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Forbidden Love at Waterloo Road by imfeelinghappynow
Forbidden Love at Waterloo Roadby Kimberley Louise'
When the Barry family move to Waterloo Road, Mr Byrne's daughter, Kaitlin becomes fascinated by the eldest son, Barry, much to Mr Byrne and Mrs Barry's disgust, the pair...
Ignite Me (FanFiction) by Di_anartemis
Ignite Me (FanFiction)by diana
Ignite me fanfic, the characters, the story in general and the cover aren't my original work. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, because you ca...
Juliet's Coming (Unedited) by gauriwrites
Juliet's Coming (Unedited)by Ms. Gauri Mayekar
Have you ever thought about falling in love with two people at once? No? Even Raj had not. Have you planned your next move if that actually happens? No? Even Raj had no...
The Bad Boy and Shy, Nerdy Me by SmilingGabby
The Bad Boy and Shy, Nerdy Meby Gabby The Dauntless Warlock
Summer Parker is a boring, slightly nerdy, self-centred girl. Lucas Archer is an unfriendly, cruel, annoying badboy. What happens when the two are paired with each other...
Julliet by zaybayhay
Jullietby zaybayhay
Julliet is my friend you get to judge if she is a good one while you are getting to know her.
short stories by rianneb
short storiesby rianne
I write these for competitions assigments and just for fun :)
Make It Happen by Angelyx943
Make It Happenby Denise
Ethan Holmes (Mario Maurer), handsome, tall, gorgeous brown eyes; is the son of a most prestigious and well known man who owns a beach resort. He is very respected in hi...
Hybrid: The Prologue (Watty Awards 2012) by PurpleBoomBoxx
Hybrid: The Prologue (Watty Awards...by Lizz Royale
Xena is a girl that just wishes she was normal and free. When she was young, she and her friends were kidnapped by an organization that mixed their DNA with animal DNA...
6 word story by niamh081201
6 word storyby niamh081201
A take on a famous script. A timeless tale of love and tragedy... Romeo and Julliet.
The crystal by JouleQueen
The crystalby official mirkitty
hello. My name is Juliet or as my friends call me, Jules. My friends and would not be considered your normal teens. We have things, we can do things, that others can't...
Thug Life by charlottejulliet
Thug Lifeby Charlotte Julliet
What would you do if your dad was a drunk? If you have no friends? And if you had moved to town and school? And in your school you meet a friend who would help you? And...
He's Not Really My Romeo by edoorly
He's Not Really My Romeoby edoorly
So one day she was just sitting in class and the next her world had been turned up-side down. Home work was swapped for learning scripts and disgusting school uniforms...
PAUSE THE BEAT by julliet_f
PAUSE THE BEATby julliet_f
some times we make choices, but other times choices make us
So like Romeo and Julliet... by evenwhen
So like Romeo and Julliet...by Xoxoxo
When a homeless boy and a rich girl meet at a homeless shelter during volunteer hours, no one approves. The Sparks continue to fly though, What happens when they're forb...
CSI NY- Romeo and Juliet by EmoChild123
CSI NY- Romeo and Julietby Alix
A teenage girl is found dead, in Central Park. The only clues? A stranged neck and a love poem are their only clues, until Lindsey discovers that she was with someone; a...