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Fluffy / Smutty Oneshots & Prompts {LAMS ; REQUESTS OPEN} by bub-bles
Fluffy / Smutty Oneshots & jay
A book of fluff and smut, with everyone's favorite founding father and lovely best friend. I hope you enjoy! Leave me any prompt you'd like to see! {LAMS} smut ; fluff...
✨ Mute Soulmate ✨ by Midareta
✨ Mute Soulmate ✨by Mida
A Lams fanfiction! Mute!Alex AU Soul mates AU! Also includes: Mulette Jeffmads LeeBurr Seaburry X King George (George King) Maria X Peggy
My Hitman is Hitting on Me || Lams by flvral
My Hitman is Hitting on Me || Lamsby aubrey
Alexander Hamilton was bored of his life. His girlfriend left him, his best friends moved away, and college was boring. He needed something new. Something adventurous. S...
An Unofficial Review of Lams by an Unofficial Historian by comma_after_dearest_
An Unofficial Review of Lams by lee
I thought this might be fun so... I'm going to go over the letters and other scenarios (I'll take requests if there's something you want me to go over) I'll try to be as...
HAMILTON, An American Presidency (Lams) by AnimesYaoi_FanFics
HAMILTON, An American Presidency ( AnimesYaoi_FanFics
Book two, a sequel to HAMILTON, An American FanFiction (Lams). Alexander Hamilton (Harrison) has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America and now...
How we Founded our Fathers (Lams Fanfiction) by koshmg
How we Founded our Fathers (Lams koshmg
Alexander was never told that Jefferson and John had split up, Alexander was never informed that John broke up with Jefferson because he loved someone else, Alexander wa...
I'd throw away my shot for you by Marlon102612
I'd throw away my shot for youby Marlon102612
a moment passed and another it was then I felt my knees hit the ground everything felt empty, unreal 'This world surely can't exist without John' I thought But I was wr...
Adventures of TurtleBoi and Peggles {LAMS AND MEGGY} by JLTurtles
Adventures of TurtleBoi and JLTurtles
*JEGGY IS ONLY A BROTP IN THIS STORY* Helping you get the attention of you're life-long crush. What are best friends for? Helping you with awkward first dates. What a...
Laurens- A Hamilton high school AU (LAMS) by smexy_bucky40
Laurens- A Hamilton high school pɐǝɥʞɔɐɹɔ ɐ ɯ’I
I've seen a lot of Hamilton high school Au's and I've been debating writing an entire story- and not just one shots- so I decided to make it a little different and make...
A Spell They Didn't See Coming (A Hamilton Hogwarts AU)  by typeyarchives
A Spell They Didn't See Coming ( 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓭𝓾𝓼𝓽 💞
John Laurens is a 1st year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents are muggles. He expects to be sorted into Hufflepuff when something he doe...
I was told a lie.. [LAMS- Hamilton. (I DONT OWN THE ART!)] by IceVentom2950
I was told a lie.. [LAMS- IceeWithLove
"Did you hear? That son of that whore is finally moving away! Good thing he is out of our lives now! Let's hope the other people in New York can tolerate him, but t...
I Can't Believe He's a Player by MusicalTrashSquad
I Can't Believe He's a Playerby MusicalTrashSquad
A boy by the name of John Laurens is was in high school. He was loved by everyone and was an outgoing person, but one day he wasn't himself anymore. He stopped talking a...
The world was wide enough by LillyEmojiCat12
The world was wide enoughby MooMooCow
HIGH SCHOOL AU!!! The Hamilton squad attends King's High School. Angelica Eliza and John are fighting over Hamilton. Judging by the picture on the cover, it is obvious w...
Showtime- lams fanfic  by JohnLaurens_tho
Showtime- lams fanfic by AND PEGGY
Idk what to put in descriptions lmao sorry but yeah Lams high school Fanfic. There will be angst but I'll put trigger warnings. Sorry it's pretty fast paced at the start...