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your frozen heart (Empires/life Series Story) by Rubylovesjimmy
your frozen heart (Empires/life Se...by Ruby
COVER ART BY NIKIII ON PINTEREST. a story based on alot of different smp things jimmy has done including last life,3rd life, empires. jimmy who is a secondary year 10...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Hermitcraft_Queen
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Queen Eevee
It's not all Hermitcraft, though, there's gonna be some 3rd Life/Last Life and probably Among Us in here too UwU Highest Ranking: #1 in tango - 9/29/21 #1 in martyn...
The Comfort of Broken Glass by WilburTilbur
The Comfort of Broken Glassby WilburTilbur
The Codfather gets trapped in a mirror. The other empires think he's died along will the rest of his empire. Scott and Lizze want revenge. Basically Jimmy gets trappe...
A Familiar Face || FLOWER HUSBANDS by Dem0nyx
A Familiar Face || FLOWER HUSBANDSby Onyx
It was all a blur... A dream perhaps? Who was the husband from his dream. One day Lizzie brings her younger brother Jimmy to hangout with Scott's friend group, and somet...
Empires SMP {Season 1} Swap AU by ZYT_Twilight
Empires SMP {Season 1} Swap AUby ZYT_Twilight
Ok, come on, it was gonna happen eventually. Also this is my first Empires Fanfic so bare with me. Also the cover art is my horrible attempt at doing photoshop to show w...
Jealousy by DJJordanne
Jealousyby DJJordanne
With another sigh, Jimmy walked over to the chair. Unceremoniously plopping down on it after opening the window. The fresh air now flowing in did nothing to stave off th...
Who is she? by loverkittygirl
Who is she?by kitty
it takes place where scott killed himself for the lives of his friends and a random girl aperas randomly and can see him but he dosen't know her also jimmy stays at scot...
The Notes And Roses by JaylaFierTruice
The Notes And Rosesby noodle :)
Two strangers on first sight name scott and jimmy, who has fallen in love.