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A Crazy, Noisy, Bizarre Adventure (Reader x Josuke)-  Jojo's Bizarre Adventure  by Roses_prose
A Crazy, Noisy, Bizarre Rose's_prose
(Y/n) is a sixteen year old exchange student in Morioh, Japan. She figured that life in that small town would be peaceful, but the longer she stays, the weirder things g...
JJBA parent scenarios by BrooklynMorris4
JJBA parent scenariosby 𝐬т𝓪𝓇𝐌𝓔l𝓸ᵈy
Your favorite Jojo protagonist taking care of their children including Jonathan joseph jotaro jouske giorno and Bruno jolyne [I don't own the cover art or the anime jjba...
JJBA headcanons and one shots by Weebaboop
JJBA headcanons and one shotsby Weebaboo
Title says it all :) None of the JJBA characters belong to me, they all belong to the creators of JJBA!
random ship one-shots by x_just_fanfics_x
random ship one-shotsby x.just.edits.x.x from insta
sorry the picture has the "press ESC to escape full screen" this will be for when I get bored and want to write ship one-shots if I copied this from anyone ...
The 9th Star (JJBA x OC)  by Baby_Ary_
The 9th Star (JJBA x OC) by Baby Ary
Say all of the Joestar bloodline lived and are able to live in a universe where they can live peacefully with their friends and happen to meet the ninth descendant of th...
Are You Serious? (Josuke x Reader) by Proxy_1
Are You Serious? (Josuke x Reader)by Doppo Simp
you go to Morioh collage where you are dorm mates with josuke. you guys dislike each other, arguing over the smallest things hating what each person does. But then that...
shades of cool (jouskexfem!reader)  by fatunicorns00000
shades of cool (jouskexfem!reader) by pearldiver
you and jouske had always had this strange connection. you both had been friends since you both were 6, going to the same school each year. jouske had always had this od...
•JoJo crackhead child reader scenarios•  by Churro_yuh_
•JoJo crackhead child reader Rat leader
the jojo's are the parents your the crackhead reader it's simple you can request different characters but I'm starting with the main 6 if you want to request something t...
Just things i find. hope you folks like it!! And if youd like to read my other book its on my other account, Thefatrat666. Love,the Blyatman
Jojo on crack by --Gust--1234
Jojo on crackby The Baron~
me and my bro's made this shit cover pic not mine