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Icha Icha Paradise (Naruto Yaoi Fanfiction)  by Azusa_06
Icha Icha Paradise (Naruto Yaoi Fa...by MurasakiShikibu-san
[Pairing : Kakashi X Iruka] ---------- A/N: This is FANFICTION from the original anime series " Naruto " ps. Let's realize our fantasies through fanfiction X'...
Experiment Gone Wrong - Naruto mpreg fanfic by rjo4657
Experiment Gone Wrong - Naruto mpr...by Boy x Boy
When Tsunade needs to do some new drug test's she goes to some of her best shinobi sadly something goes horribly wrong for eight particular shinobi and four get pregnant...
Your Mine. (yandere Kakashi x Iruka) by happy_taco666
Your Mine. (yandere Kakashi x Iruk...by happy_taco666
(Please read warnings) Kakashi has a secret to keep and someone to keep closer, No Matter What. (I do not own any of the characters in this story, they are from a lovel...
KakaIru (Re-write) ~"Run away"~ by 1Geckoo1
KakaIru (Re-write) ~"Run away"~by 1Hailey1
Re-write of my other KakaIru, It ended up getting deleted so I just made another version of it. Title says everything. This is an au where Iruka is in high school and ge...
You don't deserve this (Naruto) *still being updated.* by sleepyeraserhead
You don't deserve this (Naruto) *s...by sleepyeraserhead
Naruto had been feeling emptiness, will kakashi and Iruka be able to help Naruto? Iruka x Kakashi ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ If you aren't comfortable with sexual content...
Blood in the water [Kakairu] by haydenxkakashi4eva
Blood in the water [Kakairu]by Hayden
why did Kakashi show up a foot away from death in Iruka's apartment why did Iruka agree to babysit the jonin through physical therapy why is it that the harder both of...
~How I Met Him~  by kakashi_1700
~How I Met Him~ by kakashi_1700
This story is where Iruka and Kakashi are fucking Lmao I'm kidding, or am I? ;) But fr This story is where Iruka and Kakashi first met each other and become great "...
 A Kakashi X Iruka Fan fiction by full_of_fiction
A Kakashi X Iruka Fan fictionby full_of_fiction
I don't see much of this amazing ship so I shall write about them! Iruka and Kakashi have to take care of a sick Naruto and Sasuke,they might just end up taking care of...
The Rescue by InuVampireChan
The Rescueby Inu
Kakashi has gotten himself into a tight situation. In a desperate need to save him Tsunade sends Iruka and two others along with him. Who would have thought rescuing the...
Hey there, Sensei...... by Tas_The_Weeb
Hey there, Sensei......by Tasneem Ferdous
KakaIru- Kakashi x Iruka Kakashi is a single pringle who just wants love! Luckily, his overzealous nephew Naruto has someone in mind! His one and only Iruka Sensei!!! B...
KakaIru Oneshots (Kakashi x Iruka) by fellintothemhahole5
KakaIru Oneshots (Kakashi x Iruka)by that 1 wEeB
Kakairu oneshots I thought about while I was supposed to be sleeping :p Kishimoto owns Naruto, not me. (unfortunately) None of the art in the book belongs to me. Credits...
Kakairu Royal AU ✅ by Enkai_Umino
Kakairu Royal AU ✅by Enkai Umino-Hatake
In this world, there are Alphas, Omegas and Betas just like how there are the rich, the poor and the normal. Iruka Umino is an Omega, he was a maid, serving the Hatake c...
Kakashi x Iruka in high school by fujoshi4evea
Kakashi x Iruka in high schoolby RAMEN NOODLES
Kakashi x Iruka are in high school and the play boy Kakashi falls for the quiet Iruka. (Not my artwork).
And Then I Met You~| Naruto x Abused!reader | by togahimik9
And Then I Met You~| Naruto x Abus...by hjmikotoga
Y/n is from a royal family but, they never liked her and abuse her. But one day everything changes when her crush Naruto saves her from her family.
Kakashi x Iruka (DISCONTINUED) by GaaraIsTheAwesomest
Kakashi x Iruka (DISCONTINUED)by Misunderstood Cherry Head
Cover is not my art. I don't own the Naruto characters, and by the way this is my first fanfic. Don't hate me for making this a bit more modern too! (A little SasuNaru) ...
Kakairu Oneshots by quidditch07
Kakairu Oneshotsby quidditch07
Kakairu Oneshots based on Au's for all your Kakairu needs.
You Are My Life (On Four Year Hiatus,  See You In 2026) by NarutoMultiShipper
You Are My Life (On Four Year Hiat...by Similoluwa Sodipe
If you are a Itanaru shipper JUST READ IT!!!!!!
one week A Naruto X Sasuke Fanfic Also Includes Other Ships by TobiramasATop
one week A Naruto X Sasuke Fanfic...by stormynight
After iruka sensei gives naruto the idea to treat sasuke the way he treats sakura and compare the different ways they react naruto realizes how toxic sakura is and stops...
The New Kid (Sasuke x shy/innocent Naruto) by elexeseitenior
The New Kid (Sasuke x shy/innocent...by Truth May Vermillion
There's a new kid in town and his name is Sasuke Uchiha. He has a bad reputation at past schools and is forced to go to Konoha High to "start a new beginning"...
Sakura's Silver Lining by ByePanic101
Sakura's Silver Liningby ByePanic101
I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS. Sakura is the Anbu captain at age 5 and Iruka and Kakashi are her dads. Sai is Sakura's Silver lining. "You don't have...