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Professor Noona And Strict Brothers ✅ by ivna_jung
Professor Noona And Strict ✰ꫝꪮρꫀ✰
This story is not the continuation of Professor Noona. Instead, this story will take you back a few years. When it all started. You can check in the intro to know what...
The Magical Music Prince | Kim Namjoon ff | K.NJ ff | Author0102 | by Author0102
The Magical Music Prince | Kim Author0102
An Angel Story Kim Namjoon ff ✅ Namjoon x Reader ✅ Completed ❌ On going ✅ A series, how a fangirl loves her idol.. Yn is an angel a...
Jungkook's six hyungs || jungkook centric  by littlesnowflake__
Jungkook's six hyungs || _lil.snowflake_
Everyday story of jungkook and his six hyungs who is extremely over protective of jungkook and can go to any extent to protect their little one. They can kill and die fo...
His Cold Wife | Taehyung ff |  by Jeon_mimi_0101
His Cold Wife | Taehyung ff | by Heart Beat
an arranged marriage... A cold girl who loved her husband more than anything... Y/n= your name. Jan-feb2021 Hello friends! This is the first fanfic I'm posting onlin...
Her [BTS RM / Kim Namjoon Fanfic] by itsme_NanaMirai
Her [BTS RM / Kim Namjoon Fanfic]by Nana Mirai
※COMPLETED※ Park Hyun Ae is an ARMY of the worldwide superstar K-Pop idol group, BTS. But, unlike any other ARMYs, she is not just an ordinary fan, but one of the group...
Protecting Our Princess|mafia brothers|BTS FF by Miya_rlh
Protecting Our Princess|mafia Ella
Being the only girl, in a rich family. Years past by and she realised she's the only member left alive, and all her relatives are dead. People started to say her family...
Daddy's Home (KNJ au) by BadBusanBxtchesOnly
Daddy's Home (KNJ au)by Momma's resting💕
"Let me be the dilf you were talking about in your sleep." ©BadBusanBxtchesOnly 2019 Started: 2/21/2019 Ended: 10/3/2020 **🥈2ND PLACE WINNER OF THE ARMY AWARD...
bonded by chance | knj ✔ by Winter_417
bonded by chance | knj ✔by fu ♡
★彡 In a world where everyone relies on a heart located on their wrist, the heart that turns purple once their soulmate is in reach. After studying in the US...
XO, Kitty || Minho × Female OC  by Jeonsluv97
XO, Kitty || Minho × Female OC by Mr. Jeon
My heartbeat fastened as I closed my eyes when he leaned closer, He retreated before saying. "The rain has stopped." Highest ranking.. #2 - xokittyminho #3...
FFnilayam House, WATTPAD P.O by HopebutmakeitSOPE
FFnilayam House, WATTPAD P.Oby HopySopy
ഇതൊരു കഥയാണ്.... ആ... വേണേ പോയി വായ്‌ച്ച് നോക്ക്... അല്ലേ വേണ്ട.. പറയാം. ഒരു ചെറിയ... എന്നാലും ഒരു വലിയ കുടുംബം ആണ് ഞങ്ങടെ. മൊത്തം എത്ര പേരൊണ്ട് എന്നൊക്കെ ചോദിച്ചാൽ...
We Are Together! Hyung Line ✅ by ivna_jung
We Are Together! Hyung Line ✅by ✰ꫝꪮρꫀ✰
I am not giving spoilers. Read to find out. . . . . . Just remember, the story's main character is Hyung Line of BTS. Makane line is there too but not as main character...
Ocean Eyes - KNJ by SupremeYg
Ocean Eyes - KNJby Alysanne
The thing that enraptures me, is her eyes. A deep, crystal, aqua blue, so clear in fact, that I find myself staring into them. You can see everything in them, all of her...
شەڕی قەرزدەرەکان_Taekook by twinkletae_Tk
شەڕی قەرزدەرەکان_Taekookby Taehyung
Top:taehyung Bottom:jungkook #taekook Starts:11/7/2023 Ends:2/9/2023 Hope you enjoy<3
Twins | Namseok✅ by ivna_jung
Twins | Namseok✅by ✰ꫝꪮρꫀ✰
On request, it's here. Twins. In which Namjoon and Hoseok are twin brothers. But their is something they both don't know. What is it? Come and find out. I am sure you...
Fight Them by Bangtanarmy581
Fight Themby VaeRyn
Jungkook is a North Korean refugee, currently in the psychology program. He got his degree in Criminal Psychology, and was now working towards Abnormal Psychology. When...
The School's Pervert | Namjoon x Reader by jjoonsdimpless
The School's Pervert | Namjoon x ♡stay gold!♡
"Saying a word to him will ruin your reputation, y/n.".... "You're exaggerating." As you read the school's newspaper, you retract your previous state...
 NAMJOON ONE-SHOT  by bruhh_gurl_
NAMJOON ONE-SHOT by bruhh_gurl_
Mostly namjoon x BTS (bottom namjoon)
Teleportation Trouble by simpbtsship
Teleportation Troubleby simpbtsship
"We have no idea how she entered." "What do we do now?" "We'll wait for her to wake up." A story where an Indian girl gets transported to S...
silver dress || k.nj x chubby reader [embrace yourself series] by hoblivious
silver dress || k.nj x chubby black swan
You and Namjoon's girlfriend wear the same silver dress, yet he can't help but think it suits you better. Embrace yourself series : Book 1 - plump || j-hope Book 2 - ol...
Yeah yeah Joonie's a bottom 🎶 by Jooniebooniewoonie
Yeah yeah Joonie's a bottom 🎶by Your hot ex wife
We're all gonna say "Kim Namjoon is a bottom" on three ok 1,2,3 "KIM NAMJOON IS A BOTTOM." UwU - Mostly Imagines