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A Brilliant Plan by alexames
A Brilliant Planby Alex Ames
Just a regular job.... Get in, crack the safe, fetch the diamonds. That's what hobby cat burglar and acclaimed jewelry maker Calendar Moonstone has aimed for. Instead sh...
Stuck at Boarding School, Rooming with 3 Guys by emogirliex0x0x0
Stuck at Boarding School, emogirliex0x0x0
Eliza has the perfect life lving in New York City. She parties all the time and doesn't care. But then she is sent away to her Uncle's boarding school in uperstate New Y...
Dreaming Of A Different World by eris_the_8066
Dreaming Of A Different Worldby eris
dreamsmp au revolving around tommy:) -sorta inspired by tommyinnts clinic for supervillains tommy stood in the unknown area."hello?"
Short Stories by Me by LKWyattIsAnAuthor
Short Stories by Meby L.K. Wyatt
From dreams to stories to legends, everything is here. Suggestions? I'm open. Thank you @StellaYvonneEast for the beautiful cover! It makes me happy :D
Soul mate by Sarah15207
Soul mateby Sarah15207
What would you do to avoid heartbreak?
Gem (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Gem (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Sasuke is nervous about his gift for Sakura. Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto. This is written for day fourteen prompt - Jewelry - for SasuSaku Month 2021.
Fashion ideas by FunGameFan
Fashion ideasby Red_Paladin
Island Girl of Mako by Unaunderdasea
Island Girl of Makoby Una Ursula
Delphin is just like any other little girl in the world well maybe not so normal Delphin has a secret only humans believe in or not believe Delphin is a Mermaid from Mak...
My Side of How It Happened by Dauntless_Sashley
My Side of How It Happenedby Aria and Tonks Joint Account
Every high school girl wants to fall in love and be well liked, right? Well when your dad is the owner of the largest diamond company on the East coast, it is hard to kn...
She's A Magnet For Trouble by Skinny_Jean_Humor
She's A Magnet For Troubleby K
Willow Spears has a secret that she won't let get out. It changes her life and she questions whether she will be able to move on because hanging on is killing her. When...
A sky full of stars[Danny Space Au] by EmmaSnowWolf
A sky full of stars[Danny Space Au]by Emma
This a space au Danny and Tucker are space thief's and Sam is a princess yes she's a princess but she still has that goth attitude don't worry she won't where anything...
jewelry by tinklebell3
jewelryby tinklebell3
i'm having trouble finding jewelry that is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. i had the idea to create a book where all of the chapters are different types of jewelr...
The Jewler And The Orphan(kellic) by ashm12351
The Jewler And The Orphan(kellic)by New Age Vamp
Kellin has a great life, his family is rich as f*ck. he's got great friends, and he's ready to start his own line of jewelry making. one day his family tells him that th...
The strange class of north east high by cicikinz
The strange class of north east cicikinz
Nathalie decides one regular old school day that she would bring her most prized possession to school to show her classmates, when it disappears out of nowhere... It's u...