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The Saints Way Home  by SavageSaint2057
The Saints Way Home by SavageSaint
Separated when it happened. A family try's to reunite and get to a place we're that can ride out the upcoming storm the apocalypse will inevitably bring. Dive-in and bec...
My Hero is My Husband  by DemonEscapingReality
My Hero is My Husband by the voice in ur head
~ One Punch Man x My Hero Academia ~ ~ Saitama x Fem Oc ~ Saitama, his wife Alexis, and his disciple Genos, we're in Dr. Genus' basement laboratory after defeating hi...
The devils Trap(Kachhako) by hopless_romantic78
The devils Trap(Kachhako)by hopless_romantic78
A sweet story about the people at my hero academia. Ships included: todoroki x Yayourouzo. Kirishima x ashido. Jirou x kaminari. And THE MAIN LOVE STORY OF THE WHOLE FRE...
Words left unsaid-(Shuichi x  fem OC!Reader!) Danganronpa:Killing harmony by Totally_Terezi
Words left unsaid-(Shuichi x fem...by Lei does fanfiction
While being the unpredictable person you were, tripping upon a murder's wrath was almost life taking! Until you meet the so-called shsl detective, Shuichi Saihara! You...
Boy bsf by freakywattpdstories
Boy bsfby Wattpadfreaky😏
This story is not about L I promise I couldn't find any title photos so pls enjoy but if y'all do want me to do L stories I will so I hope y'all like it <3
Hater - Louis partridge by ionawrite
Hater - Louis partridgeby Iona
You met a famous singer, no day later your famous too?? and over a month you have a hater that don't want to leave you alone?? What has happened and are you save?!
One simple mistake changed everything by bria_nna683
One simple mistake changed everyth...by Bri
A sasunaru fanfic Warning: there may be some violence including blood, broke bones, and abuse. Sasuke a 17 year old boy at school known as the player is falling for the...
Just Questions And Rap  by I-Try-everyday69
Just Questions And Rap by I try everyday
Eh I just dump memes here and ask random questions and babble...sometimes
Tellurian by WeatherNerd
Tellurianby WeatherNerd
George was just like anyone else trying to find someone to love. Little did he know going to a party outside of LA, he would find a completely different world. Literally...
The Shore by Seokgi8
The Shoreby itsme07
I was alone until they came. Stay off my end of the Shore
"Mengikhlaskan yang telah melewatkanku" by IndahSaraswaty
"Mengikhlaskan yang telah melewatk...by IndahSaraswaty
Kini kau berhasil meluluhkan dinginku. Lantas setelah kau berhasil merengkuh inginmu, kau tak seperti dulu. Apakah aku yang tak sedingin dulu ataukah waktu yang telah be...
Alolan love by amuorshipper
Alolan loveby amuorshipper
Sun x lillie Moon x Glaidian Hau x Wicke
My Creepypasta's by Foxfireskeleton
My Creepypasta'sby Foxfireskeleton
Meet my pasta's! My own short creepypasta stories that I have created! The was originally just gonna be one Creepypasta's story, but who wants to read just one pasta, wh...
My 2017 Book Blog by IanLutious-Moone
My 2017 Book Blogby IanLutious-Moone
***WARNING: Spoilers*** This is just a blog on the books I've read in 2017. Don't expect anything fancy like me breaking down all the sub plots or metaphors. These are i...
Bon hiver by NikolaBiczak
Bon hiverby NikolaBiczak
This story is about Lato who's a 17 years old girl living in Chicago . 3 years after her dads death her mother received a work opportunity in Alaska . They immediately m...
It Started With A Kiss by Maniaclovers
It Started With A Kissby Maniaclovers
(First book) Lia has moved to a different city due to parent difficulties, leaving behind her friends at school. She is now at a new school and has spotted a cute bad bo...
Default Title - Write Your Own by blackdynamite_xo
Default Title - Write Your Ownby blackdynamite_xo
him:what do you see me:nothing him:look again me:okay.. him:anything? me:no. him:why is that? me:idk him:tell me me:well i see something but again nothing him:tell me wh...
The miracle twins angle and devil fore-life by Crystal516
The miracle twins angle and devil...by Crystal516
The story is about two young girls that are twins one has a good life one has a bad life but they reunite in time
The girl unknown  by nephophileee
The girl unknown by nephophileee
A girl who tries to escape her sorrows by ....
The First And Last by Jaydamaniah
The First And Lastby Jaydamaniah
When Delilah'S little sister Bailey meets all the basketball boys at her school, she tells some of them that Delilah likes them, when she really doesn't. Will the boys f...