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I'm your kid too, father  by Gabreil_Mikaelson
I'm your kid too, father by Gabreil
Klaus had another child before Hope. The family took him in but dont see him as part of the family until they find out differently? Will it be too late?
Eddie Vr's Daughter?! by Hxt3r7
Eddie Vr's Daughter?!by Ben Simp💜
HIYA! This Is Just A little story that i came up With! Eddie Is Your Dad And Gabby Is Your Mum! I'm Not Mexican! So If I misspell anything pls Tell Me! ANYWAYS ENJOY!
Hunted. by Rebecca07
Hunted.by Bec:)
Caramel Cries, holds the power over controlling time, or so she thinks. One day she meets a mind reader- mind you she hates them because of the no privacy thing. But as...