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jenlisa ff The story is not mine.... It's not actually a Jenlisa ff, it's actually a lizkook but I changed Jungkook's character to Jennie since Jentop is quite rare... P...
From Camp Half-Blood to Gotham (Nico x Batfam) by _CUTE_AS_2DUCKS_
From Camp Half-Blood to Gotham (Ni...by cute.as.ducks
**All characters belong to the writers of DC and Rick Riordan.** Nico is careless, he's always known that. But he never expected himself to wind up in the LITERAL worst...
The New Olympian  by Primordial-Miky9
The New Olympian by Primordial- Miky9
After the war against Kronos, Percy Jackson learn things from Annabeth that will leave him betrayed... Percy becomes a god, not a minor one ... a major god ,the fifteent...
1(800) Adoption Papers NOT needed! Its a two for one special! ( 1POV Version ) by Aenxiome
1(800) Adoption Papers NOT needed...by Aenxiome
Damian has an old two-way league communicator. It was a connection to his brother. A way to keep an eye on each other. That's not a problem, right? Well, it turns out th...
Agents of Olympus by BTSgirl-Artemisia
Agents of Olympusby ArtiARMY
CURRENTLY UNDER REWITE!!! IF ALL GOES WELL, WILL PUBLISH IN SUMMER OF 2024!!!! Seven years ago, Percy ran away from home because of a broken heart and a burden that weig...
Damian Wayne revealed!  by AzureSorceress
Damian Wayne revealed! by AzureSorceress
Oneshots about our favorite DC fam with some unexpected twists involving our favorite bloodson and assassin who has a love for animals. This work is for entertainment, b...
Head Over Boots For You // Jenlisa by sshlalisa
Head Over Boots For You // Jenlisaby sshlalisa
[COMPLETE ✅ JENLISA AU ] City girl Jennie Kim accepted a job at a ranch a thousand miles away from home to have a fresh start. Upon learning that Jennie basically had no...
Betrothed: A PJO X DC fanfiction by Shadow_neesan
Betrothed: A PJO X DC fanfictionby Thatwattpadgurl
Another PJO experiment Basically Percy X Damien They get betrothed blah blah blah, fall in love, yk the likes I'm terrible at descriptions so just read it and tell me yo...
Injustice Gods Among Us x Male Reader by WilliamHarley0
Injustice Gods Among Us x Male Rea...by William Harley
A few hours. It only took a few hours for our greatest ally to become our greatest threat. On a normal day like any other, The Joker once again breaks out of Arkham and...
I WANT HER BACK! by Chean1279
I WANT HER BACK!by si_anger!?!?
Jennie.. jennie please let me explain! No lisa! No what i have seen is enough!! Dont leave me please jennie!!
One lost Cat- a Dicknette story by emilyphee
One lost Cat- a Dicknette storyby Call_Me_Emmy
8 years ago she had everything, her friends, her family, her master, and in her mind the love of her life. 7 years ago she had her family, she lost her friends to a liar...
One Mute Super by emilyphee
One Mute Superby Call_Me_Emmy
What if six months after HawkMoth was gone Marinette fell down from a portal and was saved by Superboy. Now she must regain her confidence both as a normal kid and a sup...
New Brother (ADOPTED) by KairynGreen
New Brother (ADOPTED)by Its _Only-Kairyn<3
An adopted story that I really loved when I read it but sadly the original owner thought it was bad, so I asked d if I could adopt it and (their pronoun) said "yes...
The Magician of Justice by Middernacht1
The Magician of Justiceby Ga'Hoole
Wrote this when I was on a humanitarian trip in Nepal about a year ago I felt disgusted my team mates took their phones for granted there while I only had a journal. the...
The Bird and The Sea by PJfanforever
The Bird and The Seaby Daughter of Khione
After the giant war, Percy Jackson is pulled into a portal and thrust into another dimension. How will he deal with this? And will he ever go home.
Deck of Cards Series: Love is A Deck Of Cards by TeddyBearbearElsa
Deck of Cards Series: Love is A De...by Marvel_Dragon3000
Book 2 Love Is A Deck Of Cards ~you never know who you love next~ Join in on book 2 of the series Deck Of Cards. An exciting new adventure awaits our protaganist wh...
If You See This Girl [JENLISA] by BP_Psychologist
If You See This Girl [JENLISA]by BP_Psychologist
When Lisa and Jennie were younger, Jennie had been kidnapped and the only thing left of her from that day she had spent with Lisa was her teddy bear discovered days afte...
Marinette Kent by emilyphee
Marinette Kentby Call_Me_Emmy
Have you ever wondered what it's like being the only Kryptonian on earth without powers? It sucks. I'm Marinette Martha Kent. Yup that's right I'm the daughter of the ma...
The Sea's Princess ▶️ by siMP_666
The Sea's Princess ▶️by weeb
REWRITE DESCRIPTION Percy Jackson is running from her past After an interesting in counter with the vigilante known as Batman she finds herself becoming the daughter of...
The New Brother (PJO and the Batfamily Crossover) Discontinued by InfinityTheUnknown
The New Brother (PJO and the Batfa...by Finn
All his friends die in the second Giant War, and when he comes home he finds something unexpected. Embark on an exciting journey with many twists and turns throughout th...