hair and Wrists by Balladoad
Hair and Wristsby Farista Sairuv
An immigrant girl ponders the life she hopes she has yet to live. Ponders the family she shared no blood with. Ponders the people she'd give her blood to. Ponders the un...
I was bored so I did this by I-am-a-problem
I was bored so I did thisby Mai the idiot
These are things I did for no reason on school time or on time to clean. Please comment a rating- I don't know-