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Promises To Keep by TheArtfulTrickster
Promises To Keepby TheArtfulTrickster
When Kaeya first set his sight on Albedo, he never expected for their lives to turn out the way it did. Still a simple Knight in training, what can he uncover about this...
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Kaebedo Modern AU Genshin Fanfic by KysToes
I have to bunk with him?!?! - A Ka...by Ky's Toes
Albedo's school is implimenting a dorming system now... and Albedo just wants a good roomie. Who he gets may not have been his first choice... but it might have been the...
Kaebedo modern AU / I don't have any title ideas yet sorry by Vinny_Studio
Kaebedo modern AU / I don't have a...by Zyair
Art in cover not mine, I found it on google! ⚠️Characters do not belong to me, they belong to their rightful owner, Hoyoverse.⚠️ Character ages: Albedo- 17-18 Kaeya- 17...
The Chalk Prince (Kaebedo) by aPersonNamedKaito
The Chalk Prince (Kaebedo)by Kaito
Mondstadt was destroyed. Everyone had a hard time getting themselves back together. Their homes were gone, family members dead. Everyone grieved, everyone sad. Even stil...
The Bet (Kaebedo) by Estelle273
The Bet (Kaebedo)by Alix ♈
Kaeya made a bet with his friend that he could make the class genius fall in love with him... But what if nothing happens like he planned ? °°° This story focuses on the...
How do I tell my boyfriend I love him? [KaeBedo] by PandoraButler
How do I tell my boyfriend I love...by Death Themself
Albedo is currently dating the world's most attractive tits-out man...but can't tell for the life of him if his boyfriend is actually /interested/ in him at all.
The Science of Falling in Love by IsThisEvenGood
The Science of Falling in Loveby Raven
A Kaebedo AU where Kaeya is a daycare worker and Albedo brings his daughter Klee to that daycare. Mentions of some side Xiaovenluc, Zhongzu, Rannett and Xingyun. I will...
| Kaebedo smut | read description| by ittosmentalcapacity
| Kaebedo smut | read description|by ur fav xingqiu main
Hello!! I recently just found out about this ship and i really enjoy like their relationship dynamic so i thought id give it a try writing this! And also bc i want to fe...
Him // Kaebedo by mitskibethecowboy
Him // Kaebedoby […]
Kaeya had a crush on the chief Alchemist Albedo. He takes him out to places like the tavern for a drink and they genuinely have fun together. But does his little friend...
Two Parts of the Same Page - Kaeya x Albedo by AlbedoSimp101
Two Parts of the Same Page - Kaeya...by KaeyaKinnie101
Hello!! This is a Kaebedo fanfic that will (most likely) be updated regularly. This will be set in the world of Genshin Impact as it is now, but may have some slight cha...
A night in Dragonspine | Kaebedo  by __lolitsme
A night in Dragonspine | Kaebedo by Quinn
Hey hey! This fic may contain smut, I will put a warning before it for anyone that choses not to read it! Aside from that there's gonna be some fluff and angst, and it w...
If I Had More Time. || Kaebedo by valentinnn01
If I Had More Time. || Kaebedoby kaebedo
Take this cover I made myself until I find a real one
Kaebedo  by dilfhunter5000
Kaebedo by Dilfhunter3000
Kaeya having a higher opinion of albedo than albedo does of him
genshin chatfic !! by chkngtxx
genshin chatfic !!by myuu
modern au chaos and gay people fr
You're..mine by urmomishotmiguel
This is just a love story between kaeya and albedo^^
The crimes of Diluc Ragnvindr  by wonderful-evils
The crimes of Diluc Ragnvindr by Marvin
on the outside Diluc seems like the neutral unfeeling man he normally is.. with a soft side for the ones he cares about. one of those people being Bennett. Diluc took...
Love Experiment (kaebedo) by NataliaMostratou
Love Experiment (kaebedo)by Natalia Mostratou
What do you think will happen if a man already in love drinks a love poison? a small kaebedo story it has light smut i guess, i would recommend 13+ yo but do whatever...
genshin chatfic by yantao0
genshin chatficby ash
info in context chapter
It Feels Cold Without You || Kaebedo by kodzukaeya
It Feels Cold Without You || Kaebe...by aya!
A simple visit from Kaeya to Dragonspine to visit Albedo turns to disaster once the Fake Albedo comes back and ruins it. Kaeya would only come to know he'd be betrayed b...
The Invitation. (Kaeya x Albedo Genshin Impact) by gw696969
The Invitation. (Kaeya x Albedo Ge...by Zappuccino
Kaeya gives Albedo an invitation to something fun...