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A New Human Fighter (A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfiction) by Kize_Seikato
A New Human Fighter (A Honkai Impa...by Kize
Diake was just a normal Nagazora City citizen, when the Honkai suddenly broke out into the city, turning anyone and everyone into mindless zombies or beasts of some sort...
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For Me Book 2 Purgatory by imaidot_
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For M...by imaidot_
============ Author's Notes: Before reading Book 2 you should read Book 1. Book 1 Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/299257966-honkai-impact-3rd-don%27t-die-for-me-book...
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For Me/ Book 1: Promise by imaidot_
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For M...by imaidot_
===== The story is In the Process of Being Rewritten/ Polished. 7/6/2022 9/25/2022. Starting to apply rewrite chapters. The aim is a chapter per week. Thank you for you...
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For Me/ Book 3 Paradise by imaidot_
Honkai Impact 3rd: Don't Die For M...by imaidot_
============ Author's Notes: Before reading Book 3 you should read Books 1 and 2. Book 1 Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/299257966-honkai-impact-3rd-don%27t-die-for...
Herrscher of Will(Honkai Impact Fanfic) by Reigch12
Herrscher of Will(Honkai Impact Fa...by Red
Herrscher of Will, a herrscher that can use nature from it's will. Has born again, destined to kill the END ___________________________ Honkai Impact 3rd is owned my Hoy...
Incorrect Honkai Impact 3rd Quotes by lightningmoonl1ght
Incorrect Honkai Impact 3rd Quotesby 𝐚𝐨𝐢 𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐯
art from the cover: m.hoyolab.com/#/article/1163063 #1 - kaichou [11.22.21] #2 - elysia [11.20.21] #2 - muratahimeko [11.20.21] #3 - kallenkaslana [11.21.21] #5 - theres...
Chronicle of Burden by GheorgheSergiu
Chronicle of Burdenby Gheorghe Sergiu
Following a series of tragic events, the world is coming to an end as the Final Herrscher is done playing its cruel waiting game. With Doomsday drawing ever closer, the...
Polisi Dan Pencuri (Possesive Kallen Kaslana x Tsundere Male Reader) AU by Evilbat
Polisi Dan Pencuri (Possesive Kall...by Kakek Legend
Y/N L/N , seorang kepala kepolisian daerah yang hidupnya gitu-gitu aja ,yaitu makan,kerja,ngegame dan tidur ,gitu terus , kalaupun ada kasus , palingan hanya beberapa ka...
Honkai Impact: Scion Of A Thorn by Akame_chr
Honkai Impact: Scion Of A Thornby Akame_chr
Ever since their tender ages Otto and Kallen promised to change the world for the better and bring about justice, only they never thought that their paths to justice wou...
Honkai Impact 3rd Oneshots by Zemarune
Honkai Impact 3rd Oneshotsby ꒰ঌ𝚂𝚘𝚕𝙰𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚘𝚗໒꒱
Oneshots, Headcannons, scenarios and angst/fluff/NSFW alphabets about the Honkai Impact 3rd characters.
Hold me close by Asheriane
Hold me closeby Asheriane
Yae miko aways felt like something or someone was missing at first when Ei wasstill locking herself away she thouth it was because her end Ei are close friend but when s...
Queen Of Khaenriah (Genshin Impact) by axxixn_
Queen Of Khaenriah (Genshin Impact)by C.
She is the overpower queen of Khaenriah but also the unknown god who seperate the twin, Aether and Lumine. Which side she took? Celestia or The Abyss Order? And why she...
Story of Evil  by biancaaachan
Story of Evil by chisatoshoe
kallen and sakura were childhood friends separated from each other by their parents due to adult reasons. sakura was destined to become the princess of the land and inst...
Permafrost Slumber by GheorgheSergiu
Permafrost Slumberby Gheorghe Sergiu
Following a series of unclear dreams that plagued his sleep, the Captain arrives in a foreign world gripped by an ice age and on the brink of death with a single name to...
Heritage by HyuIchiryuuNagami
Heritageby HyuIchiryuuNagami
Anich Kaslana, Kiana Kaslana's son, is a normal human teenage boy, until he finds out that Honkai was just a cover-up for something much worse... (Author's Note: Theresa...
Honkai Impact: Valkyries And Knights ' The Future Beyond Unfold ' by DahMinJessicaPurple
Honkai Impact: Valkyries And Knigh...by DahMin MiKaito
The Earth had been beautiful until chaos landed through our world and destroy beloved things. Deadly rockets and bombs scattered throughout Soukai city. All deaths was c...
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love and Battles by Yuki_Slayer09
Honkai Bonds: Journey of Love and...by Yuki_Slayer
In this tense journey, Y/N speaks within his heart, "Wait for me, this time I won't fail, I promise. It seems my time in this world is up, but I will return with un...
Demon Slayer- Flower of remembrance by TokoTsuyuri
Demon Slayer- Flower of remembranceby Toastrr_727
ALL CHARACTERS DO NOT BELONG TO ME! THEY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS! Love live, Honkai impact, and Demon slayer crossover! Main pov character is Ruby Kurosawa!